The Lesbian Maker

Missy didn’t seeing it coming, she was 38, 5′ tall blonde, blue eyed and a doll. She was also a virgin, as she had sworn never to have sex until married. A promise made to her parents before they died. She had spent twenty years keeping it and living alone in her estate on the New England coast. Several men had tried to swoon her, but she found none that really excited her. The one person in her life other than servants was her mentor, an older woman that had been hired to be the nanny but was family instead. Missy was built very well, 38D-26-34 and had small firm thighs and a tight well rounded bottom. She was tanned from her lazy days sipping tea by the pool. Nelly was the older woman who was helping to shape her into an old maid. Nelly a lifelong virgin in all manners was not attractive at all. 5’10” 225 pounds, black as midnight with darker eyes and a Caribbean accent, she was out of place. She wore very exotic dresses that did little for her appeal. She also had shaven her head bald many years ago. She wore hats in public but when you saw her at rest she looked like a man.
Missy and I met at a function of the blue bloods; I was the serving girl. The desert carrier deluxe that evening. She was sweet to me from the start. I was working my way out of debt, and college. I had two months to go to be free of both when we became friends that night.
She invited me to her home and while I thought it was to hire me for a servant, it turned out to be her guest. I never had anyone treat me kinder and sweeter than she did then. She was lonely and she was a talker, but she was also attractive to me and I to her. You see I am 5’5″ 118 pounds, with a long wavy black head of hair that slightly curls in the front. My brown eyes and matching complexion make you think I am part black, but I am Cherokee, full blooded. I have slender strong legs and a nice figure, 34D-26-34. My best attribute is my hairless tight almost virgin cunt. My only boyfriend ever made a meal of it many times and then when he dumped me, the woman I found comfort with, well she ensured men would never be on my list again. Had I not gone to college she would have kept me back home in the south where I am from as a pet or a wife.
Missy and I were swapping our life stories when Nelly came to greet me with an evil glare and sexual smile. I noticed her when Missy didn’t and that was Nelly had only lesbian women working for them. The maid was a woman I knew to be that way, as she and I had been together once before. The cook was easy to see as I caught her trying to finger the maid when we toured the kitchen the first time. The woman who took care of the grounds was also a lesbian and I knew her from the gay bar that I went to on occasion. That’s when something started to click. I wondered if one of them had given Nelly an inside hint about me. Missy may have been blind and naïve but Nelly was not. She was quick to invite me on a private tour of the upper floors, telling Missy that she should rest. Missy seemed to accept easily any suggestion that Nelly gave, that again was curious.
I was wearing a one-piece sun suit; light pink made of terry cloth with a Velcro front. My sandals and it were all I had on; I never wear underwear at all. Nelly making her grand tour quickly moved me to the farthermost point in the upper floor a small bedroom that was almost barren except for a bed and two dressers. No lamps, no lights, no tables or chairs were there. No pictures or rugs or anything decorative, even the blinds were brown and plain. She motioned me to the far side away from the door and then told me, “I asked her to be friends with you. I need your help.”
“What do you mean, “You asked her to be friends? Missy is really a sweet woman,” I snapped back angrily.
Nelly struck me across the face with her hand and then took hold of my hair and twisted it in her hand. Shoving me to the wall, her other hand lashed open and wide my outfit exposing my body to her as she exclaimed, “When I speak you will do as I say!”
I was still looking defiant at her, as her mouth engulfed my right breast all the way. I felt her tongue swirl on my nipple as she shoved her hand to my crotch and slid her thumb between the lips of my pussy and began to caress it roughly. The missing part of how she took control of women then was revealed, she rudely stopped and then threw me on the bed and using straps, tied me spread eagle on the bed sideways. My arms were stretched wide as were my legs and I was lashed to the bed as she took some very odd-looking vials from the dresser near us. She mixed two red liquids together then she moved to pick up some white powder and sprinkle it into the tube and after a few moaning words she forced it into my mouth. It took a few seconds and a lot of curse words from me before it took hold. I remember feeling hotter than I ever had; sexually I was on fire. I wanted sex from anything or anyone at that moment and mostly I wanted Nelly. As I begged for her attention she moved to extract some odd claw from a wooden box and as she dipped it in a small round tin, she chanted and snag as the sharp talons were pressed to my open and wet cunt.
“Be mine now bitch,” she cried out then added, “Be my slave and willingly and forever swear to do as I say or I will not release your animal passions ever. If swear and abide, I will allow your inner self to be loved like never before.”
I an remember yelling, “I swear Nelly! I swear! I swear I am yours to command!”
