The Party Room 0: “Country Trial”

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The Party Room


0: Country Trial

*** Realtime ***

     I’ve been fueled by a dream, driven by a passion and unwilling to let either take the back seat.

I sit back and relax in the driver’s seat of the parked rental car as memories rush back to when I opened the envelope and discovered that I had been selected to be her photographer in a photo shoot for some ‘confidential project’.

     Damn, I really hope this is for a men’s adult magazine pictorial.

     Think she would really cross that line?

     It’s possible.  Her recent divorce may have changed her stance against it.

     But what you’re really hoping for is to have sex with her.

     That would be a dream come true.

     But she’s practically a celebrity and you’re just a carpenter.

     So what?

     Do you think you’d be here if she knew about the sex fantasies you’ve written about her?

I lean upon the car’s armrest and rub my closed eyes.

     I can’t help it.  I can’t stop picturing us together.

     Don’t let your desires overpower you.  Keep it professional.

I exit the rental car and enter the warm Nevada air.  Nearby wind chimes dance to the calm nighttime breeze.  I unlock the trunk from the car’s keychain and scan the dimly lit cottage again for any sign of her.

     Well, this is disappointing.

I let out a sigh and make my way across the loose gravel to the rear of the vehicle and grab my single suitcase.  I briefly check the wooden house again for her upon shutting the trunk.

     Is she even here?

I proceed to the cobblestone pathway leading to the guest house in which I parked in front of and go over all the details of the letter in my head, trying to figure out if I am following all the instructions I was given.  I stop to retrieve my cell phone from my back pocket to double check the time.

     8:28 pm.  Two minutes early.

Again, I look back to the cottage for her when the porch light activates from the guest house.  I hear a familiar voice ask, “Looking for someone?”

     It’s her!

My heart skips a beat when I turn to see the outline of her hourglass form opening the door from inside to greet me.  As the light begins to bathe her fair complexion, I notice her long dark brown hair is barely curled and brushed.  A white sports bra is easily visible underneath her transparent white tank top and a long light beige skirt flows down to her bare feet.

     Damn, she looks amazing for her age.

“I thought you were gonna be at the cottage,” I respond with a gesture of confusion.

“Yea well, I got an urge to surprise ya,” she remarks.  Her high cheekbones pop from the thin smile of her berry-red coated lips as she stands holding the door open for me with an outstretched hand.

I return the cell phone to my back pocket and assure her, “It worked.”

     Please… surprise me more!

She takes a few short steps back into the stained wooden room as I take hold of the door handle.  A hint of vanilla tangled in the scent of cedar assaults my senses.  “Don’t take this the wrong way, but…” I begin, feeling a surge of blood pump into my groin as I step through the threshold and look down half a head’s length into her curious eyes.  The conservative amount of black eyeliner upon her long, curly lashes does wonders for those hazel-green eyes.   “You’re even more beautiful in person,” I conclude as I release hold of the door.

She shoots me a look of disagreement and makes a pawing gesture with her right hand.  “Whatever,” she says, shaking her head and rolling her eyes.   She steps up to me twisting her head to the side and wraps her arms around my abdomen for a hug.  Her smile escapes my sight as she rests her head upon my chest.   “I’m so glad you’re here,” she says.

     Oh, damn.

The chimes outside fall silent as the door latches shut behind me.  I instinctively wrap my free hand around to her lower back for a half hug and look to the cedar slat wall before me.  The scent of vanilla upon her further stimulates me.

     Shit.  Can she feel that through the clothing?

She presses herself tighter against me, “You have no idea how much this week means to me.”

     Are you fucking kidding me?

My grip on the suitcase tightens and I begin caressing the small of her back with my fingertips.  I take a deep breath and exhale, “I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

“I’m sure you won’t,” she replies.  I remove my hand from her back as she withdraws from the hug and returns to a stand.  She looks down to the floor between us with her hands drawn back near her shoulders.

     Is she checking for a bulge in my jeans?

The chimes outside resume their sway, but it’s not enough to distract the blood from flowing to my erection again. I stand there motionless noticing her minty green eye shadow as I wait for her eyes to return to mine.

“Well… kick off your shoes and come on in,” she says as she looks back up to me, her jaw shifted slightly to the right.

     Keep dreaming, pal.

I proceed to slide my shoes off without the need to untie them.  My eyes stay fixed on her lips as she turns towards the hall to my left.

     Keep it professional.

Through my socks I can feel the texture of the grassy carpet lining what seems to be some sort of mud room. “So, you living here now?” I inquire about this gated community she’s staying in called ‘Le Vista’.

“For the most part,” she confirms as she makes her way towards the opposite end of the enclosed porch.  I follow behind her a few steps while she continues her answer, “It’s a great private community that values its privacy.”  My eyes drift down to her hips as she walks and notice the white liner inside her skirt that stops just above the knees.

     Damn, that’s one fine ass.

