The mother n law, our first encounter

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HOW IT STARTED (The Handjob)

My mother-n-law (Mrs. Brown) called me one early afternoon and asked if I would come pick her up from work because of the snow, she was afraid to drive in it. I said yes no problem, I was on my way. Now before I go on with the story, let me tell a little bit about my Mrs Brown and my relationship. I flat out don’t like the bitch! I think she likes me BUT she is such a bitch I would’nt know if she liked me or not. The fact that I hate her makes this sound off the wall… I BADLY want to fuck her! LOL
Now, back to the story…. I pick her up from work… she is in her work clothes which is a long wool coat, knee high boots, black nylons and a black skirt.. I did’nt pay any attention to what type of shirt she was wearing cuz the boots got me right off the bat! We were slowly driving because how bad the snow was when traffic came to a stand still. We sat for a little bit and she said she was getting hot so she took off the jacket. I kept checking out her legs and boots and she caught me and asked ” see something you like?” Im sorry I told her, just like your boots… she smiled with an evil type of grin reached over put her hand on my inner thigh and whispered “how about I thank you in a special way, that we keep between you and I” I looked at her and said…”how is that?” She started rubbing on my cock “I think you know Jamie”…. OMG… my mother-n–law is rubbing my dick and I instantly turned hard as fuck! Just sit back, pay attention to the traffic, be quiet and i’ll take care of you… she undid my jeans, worked my cock out of my underwear and started stroking me…with her other hand she reached down into her purse and pulled out some lotion put some on the head of my cock gripped tightly and went to town on my dick… I was SO fucking turned on… as she stroked me she just starred at my cock…. OH FUCK, IM GONNA CUM (only about 2 mins into Shoot that fucking load she said outloud in a rough mean sounding way that turned me on even more… she stroked harder and faster and I blew a nut all over… up on the steering wheel, all the way up on the dash, all over me, all over the fucking place. She smiled, and said…. my first white cock… not bad… not bad at all.

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