The French Life

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The old Victorian stately home in Loire, France, was owned and run by the Wells family for centuries gone by. Master Gary Wells, a well endowed bachelor, had taken over from his late father in the early 1900s. The home was beautifully large, with 7 bedrooms and four attic rooms for the maids quarter.
Master Wells had lived alone at the home since his father passed away, but now has relatives staying with him. He is now 32 years old.
Wells, with strikingly handsome features and mesmorising eyes, broad shoulders and strong body, has two middle-aged maids living with him. The eldest, 54 year old Edna, is like a mother to Wells. He admires her sincerity and kindness just like his own mother was. They would sit for hours over French wine and bread, and talk about the pastimes with his mother and father. Since Well’s father died, Edna had to the choice to leave the home, but since working there since she was a young girl, she did not want to leave Wells on his own. Edna was a very strict old lady, with a very strong French accent, but she had the warmest heart ever.
Edna’s sister, Juliette, 49, was a bitter old hag. She had joined Edna at the house after her husband had died and could no longer support herself. Edna had no children, but Juliette had a young 19 year old daughter, who was living with relatives in a different part of the country.
The maid’s daily routine would mostly be the same. They would cook, clean and obey every demand that Wells gave to them.
Wells was not married, but had several sexual encounters with girls he had met at banqueting fares. When he was in bed, he often pleasured himself thinking of these times, and wishing how he could touch their young soft bodies again. He would stroke his cock up and down, imagining it was their tight and wet pussies sliding up and down him.
He would often do this at night time, wishing he had someone, but would then forget it about it the day after.


After a day of wine tasting, Juliette found Master Wells sitting beside the pond in the gardens of the house.
“Master Wells”, she said quietly, “there has been some trouble at my uncles house, and my young daughter has been left with no where to go. I could train her to do my job. I could train her in no time. She is a really good worker. Please could she move into the house? I don’t want her with no where to go. She is my only child and I need to know that she is safe.”
“Ok Juliette.” Wells replied. “No slacking from you though. I will send my chauffer to fetch her by cart. You will need to make her a uniform. There is material in one of the attic cupboards. Should you need anything else then ask Edna.”
“thank you sir, thank you” she replied.
Five days had passed since Wells learnt he would be accommodating a new maid in the house. He knew she was young but with such a hard working mother, he knew he would have no problems with her.

“Master Wells, I’d like you to meet my daughter Kim.”
Kim, with long brown hair and dark eyes, removed her berry hat, looked at Wells and nodded her head politely.
Wells looked her up and down. The cleavage of her young breasts was showing between the buttons of her white blouse. Her tight, floor length skirt outlined her curves and Wells could not take his eyes off her. Kim followed his eyes, and then looked away shyly.
“It’s good to meet you Kim, now follow your mother she will take you to your room and show you the ropes.”
“Yes sir” she replied.

Up in the attic rooms, Juliette made her daughter try on the uniform she had made for her.
The black satin dress just skimmed her thighs, her breasts bulging underneath the material. The white apron tied perfectly around her waist, and tied around the back of her neck. Her white stockings finished about an inch under the lace frills of the bottom of her dress. The cap fitted around her head, pulling her hair back from her face and falling down her back.

“The job is very simple love, just stick with me for a few days and you will be fine. Don’t speak to Master Wells unless he speaks to you, and always refer to him as ‘Master Wells’. Now go to him and ask if you will do.”

Kim nervously made her way down the attic staircase and into the dining hall where Wells was playing with some playing cards.
She coughed which made him turn around and look at her. He looked at this 19 year old girl stood shyly behind him. He looked her up and down and Kim felt slightly uneasy and very vulnerable.
“My mother sent me down to check that my uniform is Ok” she said in a sweet French accent.
“Let me look at ya then” Wells replied.
He walked over to her felt the material of her white apron and nodded approvingly. He walked around the back of Kim to look at her from behind. Kim felt uneasy and pulled gently at the bottom of her dress to hide her modesty.
“Don’t” Wells said. “It will do. Tell your mother she can have this afternoon off. She has done a good job.”
“Thank you sir”. Kim turned back towards the huge door to go back up and tell her mother what Wells had said. Wells followed her to the bottom of the staircase and watched her make her way up the stairs. Unaware, she was slightly showing her panties.
“Wait” Wells protested, “Black panties? You should be wearing white with this uniform. Inform your mother.”
Kim did as she was told and changed into white panties as Wells ordered and began her duties.

