The First Time Off The Internet

We had only talked several times on the internet messanger or on the phone when we agreed that we were going to meet in order to “hook up.” I was really going out on a major limb when I made the decision. I’ve never had sex with someone that I’ve met off the internet and I wanted some adventure in my life at the point in time so I was alright with it. I can’t say that I was totally scared though, because I was petrified. Anyway, I met him at his house which happens to be right by my high school. I parked around the corner so that it wouldn’t raise any supspicions if any of his friends or family drove by. He met me at the door and invited me in. I still laugh when I think about the first thing he said, he commented about the size of my purse saying that it could be used as a suitcase or something along those lines. Anyway, being as nervous as I was I found it pretty hard to find much to talk about. He led me back to his room and I immediatly just sat on the edge of the bed. He stood there a few moments and eventually I told him the it would be ok if he sat down. After a little small talked he leaned in and kissed me. I was truthfully expecting him to just devour my mouth, but it wasn’t like that at all! He was soft as he led his hands behind my head and up and down my back. He was so soft it made me shiver and arch my back towards him because right then and there I wanted more. He moved his hands around to the front of my shirt and he found the bottom of it and raised it enough to reach his hand under to find the red lace bra I decided to wear. I layed back pulling him towards me to keep kissing him. When I layed down I spread my legs in the tightest jeans I could find in order to have him lay in between them, he surprised me by laying next to me and sliding his hand in between my legs just as a tease then unbuttoned my jeans and slid in with ease. He stopped kissing me and concentrated on fingering me. I tried to contain myself but I was getting so wet that I began to squirm around trying to get his fingers deeper in me. I arched my back and was moaning when he suddenly just stopped. I was devistated thinking I had done something wrong when he got up from the bed. He walked over the to small dresser, opened the top left drawer and pulled out a condom. This sent me over the edge with excitement as I saw him start to unbutton his own cloths and letting them fall to the floor as his huge cock was being wrapped in the latex. He walk back over to the bed and tugged my pants off and threw them to the floor. I instantly grabbed his face to pull him towards me to kiss me again. It had been so long since I had had intercourse that I knew I needed something to distract me while he entered for the the first time. I was as wet as I had ever been but I knew it would hurt. I spread my legs a little further apart and I felt his cock for the first time just barely touching my pussy lips. He slowly stuck the throbbing head in, I gasped, he stopped but didn’t pull out and started kissing me again. That’s when he just slid in with great ease, again I arched my back this time in pain and let out a small groan. He took the oppurtunity to kiss my exposed neck as he started to set a pace for our love making. He worked really slow and made sure every thrust was a deep and penetrating one. That was when I couldn’t stand to be in the rest of my clothes any longer. I sat up and ripped off my shirt as quick as I could and he was already pushing my bra out of the way. My nipples felt as if they were going to explode if they weren’t touched and it was like he just knew to grab them. He pinched and groped and nuzzled each breast before propping himself up on both arms and working his cock in me a little faster. I couldn’t stand it any longer I bucked my hips against his, right then he started ramming me really hard and thrusting really deep into my pussy. I was yelling out his name and begging for me when pressed my legs against my chest and got even deeper than I thought was possible. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my pussy walls and I felt myself getting wetter with every punch. My head was spinning with thoughts while he was doing this, and that’s when I came. I had never had an orgasim during intercourse before and I love the feeling of the contractions my body was making with his member deep inside in the middle of them. I gave a few more quick and hard thrusts which made slapping noises against my body and his cum started oozing out in spurts warming my body inside. He pulled out, and my pussy made a popping noise when his head imurged outside of me and layed next to me where we cuddles and held each other the better part of the time. But the rest of the fun was still to come in our future encounters!!

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