The Houskeeper

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I have been working on a master plan for a while how to get in my housekeepers pants, first of all I am 60 years old and retired, Tammy my girlfriend of 15 years is 50 and we have a great sex life, but Mindy my housekeeper of 5 years is just so sexy, she is a 37 year old blonde bombshell 5ft 5in tall and about 130 pounds and sporting 38DDs the problem is she has been happily married for 18 years. Lately my Tammy asks me often if I would screw Mindy if I had the chance and being afraid of loosing her I always say no, but she seems to sense that I am wanting her very bad. Today when Mindy came to work it was plain to see something was wrong, she didn’t even speak and just started doing her work, I waited about an hour and asked her if she was alright and she started crying and said no that she had just caught David fucking their 18 year old neighbor, I asked her what he said when she caught him and he told her he still loved her but she just didn’t turn him on any more and that he wanted to stay together but was going to fuck whoever he wanted and whenever he wanted to, and she asked him what he would think is she did the same thing and he said she better not even think about it. I asked her what she was going to do and she said when she got off work she was going to the local bar and pickup the first young stud that wanted a piece of ass and fuck the legs off of him, I was dumbfounded but as soon as my brain kicked in I told her this is the first time for a long time I wished I was young. She looked up and asked if I thought she was sexy, I told her many days when she went home I would jack off thinking about her and what it would be like to eat her pussy, fuck her and suck those perfect boobs of hers, her face turned a little red and she said no one had ever eaten her pussy, I thought she was kidding, I saw her look at the bulge in my jeans and she said it looked like I needed some relief right then and a said I was going to have to go take care of that and she said ok so I went to my bedroom to take care of my pain and by the time I had stripped and laid down on my bed I looked and she was standing there with nothing on but a smile and said my lord you are huge and I got up and gave her a deep kiss and turned her and sat her on the bed and laid her back and spread her legs and got down and went to work licking and nibbling her beautiful pussy, she was squirming and squealing and as I reached around and shoved a finger inside her asshole I felt her tense and flood my face. Then I got up and pulled her back up and told her it was my turn and she said Ok hurry big guy fuck me, but I told her I needed a blow job first and she said she had never done that because David said it was dirty, but I told her if she wanted me to fuck her it was time for her to learn and she leaned over and started first licking and in a minute she was taking most of my 10 inches in like a pro. Soon I was ready to cum and I asked her if she wanted me to pull out but she kept up faster and faster till I filled her mouth and she swallowed it all, I was really impressed. After I caught my breath I pulled her down and finally got to put a lip lock on those perfect boobs, soon I was ready for a second round and told her it was time for the fuck of her life and she laid back and reached up toward me and I told her to roll over and get on her hands and knees and she said she asked why and I told her I liked doggy style best and she did but said she had never been fucked that way. I hammered away for maybe 3 minutes, not near as long as I usually last when I felt a tongue on my balls and exploded, I had been busted but I really didn’t care because I had just had the best piece of ass I had ever had with the sexiest lady I had ever fucked in my 60 years. I asked Tammy if she was alright and she said she was if she could join us the next time and I told her it might have been a one time deal and Mindy said she sure hoped it wasn’t and she thought I needed a live in housekeeper and Tammy agreed, I think I better go to my cardiologist and have a checkup.

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