That night, the only noise was the sound of running water from the pond outside. Everyone was asleep. Kim walked around her new bedroom taking in her new surroundings. She undressed from her uniform and not having any nightwear, climbed into bed in just her underwear. She lay awake for a while thinking of that day. She thought about how Wells had looked at her. She remembered how he had noticed that she was wearing black panties. Was her skirt really that short?
She noticed how handsome Wells was, and she got a slight twinge between her legs. She’d had this feeling before, and she remembers what she did last time. Her hand found her way to her breasts. She stroked her nipples softly and a soft gasp came out of her mouth. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. Her other hand rested on her thigh, she knew she shouldn’t, but it made its way to the hot and throbbing place where she’d only ever been once before.
Her finger stroked her clit slowly. She was so wet her finger slid across and she couldn’t stop herself from shaking. She was thinking of Wells and how he’d looked at her and wanted her. Her breathing became heavy and movements became faster. Her clit was enlarging and she remembered how good it felt last time. She knew that if she carried on, she would get that overwhelming feeling she’d had once before.
She started to shake as the feeling became more intense. She whispered “cunt, dirty little cunt, whore, fuck.” Those were words she’d only ever heard her bother say when he’d argued with his father. She knew the words were wrong and bad, and she knew she was being wrong and bad, but she couldn’t help it.
She started shaking more, she couldn’t stop now, she needed this feeling once again. She pressed harder onto her clit and pictured his eyes on her body. She let out a small gasp and fell asleep with her hand still there.

“He likes his eggs boiled”. Juilette was showing Kim how Wells liked his breakfast. “Take it into him, serve from the left and stand beside the door. When he’s finished, collect from the right and come back into the kitchen.”

Kim did as she was told. She wanted to make a good impression. She walked into the dining room where Wells was reading the newspaper at the table. She walked over and served from the left as told to. She leaned over him to put the plate in front of him. He looked up from his paper and looked at Kim. Her breasts were in front of his face. She knew he was loo
king so she looked at him. He looked her in the eye and they stood there for a second, the ten
sion was unbelievable. She turned away and stood beside the door.
“Good sleep?” Wells asked.
“yes Master Wells, thank you.” She replied, remembering what she had done.

Every Wednesday, Edna and Juliette went into the market to get supplies for meals. Kim was left to mop the floors.
She was mopping the floors but couldn’t concentrate because she was thinking of Wells too much.

Wells stood at the door watching Kim, unbeknown to her. He watched the way she held the mop stick, the way her little hands grasped hold of it like it was his cock. His cock twinged at the thought of Kim holding him like it was holding the mop. He watched her mopping the floor, bending slightly and showing her white frilly panties. He wanted so much to walk up behind her and cup her ass with his hands.
He had an idea. Kim needed this job and somewhere to live. She was young, vulnerable. He was the Master of the house. He controlled who did and who didn’t work there. The maid’s cooked and cleaned, maybe a little more service wouldn’t hurt?

He walked over to Kim and touched the back of her thigh, whispering “ssshhh”.
She jumped, but felt so turned on by his touch.
“I know you’re young” he said, “but if I’m right, you feel what I feel.”
“I don’t know what your on about sir” she lied.
“you do, Kim. Tell me, has anyone touched your pussy before?” he asked, still stood behind her.
“no sir.”
“have you touched your own pussy Kim?” he reached under her skirt and touched her pussy from behind.
“No sir.”
“Now don’t lie Kim. Because from what I can feel, you know what its like to touch yourself. I know that you’re lying because your pussy tells me otherwise. Its wet, and its hot, responding to my touch.”
Kim didn’t say anything. She couldn’t. Her breath had been taken by his touch. His fingers were pushing against her panties. They were getting wetter and her breathing became shallow. He knew what she wanted.
She pushed against his fingers that were still outside her panties. She could feel his breath against her neck, and he pulled her panties to one side.
He could feel the heat from her pussy reach his fingers.
She wanted him to touch her so much harder. He parted her pussy lips and run one finger from her love hole up to her clit.
He pushed her forward so she was bent over the kitchen work top. Keeping his finger inside her knickers, he run his other hand over her ass, lifting her skirt up. He spanked her once and she let out a gasp. He knew she was loving it, so he did it again, slightly harder.
“ohhh sir” she breathed.
“ssshhh” he replied. His growing cock was pushing against his trousers, creating a bulge that she could feel against her thigh.
He started to pull up her skirt and pulling down her knickers. He undid his trousers and pulled out his hard throbbing cock. He pressed the tip of his cock onto her ass cheek. She knew what was coming.
“Please don’t” she protested. “I’ve never had one in me before. It will hurt.”
“I wont hurt you Kim, trust me. If you want to live here under my roof for free, your gonna have to do as I say.”

