The Older Woman and Me

Marisa was 69 years old when I went for visit. It had been 15 years since I last saw her, when our family visited then I was 13. She was my great aunt and that she was. She was a retired widow schoolteacher then, my great uncle was killed in battle shortly after they married and she never replaced him. She lived out west in a small house nestled in the Rocky Mountains. I had been working on my career and when I got transferred from the Big Apple to the Mile High City I was asked by my folks to stop in some time and say hello.
I called her up before I stopped by and she lived in a small little community about an hour from my apartment. It was a Friday evening in early May when I made my way to find my destiny.
She was waiting by the door as I walked up still wearing my suit and tie. Nearly six feet I was dressed formally daily as a rule by my employer, not by choice. She was wearing a flowered housecoat and a smile that warmed me as I saw her. A small lady not even five feet, but I remembered her as well build though her housecoat hid her figure which was still something. She was 42-30-38 and with still a fair amount of black hair mixed with white. Her twinkling blue eyes lit up as I approached and when I hugged her a genuine return of affection from both of us could be felt.
“Well Steven, if you are not handsome all grown up. You look like a lawyer not a computer programmer,” she remarked with a smile as big as a star.
“Aunt Marisa, you the same,” I said having very little skill at communicating my feelings.
She ushered me in and led me to her dinning room and then seated me. She wouldn’t allow me to help with the dinner not a guest in her house was ever allowed that chore. She made the meal herself from scratch and after the dinner we retired to the sitting room to talk. We chatted about family and my last visit. We chatted about my career and then after telling her how many hours I worked a week, she said, “Now I may be old fashion, but someone who works 65 hours a week can’t have too much of a social life?”
“Well I never had one to start with,” I replied.
“Yes your dad and mom told me how much time you spent with the books studying. That’s admirable but you also need some time to enjoy life. All that hard work and no one to share it with must be lonely. Tell me when is the last time you had a date with a young lady?” she asked in a helpful way.
“Never,” I sadly whispered out and added, “the last time I asked a girl was high school and she stood me up.”
“Oh dear. Have never had an kind of companion?” she asked in a delicate tone.
“You mean am I gay?” I asked in a sort of restful tone, before I added in, “No. I am just a virgin except for myself.”
She chuckled at my sarcastic reply and came back with, “Well I am not one to talk much about that myself. I mean in my entire life I can count on one hand my number of lovers, and what’s worse is I also know the number of times I made love.”
I sort of tried to skip that by quickly, but somehow it hit me funny. When she said two lovers, I asked, “I thought you only loved Uncle Hank?”
“Yes he was my only husband and my first and best love. The second was more of a lover which was unrequited the first time.”
“Okay you got me curious, what do you mean by that?” I asked smiling at her as her eyes fluttered thinking about the subject. I could see it made her sort of hot.
She smiled as we sat on the sofa and responded with, “Well almost 25 years have passed. It was this time of year when I leave my windows up at night. The screens over them can be pried off with a hand but turning the nail. A young man broke into my house and took the cash from my pocket book. I was asleep and since it was a very warm evening, and as it is my habit, I sleep nude. I had the feeling someone was there when I awoke and turned to see a masked man at my window. I started to yell as he placed his hand over my mouth and mumbled to be silent or he would hurt me. A few seconds later he had me tied to the bedpost while he had his way with me.” She paused than, as she seemed to be hot and began to fan herself and then added, “He blindfolded and gagged me and then had his way with me three times that night before he left. I was mad and hurt but also I did not want any publicity over it so I did not call the police. All the man got was twenty-three dollars. So a two weeks later on a similar night, he returned. I was awaken by his hand over my mouth and when he bound me like before and had his way with me a second round, I still kept quiet. He came back four more times that summer. Then shortly before Labor Day, he made his last assault on me. He left me a note that night before leaving that said he was not after my money and that it was me he was after. I felt bad about what happened, but I admit even now I leave my windows up on warm nights.”
I was entranced by her story. I sat there getting a harder with each detail and before I knew it I asked, “Did you ever find out who it was?”
“No not a name, but I checked around and only one young man left town at that time. He went off to join the service and as far as I know, he never came back home. He may have been him but whoever it was made me long for love ever night since then,” she said sadly as if her heart were broken.
“Hey I hope I didn’t make you sad by asking that,” I said earnestly.
“No dear it’s just what you feel like when something you had and was special is gone and there is no hope it will ever return,” She replied.
I sat there for a minute then I said, “I never had that to even hold on too, so can you imagine how lonely I get sometimes.”
She looked up at me with a sort of caring pity that made me see how much she did care about me, and then she said, “You shouldn’t waste your life away working so much. Take time to find someone special in your life no matter who or what they are.”