I clench my right hand into a fist, bring it up to my mouth and lightly clasp the edge of the index finger with my teeth.  My erection tightens up in agreement with my thought.  “I’m sure you’re familiar the saying around here,” she says as she reaches the sliding glass door, turning to look my way.  I quickly return my attention to her face and pretend to clear my throat.

     Did she see that?

The half-smile she ended her statement in doesn’t leave her face as she stops to grab the door handle.  “What happens here stays here,” she states sliding the door open as I approach.

     Was that sexual innuendo?

I notice a mirror on top of a black cabinet of some type against a white wall to the left of the door.  She enters the room with a three quarter turn, grabbing the inner door handle with her right hand.  As I pass over the threshold, I disconnect my eyes from her to observe the interior of the guest house.

     Holy shit, this is nice!

My eyes widen.  My jaw drops.   The dimly lit room is approximately thirty feet deep by fifty feet wide.  A single, large window directly across from me displays a lake at the bottom of a small hill.  An entertainment area is nestled in the far right corner, complete with a large flat-screen television mounted on the wall, a black leather couch and chair with matching glass tables.   In the right corner of my eyes, I notice there is a spiral stairway leading up.

“Holy crap,” I say, slowly advancing into the room.  The wooden floor is unusually warm to my feet.  I look up to the vaulted ceiling lined with thick, wooden beams.  An unlit light hangs from the center of the ceiling ending in a large, white, smoky glass ball.

The glass door slides shut, completely silencing the wind chimes.  “What do you think?” she asks from behind me.

I end my walk near the center of the room, “This is…” I notice a cowgirl hat hung upon a wooden chair that faces a large mirror in the far left corner.

     My ”Kingdom Come”?

“Weird,” I say, finishing my response.

“What do you mean by that?” she asks.  I hear footsteps behind me, though it doesn’t seem to be in my direction.

     The twelfth and final fantasy.

I rub the top of my shaved head with my right hand.

     How would she possibly know?

“Nothing,” I reply, “Just deja-vu, I guess.”  My right hand falls to my side and the footsteps now seem to be slowly ascending the stairs.

“Oh,” she says with a pause, her voice coming from the direction of the stairway.  “Well, come on up and I’ll show you the rest.”

I turn to my right and walk towards the spiral staircase.  I notice a wooden door tucked away in the corner behind the stairs.

“The bathroom is down there in the corner,” she tells me, nearly halfway up to the loft when I reach the base of the stairs.  I look up to her and realize I can almost see up the length of her dress.  Blood rushes back to my groin again, making me aware the erection still hasn’t subsided.  She doesn’t seem to notice, but I avert my eyes anyway.

     Take another look.

     No.  It’s not right.

I grasp the metal handrail with my right hand and begin advancing up the wooden steps. “You know, I still don’t know any details about the photo shoot,” I inform her.

“I know.”

     Damn, I can see my reflection in the handrail.

“I’ll fill you in later,” she replies as she reaches the top of the stairs, a light at the top of the stairs activates.

I approach the loft that is about four feet wide and look to my left.  She begins to lean upon a black dresser set against the handrail.  Beyond her, another wooden door faces the length of the loft.  “Fair enough,” I reply.

I turn to scout the opposite side of the loft and see only a queen-sized bed at chair height against the far wall and what seems to be a piece of paper on the end of the bed.

     Wonder what that is.

Neither of us speaks a word as I walk towards the bed.

*** Dreamtime ***

Upon the paper’s header, I see three words I recognize immediately; “The Party Room”.

     She does know!

My vision blurs as my heart begins racing.  All I can do is mutter the words, “Holy shit.”

“Welcome to ‘The Party Room’,” she tells me with a playful undertone.

I drop the suitcase to a thud on the floor and look over my right shoulder.  “I can’t believe it.”

She is leaning back against the dresser, hands resting on its edge.  Her head is lowered and tilted towards me, a clump of bangs covering her grinning smile.  “Believe it,” she replies.

I turn my head forward and shake it in disbelief.  I look towards the pillows on the bed, but I see only images of my fantasies with her.

     Is this really happening?

I begin to feel faint.  “Wait.”  I mumble out loud and make an open handed gesture.  “How do you know it was me who wrote those fantasies or if they were even about you?”

“If you were worried about getting caught,” she responds with a brief pause, “you shouldn’t have registered your E-mail with your real name.”

I place my hands on my hips and turn my head halfway over my right shoulder.  “You’re Regina.”

“Am I?” she asks with a hint of curiosity.

“You were the only one I talked to about them,” I confirm as I turn my attention back to the piece of paper.  I notice the second line reads “Contract of Agreement”.

     Wow, this could complicate things.

I bring my right hand up to rub my forehead.  “A contract, huh?”

“Yea, you probably want to read that over real quick,” she states.