She knew she had no choice. But she also wanted it. He carried on touching her clit while rubbing his cock over her young ass. He put the tip of his cock into her tight, young, virgin pussy, then pulled out again.
“oooh sir it hurts. Please don’t do it.” She cried.
“shut up you little slut and take whats coming to ya.”

With that little protest from her, he pushed the whole length of him inside of her. Kim cried out in pain and grabbed hold tight of a tea towel. He was thrusting in and out of her. He moaned her name.
“oh sir” she cried
“shut up” he responded.
“Sir” she repeated
“sir” she said yet again, “I love it. Fuck me harder.”

Wells was taken aback by her response, but learning that she loved it, he fucked her harder and let out louder moans.

“you little whore, your loving it aren’t ya”
“yes sir” she breathed. “please don’t stop. Give it me”

He pulled out of her and turned her around so she was facing him. “now Kim” he said, “your gonna taste my cock and put all of it in your mouth ok?”
Before she could say anything, he pushed her down so she was kneeling on the floor with her knickers round her ankles, and pushed his hard cock into her little mouth. “suck it you whore. Taste every inch of me”
She sucked hard on his cock. She cupped his balls with her hands and squeezed. She had never tasted her own pussy juice before, but she could taste it on his cock and she loved it.
“mmmmm” she moaned.
He grabbed hold of her hair and her neat cap fell off onto the floor. He fucked her mouth hard ad she was loving it. She reached down to touch her hungry clit but he pulled her away.
He pulled out of her mouth and pulled her back onto her feet. He turned her back around and bent her over again.
This time she didn’t protest, she wanted his cock more than anything. Her pussy was aching and dripping to be filled.
“you ever cum kim?”
“yes sir” she replied
“you wanna cum kim?” he asked
“please sir, more than anything”.
He pushed his wet cock back into her gaping hole and fucked her harder than before. She was loving it, and he was loving it.

She could feel her legs begin to shake beneath her and recognised the familiar feeling that she felt the other night.
“harder sir, please!” she begged.
He thrust into her harder, squeezing her young breasts from behind. She knew what was coming. She pushed back onto his cock and he slapped her ass. Her moans became loud, quicker…. Until she burst into an uncontrollable orgasm.
“yes, yes!” she cried.

Wells carried on fucking her and she soon burst into another orgasm. Her pussy dripping cum onto his cock and balls.

“you ever had cum on u before kim?”
“no sir, but I want it so much. Please give it me.”

He fucked her some more. Harder and harder. His balls tightened up and he could feel his orgasm coming on. He could smell her young pussy which pushed him over the edge.

“Fucking slut!” he cried, he pulled out of her and wanked his cock behind her ass. He moaned louder and his cum started to squirt out of his cock and onto her ass. He carried on wanking so every drop squirted onto her. His cum squirted on her ass and it started to drip down her ass crack and into her pussy. He rubbed his cock on her ass so to get rid of every drop.

“Now sort yourself out and carry on with the floor” he ordered.
“Yes sir, thank you sir” Kim replied.

She made her way upstairs and into her room. Hearing that her mother had just returned, she quickly sorted herself out and went back downstairs. Juliette was talking to Wells about the market when Kim got back down.

“Hello love” Juliette said. “Hope Master Wells treat you well” she smiled.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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