“I feel so ugly to myself, I know I am no stud. But it seemed like each time I asked a girl out she said, no before I could even ask why,” I muttered with a frown from remembering.
“That is just crazy. You are handsome. Looking at you does my heart good. I wish my husband had been as handsome,” she said with a firm air of believe in her words.
“You’re just saying that,” I said as I lowered my head.
“You’re wrong dear, I mean it. I find it sort of exciting sitting her with a good-looking man again. It makes me…” she stopped short and then slowly finished it with, “well very excited.”
I smiled and when I looked up her eyes were twinkling at mine. We sat there for another hour chatting and as ten approached I thought it best to leave so I said, “I better be going I didn’t mean to keep you up so late.”
“You’re not keep me up late now, but you might later,” she said smiling at me.
As I stood up I had somehow caught her robes hem on my jacket and it yanked it open. I saw her tight undershirt and stretch pants both pale pink and the impression of her nipples as I did it. I gasped at her body and as it fell back to cover her, I knew she saw me gawking at her body. I looked up to see her smile and say; “Well at least you are a normal man.”
Something took hold of me then and there and I felt my cock grow hard and she saw it. It was pointing out at her as she looked down and then came closer to me. Her shy smile and soft words made me almost pass out as she said, “Did you like what you saw? Why not take it.”
With those words rumbling in my ears I leaned over to kiss her cheek but as I did I moved to her lips and as they met passion swept over her and me. My hands embraced her like a lover not an aunt. I held her close and kissed her deeply and with each second passing I felt myself wanting to make love to her. She never refused me at all. Instead she returned my passionate kisses with her own and as my hands brushed her shoulders down fell her robe. Her hands pushed my jacket off and then removed my tie before I could say a word. She used it to lure me into he
r bedroom and as the light came on off went my shirt. My belt
was flung into the chair beside her bed and then I took over. I lifted her top and removed it and exposed her massive breast. Her skin was soft and smooth and not wrinkled at all. As my hands worked her shorts down my mouth followed. I knelt between her legs and kissed her soft shaven pussy. I kissed it several times before she moaned loudly for me to move to the bed with her. She grabbed my pants and opened and removed them with my loafers and socks before I could pull her back to me and kiss her once more. Her hand found my cock hard and ready and as she petted it, I petted her open wet snatch. She moved me back and as she did I found myself fondling her while I sucked her tits. Each time I sucked one she would groan and when I had her panting wildly I moved back down, for my first taste of pussy. Licking her like candy I found out what it was like and how much I loved it and when I began to swirl my tongue in her she came on my mouth. It was a flood of juices and I devoured every last drop. Then I moved up her body to suck her tits before she pulled me to her mouth and we kissed deeper than ever. When I mounted her, she gasped out and came again just from entry and after I rode her for a few minutes I came. That didn’t end it though as she pushed me on my back and began to suck and lick my cock and balls. She held it in her mouth and used her hands to pet it back to life then she really went crazy on it. I had to taste her sweet pussy again, so I whirled her around until her pussy was on my face and I ate her fully. My cum also was there but I knew what it was like, hers was like honey to me. When I felt myself begin to seep into her mouth, I tried to warn her but she wanted it all and she got it. I unleashed a massive flood in her and with no regrets she ate it. She kept right on sucking until I was drained then she moved to put me in her arms and breast feed me while I fingered her pussy to three more heights. Just before midnight, I regained my strength and holding her legs on my shoulders I butt fucked her while she fingered herself and played with her tits. I pulled out and came on her belly and then surprised her by cleaning it off of her. She pulled me to her and made me stay the night with little trouble.
When we woke the next morning, we showered and then returned to bed. I let her suck me for a few minutes then I mounted her asshole again. I found a small dildo in her nightstand and used it in her pussy at the same time. When I finished and came in her ass this time, she asked me to lick it out and I did. I ate her pussy too and made it come madly before I allowed her to suck my cock hard again. Then I took her pussy once again and fucked her until she came twice more on me. Then we made breakfast naked and playing with each other. At one point she poured warm gravy on my cock and licked it off and then on her tits and fed it to me. She then did something truly kinky that I never though of. She made me insert the sausage links up her pussy and then eat them, while she shoved a cucumber up my asshole and then sucked it wet and used on herself. When she had me over the table fucking my ass with it she told me she knew I was a bit gay. She also knew I need a cock like she did and she wasn’t sharing me with a man. She said she had what I needed and then went into her bedroom and came out with a dick shaped dildo. She used it on my ass while I was bent over.
After that I moved in with her. Now at night we fuck each other’s brains out before bed. I still work long hours but when I am off she gets me off faster than you can think. She bought herself a strap on dildo and uses it on me at least once a night. Sometimes when I am lucky she uses it before I go to work. She made sure that I only needed her and nothing else.

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