The Doctors Visit

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The Doctor’s Visit
It was the end of the day. I was really tired and no wanting to do my last appointement.
“Jenny who do I have next?”
That made my cock get hard Ms. Woodburrow had long blond wavy hair. She had full breasts, nice big lips, her pussy was trimmed and had big lips. I just wanted to have her.
“Jenny after Ms. Woodburrow fills out her paperwork you can go home.”
Just then I heard the elevator clang. I went to the exam room to get ready. I gave Jenny a piece of paper for Ms. Woodburrow to sign authorizing what I wanted to do. She signed it without even looking at the text. Ms. Woodburrow was asked to wait. I called her and then heard Jenny leave.
“Hello Ms. Woodburrow”
“Call me Alice”
“Alright, this is your first Gyno appointment right?”
So we got started. I unbuttoned her blouse and bra. I picked up her left breast and started to feel it. Pinch it harder and harder. I pulled the nipple and it started to get bigger. She was very embarresed. I then asked her to come take her pants and thong off and sit on the table. I had her lie backwards wanting to save the best for last. I felt her ass and looked in her hole. Then I had her flip over. I opened her pussy lips and felt the sides. I ran my fingers over her clit and she started to rock. I fingered her pussy until she orgasimed. Then I manipulated her breasts and pussy. Suddenly she was pulling down my pants. We had sex over and over again.
“Doctor Stein, I belive my issues need to be addressed again next week, right?”
“Yes, I believe you do”

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