With that she pulled the claw from and sent her mouth to my very wet cunt. Her tongue dashed laps around me and as I felt the urge building quickly I squirted a load of musk all over her body. I was pulsing cum with each bet of my heart, as she seemed to enjoy the taste so much that she slid a finger into her own big pussy.
I passed out after that, and when I awoke there before me was Nelly with two very large and very horny chimps. She let them feats on my flesh. The one began to suck me like a child while the other used its hands in my cunt and then when the sucking one drew its pink cock to my lips I sucked for the beast. Soon they both had fingered and brought me to a large climax before she sent them back through the second full size dresser door.
Next she introduced me to her pet python and it went inside my cunt like nothing before. After that she let me enjoy her wet pussy and when I had brought her to a large deafening climax, she pissed in my mouth to boot.
She stood up and closed the blinds and as she did the room grew dark except for the light from the open door to the room. Then she walked over to it and told me, “Now you have a pleasant night, I will come to see you in the morning. Be not afraid of the things that go bump in the night, as they can bump into you much better than any you may see.”
With that the door closed and the room went dark. I heard the creaking door of the dresser and wondered if the hair pair of chimps was about to come back for an encore. Then I heard something breathing heavily and grossly. It sounded awful and spooky, yes but the damn potion she gave me just made me horny. Two hands attached themselves to my nipples and breast and as they played with them, I could feel claws or sharp nails. The size of them didn’t seem to be female, and when something hard big and thick went up my cock I knew it wasn’t. It screwed me until I felt like it was in my belly. Its cock went in deeper and deeper with each thrust until I had no way to stop it. It went for hours before it came fifth and final time. I had two long intense orgasms. One at the start and the other just as it finished that never ended,
When it went back to where it came from the door to the room opened. By the then it was well past midnight. The house in that area was dark, and I could not see who had come for me. I hoped it was Missy or Nelly, but when Dana, the maid started to paw my body I knew her touch. Soon four other hands pawed me all over and I began to eat puss
y unseen for the longest time wi
thout wanting to stop. I had pussy and they had mine and my tits until I passed out from all the sex.
The next morning Carrie the cook came to release me and then took me downstairs to breakfast. She fed me a feast and ate my pussy and played with my tits while I ate. When I finished she gave me to Dana to take upstairs to the second floor guest bathroom, and then bathe me. Well we bathed each other and very soon I found myself wanting to rekindle our romance. That’s when Nelly came in and took me to task. She ordered me to piss on Dana and then lick it off, and each command I was compelled to follow without objection. Next she told me to spank my pussy with the back of the wooden long washer brush, which I did until it was bright red. Then she told me to go outside naked, find a rake in the backyard and fuck myself with it until Missy came outside and caught me. I did just that, and I must have hunched that rake for an hour in the sun until I was shuttering madly from it. When Missy walked out and saw me, she exclaimed, “Now why didn’t you come back yesterday. Nelly said you left and here I find you abusing my yard equipment? What should I do with you?”
I dropped the rake and moved to my knees and lowering my head to her feet I begged, “Please don’t be angry with me Missy. I will do anything you ask of me.”
Missy then told me something that drew the whole story into picture. She was sincere and naïve about it all, “You are the fourth visitor to come to my house and wind up with that rake in my yard. I don’t know why you women love it so much, but I think soon I may have to find out. Just as soon as Nelly and I get back from the salon. Why don’t you stay here and be my handmaiden. I could use someone who knows how to serve me and dress me, and maybe even show me how to use that thing.”
They left shortly after that, and when they did Dana and Carrie came out to me and we sat in the shade of the great oak playing around and talking. Dana was caressing my nipples on one side while Carrie did the other one and I slid my fingers along their ever-wetting pussy lips.
Dana told me, “You know Nelly is planning to enslave her soon, she always wanted to own her.”
Carrie added, “You are just a toy for Nelly to use on Missy. She plans to get rid of all of us after she wins her over.”
“Why doesn’t she just use the potion on her?” I asked.
Walking up from behind was the other girl who told us, “I was the first hired to be a slave. Nelly told me everything back then. She told me how she tried the potion on her, but it had no power. The girl’s promise was stronger than the magic in the liquid. She said that Missy would obey her up to a point but she could never get her to strip naked, and she needed that power over her to own her. She plans on making Missy her slave like us and then using her money to by the island she came from and enslaving all those who ran her off from it.”
“Wow that makes sense now, but how do we help Missy?” I asked.
