The Houskeeper Part 2

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After Mindy went home Tammy said we needed to talk and I told her I didn’t want to talk about it right then because I had some thinking to do and Tammy stormed out and went home, that was on Friday evening, I didn’t hear from Tammy till Sunday evening she came back and asked if I was ready to talk and I told her I was, she asked if I loved her because I had never told her that I did, I told her I had never lied to her and wasn’t going to start now and that I liked her but knew now that I didn’t really love her. Her face turned red and she said did you fuck that whore again, I told her I hadn’t seen or talked to Mindy since she went home on Friday and didn’t even know if she would be back after what happened. Tammy said if you move her in you and I are done and I told her I wasn’t going to move her in as long as she was married but that she (meaning Tammy ) and I were done anyway and with that she stormed out and went home. I was up all night wondering what would happen Monday when and if Mindy came to work because for the first time in my 60 years I really knew what I wanted and figured what I wanted was not possible because I was in love for the first time and she was beautiful 23 years younger than me and married. At 8am right on time I heard the door unlock and Mindy came in humming and smiling like she always did till the last Friday so I figured she and David had made up, when she flipped the lights on and saw me setting there at the kitchen table she said you look like you didn’t get any sleep last night and I told her I hadn’t slept since Friday wondering how she was and she said she was great, I said I guess you and David made up she laughed and said hell no I threw him out and filed for divorce Saturday, told my neighbor David was screwing his daughter so when David came to get some clothes for work my neighbor beat the shit out of him, I had a great weekend but I can’t keep him out because his father owns our house so I need a place to live, so I was wondering if you were serious about a live in housekeeper and wondered if Tammy would be ok with it and I told her Tammy wasn’t in the picture anymore and she started crying and said how sorry she was but I stopped her and told her I wasn’t sorry because I had never loved her and that things were ok but as long as she was married I didn’t think she should move in but she could stay in one of my rental apartments free till she got settled with David. She came over and hugged me and said all ahe thought about over the weekend was getting back to work and making love with me and got down on her knees and reached in my boxers and pulled my manhood out and gave me a great blow job then slid her jeans and panties off and straddled me and rode me till I filled that beautiful pussy full. I was wore out when we were done, Then she asked me why I didn’t love Tammy and I told her I thought I did love her even though I had never told her I did, but after Friday I knew I didn’t love her, she laughed and said that wasn’t love that was lust and I agreed that she was right but the feelings I was having now wasn’t lust and she asked what I meant, I told her before she came in I was sitting here thinking for the first time in my life I am in love with a woman I want to have a family with but know it isn’t possible and she asked who it was and why it wasn’t possible. I started to cry and she said till you said it wasn’t possible I thought you were talking about me, I told her I was and she asked why it wasn’t possible and I told her she was so young and beautiful is why, she laughed and said that age didn’t matter to her and she knew Friday that if she had the chance I was the man for her, I told her she just made me the happiest man alive, she said as soon as her birth control pills wore off we could work on the family part if I wanted and I told her I did, so she said maybe we should practice so we could get it right. I told her I needed a nap and went to my room to take a shower just as I stepped into the shower there was Mindy she said she needed a shower too, I told her she needed to remember I was an old man. After we showered we took a nap together and cuddled most of the day and after that we practiced at least once a day on making a family and now a year later we are married and have a beautiful baby boy.

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