The day that I got a email from a couple

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I was on my computer one day and all of a sudden this ad pops up. I just thought I would fill it in for the fum of it, but a few days later I got this email that had said me and my boyfriend want to do you. I wrote them back as fast as I could. I said it might be fun, but I was married and I never did anything like this before. But I might be interested just to try it once. My one condition for her boyfriend was that he couldn’t fuck my pussy at all. ( that was off limits to him. ) I guess he was okay with that because they replied back really fast. Where do we go to meet, and I just told that we could meet on the party store near my house. I told them what I was going to wear. It was a hot day in July and I said shorts and a tank top and no panties. The girlfriend was driving and her boyfriend was in the passenger seat. Jermey told Melissa we picked a good one. I was feeling very uncomfrtable. When Jermey kissed me. Hi my name is Sue. Melissa drove while Jermey and I were in the back seat. I noticed him watching my crotch. I leaned over and told him it wouldn’t bite him if he wanted to touch me. So he seemed to get pretty excited, but I couldn’t helped but notice that his cock was getting hard either. They had tinted windows. So Jermey since you touched me what do you want in return? He said a blowjob would be good. So I gave him a blowjob and he moaned and said baby that feels really good. I am going to cum he said. I didn’t quite want to stop yet so I swallowed his cum, and it tasted so good. You could tell Melissa was just getting alittle pissed because it was suppose to be a threesome. So I told Melissa to go the motel and we can still have some fun all three of us if you are still interested. She said huh uh. Boy you sure did suck all of Jermeys 8 inches, how in the world did you do that. I can’t even do that. I simply replied back years and years of experience my husband is hung like a horse. Melissa popped up and said I wouldn’t mind meeting him Sue. I told her no. He would disapprove of what were are doing. Oh okay then it is his loss. I said yes it was. We were at the motel room and Melissa was getting undressed and her nipples were already hard. She giggled and said that when the light was red I would watch you and Jermey and it got me horney. So Sue why don’t you take your clothes off now. I really don’t know if I want to or not now. Melissa screamed bitch you just wanted my boyfriends cock. I said no. ( I lied. ) So Melissa told Jermey help Sue get undressed and I want to pleasure her now while you take pictures of us. No pictures please I begged, but they didn’t seem to care. They said the pictures were just for them and nobody else would see them so I said okay. I was undressed by than and Melissa said Sue don’t you ever shave your pussy. Thank god I brought a razor with me. See I won’t touch hairy pussy it might get in my teeth and that is just disgusted. She shaved my pussy and kissed it so gentley. I started to give in her. I moaned alot and said I never thought about having another woman would feel this good. But Melissa you are not getting anything. Honey have you heard about the 69 postion and I looked up at her while she was rubbing my clit. Don’t be so stupid I do that with my husband all the time. Melissa got on top and I guess I just got alittle excited as I started kissing her pussy and licking and she said now that feels really good. Doesn’t it Sue? I said yes. I looked over at Jermey he was playing with himself. I said Jermey are you going to cum soon, and he said yes. I demanded him to get over to my face. Bring his cock down near my mouth so I could drink all that delicious cum. I licked Jermey cock until all of the cum was off. Jermey chuckled. I said what was that for. he whispered in my ear I haven’t had a good cock sucking for years baby. As Jermey kissed me I kissed back with my tongue. I whispered to Jermey when you happened to have a rubber and he said Oh yeah I do. Send Melissa out for something to drink and I will show you the time of your life. Jermey said hey Melissa remember that store we picked Sue up at would you mind getting some chips and something to drink. She said okay, but you two behave until I get back. After she left Jermey was puzzled why do you ask me if I had a rubber? Well let me see if I can get your cock to rise for the occassion. I demanded get the rubber on and ram that big cock inside of me now. But I thought that was something you didn’t want me to do. Well I just said a girl can change her mind. Can’t she? Without further hestiation he did what I asked, and he ram his cock into my tight pussy. I moaned oh oh Jermey that feels so good. Jeremy said we have to hurry before Melissa gets back and I said yes. She wouldn’t be very pleased if I just had sex with her boyfriend. We finished and than just decided to get dressed. Jermey leaned over and said with a smile on his face. Any man would want you. After that comment Melissa was there. Why are you dressed guys? I thought we were going to have some fun. We just thought it was better if we got dressed. Right Sue. I eagerly said yes. By the time we got done drinking and eating. Jermey looked at his watch and say sorry Melissa we have to go. Melissa seemed very disappointed. Yeah I guess we should get going. Sue said you can just drop me off where you picked me up from. In the car there was a discussion of getting together again very soon. I said okay. Here is my email address, and here is ours. We will be in touch. A few days later I got an email from them again and said they would like to do the threesome again. I said pick me up at the same place and we will go to the motel room like last time. They emailed me and said okay. I waited very impatiently at the store this time. Next thing I noticed Jermey was there. Where is Melissa. She got the flu or something. Baby Jermey said I wanted you all to myself today.

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