Suddenly my pussy tingled as Dana slid a finger inside my cunt, Carrie moved to place one up my asshole as they both started to suck my nipple and suddenly I was crying out, “Oh fuck don’t stop. Take me and use me you two.”
I was doubled fingered and on the verge of a massive climax as the gardener, Tonya made me lick her cunt and as I did it hit me hard. I blasted wave after wave on their hands and fingers as Tonya filled me with her musk scented cream. The four of us made a meal of each other after that for the next two or three hours before, something wicked came to mind. I begged Dana and Tonya to blindfold me and strap to the concrete bench in the garden. There they could do to my tits and pussy as they wished while Carrie would be my meal. They did it and I have no ideal what all they inserted into my cunt. All I know is some was cold, some was hot and most were very hard and long. When they quickly stopped, I knew Nelly was back home with Missy.
She motioned for us all to join her in the large room for guest and there she had Missy select the one who would win her first kiss. She picked me and sent me off with Dana and Carrie to bathe while Nelly was instructed to take Tonya and ready the master bedroom for us. Missy went up and bathed and selected a nice silk nightgown for the event. Then when I was bathed and being led upstairs Nelly pulled me to the side, “Now bitch you do me good service this night and win her affection for me. When you have her naked and being eaten slip one of these into her pussy and then one in her ass.” It was a small white tablet sort of round and tiny and I wondered what it was but under her command I accepted and obeyed.
I was led in draped in see through red gown. It had a single belt that held it in place over my tits, but my pussy well exposed and opened. I was ushered in as the door slammed shut and from the bathroom came Missy finely dressed and sexually filled.
She walked over to me and stood next to me and as she did a confession emerged from her. Her voice was contrite and somber as she said, “For the last twenty years I have wanted to know what sex was like. I have wanted to be filled by a woman though. I need a woman. I want that woman to be you.” With a sort of sparkle in her eye she finished with. “Now come and take me, and make me your lover.”
I walked over and as I did I opened my belt and let my gown fall behind me. My naked body pressed closer to her until I leaned over and won the first kiss from her ever. It wasn’t long or deep but ever so special. She slid her lips over mine again and as her hands caressed my shoulders my hands slid to caress hers and then down to touch her soft breast. The nightgown she wore was quickly opened and falling to the floor as her hands returned the favor with my tits. Then as I took hold of her in my arms our first truly deep lesbian kiss took place. I lifted her to the bed and placed myself next to her and began to kiss her lips and fondle her soft tender body. When I slid over her freshly shaven and bald cunt with my fingertips, she moaned aloud and kissed me even deeper. She lowered my head to the right breast and each touch of my lips to it made her exclaim passionately. Then my mouth took hold of her nipple as my finger slid between her inner folds and she came on my hand then and there. I worked her breast over gently but firmly and then after I had on the verge of a second wave, I slid to enjoy the taste of creamy cunt.
My mouth engulfed her cunt like candy and sucked it more than anything else from her. When I slid my hands to tease her nipples and then inserted my tongue deep inside her hole, she filled my mouth with a huge wet squirting blast of musk. I devoured her through the next two hours without rest or stop. I enjoyed every last drop of her and she of my oral efforts. When at last she could wait no longer I was flung over and she took her turn on my body. She made mad passionate love to each breast and then dropping her wanting lips between my thighs, she made me more of a lover than any I had known before. By the time she made me climax times four, she was begging me to be her life long mate.
When slept together a few minutes two times that night. The rest of the time we were kissing or sucking or eating each other out. When the morning came, Missy was mine, but I belonged to Nelly. Missy informed the rest of the staff in the nude of her love for me and her desire to have sex with me. She brought me to the breakfast table naked and in front of all others she ate my pussy while I sat there. Then as she bent herself over the table, I knelt to eat her out and instead sent the two tablets up her open holes. They took a few seconds to take a hold of her and then as they did, Nelly came for both of us. She made me walk Missy up to the spare bedroom on the top floor. She made me strap her on the bed and then she made me eat her pussy while she ate Missy.
The next day Nelly owned us all. Missy was her slave and willingly and freely gave her control of all the es
tates wealth. By the end of the fir
st week we owned an island south of Jamaica and were moving everything down there. Two more months passed by before Nelly had enslaved the women of the island to her will. Soon she lost interest in Missy and me and allowed us to return home alone.
We have lived her basically penniless everyday for the past ten years. We see no one else, and when we need money we have to beg for it from Nelly who sometimes wires a few pennies. She still owns us but we still love each other I think more than her. The creatures in closet are gone. Now the bedroom is empty except for the bed. That just happens to be where we both make love to each other the most.

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