I reach down, take the contract into my right hand and begin reading it over.  It reads that she will fulfill my sexual fantasies if I agree to her conditions.  Among the conditions are that we become exclusive partners, I comply with at least half of her proposed edits of the fantasies, any video recordings of intercourse become her property, a total confidentiality agreement and that I first fulfill a fantasy of hers.  It states at the bottom of the document in bold print that if I do not leave the premises within one hour of arriving that I am obligated to the conditions of the contract.

     How long have I been here?  Thirty minutes?

“You’re really willing to do this with me?” I ask, looking back to her as I begin to turn around.  The right side of her face is now exposed with the bangs pulled back over her petite right ear.

“I got you here, didn’t I?” she replies with a rise of the right eyebrow and a pursing of the lips.

“Yes, you did.”

     This is what you wanted, dude!

I laugh under my breath and shake my head at the gravity of the situation.

“So, tell me,” she then tilts her head slightly left with an inquisitive look, “are you ready to live your dreams with me?”

     I have waited for so long to hear her ask me that.

My fists clench, my erection stiffens and I release a huge exhale.  “Hell yea.”

“Alright then,” she stands up straight from her lean, biting the left of her bottom lip and looking down to my crotch, “Strip down to your underwear.”

     Whoa, what?

A wave of anxiety crashes upon my nerves.  “We’re gonna do this now?”

“Why not?” she replies with a raised brow.

     Is she going to try and humiliate me somehow?

I set the contract down on the bed to my right and grasp the center of my white T-shirt at the waistline with my left hand.  “This isn’t some sort of prank, is it?” I ask as my hand reaches the center of my chest and my eyes locked onto hers.

She slowly crosses her arms at the waistline, watching as I remove the shirt over my head.  “Far from it,” she says.  I drop the shirt by the suitcase and realize she is also removing her tank top.  “We’re gonna play a game called ‘Country Trial’,” she drops the shirt to her right, leaving her nearly D-cup breasts covered in only the white sports bra.  My erection is screaming to see her topless.  I give her a perplexed look while I undo the button and zipper of my blue jeans.

     Did she say ‘Country Trial’?

“Never heard of it,” I comment as I slide my jeans down and expose my white briefs.  Her thumbs tuck behind the waistband of her skirt.

     This must be her fantasy.

I step out of my fallen jeans and watch as she wiggles her skirt down her thighs exposing her flowery, white panties.

     Those measurements of 36-24-35 I found on the internet are looking pretty accurate.

“Let me put it to ya this way,” she says, letting the skirt fall to her feet.  She stands back upright, places her left hand upon her hip and points her right index finger down to her crotch.  “This is my ‘Country’,” she pauses as she steps forward out of her fallen skirt, sliding her left hand up her abdomen, “and you’re gonna be put on ‘Trial’.”

I smile wide and push my jeans towards the suitcase with my right foot.  “I like where this is going.”

“The rules are simple,” she says, combing her hair with the right hand while walking with a sexy stride my direction.

I take a seat on the end of the bed, my eyes intent on watching her hips sway.  I take off my right sock and listen to her as she clarifies the rules.

“One.  If it’s clothed, you don’t touch.”

     Sounds like a twist on ‘Kingdom Come’.

With the first sock off and tossed into the pile of my belongings, I begin removing the other.

“Two.  You must do exactly what my country says.”

With the second sock off and added to the pile, I sit upright and cross my left foot over the right.  She is now within my reach.  Her left hand retreats the abdomen and goes parallel with her shoulder as she slow steps outside of my legs.

     Hell yes!

My erection once again makes me aware of its excitement.  I take a deep breath and bring my hands up to rub my hips.  My eyes return to hers.  Her soft thighs stop against mine, placing our genitals within inches of one another.

“Think you can handle that?” she asks in a sexy tone that sends shivers down my spine.

My focus shifts to her open lips and I breathe out.  She places her arms on my shoulders, preventing me from retreating back.  In response, I bring my hands up and lightly grasp on to the sides of her upper thighs.

     Okay, this is no prank.

I look again into her eyes and tell her, “If you can.”

A tight, wide smile is briefly drawn upon her lips.  “Let’s find out,” she says and looks down to my mouth.  Her head tilts to the right as she leans in towards me in slow motion.

     Yes!  The first kiss!

I lick my lips softly and turn my head to the right of her long, slender nose in anticipation.  “My country says,” she whispers with a pause.  I can taste her delicious exhale as the inches between us diminish.  “Kiss me.”

I shut my eyes as our mouths open and press against one another.  Our tongues circle and dance with one another as our heads bounce to match the rhythm of our bursts of kissing.  My thoughts get lost in the touch, scent and taste of her.

     Oh, God.  Yes!

I pull her hips in so that our covered genitals can touch, then rotate my hip up to allow my erection to rub along the front of her pelvic area.  She lets out a delightful moan as she ends a kiss and initiates anew.

     Tell me you wanna feel that without our underwear on.

I slide my left hand away from her hip as she raises her right leg to rest on the bed and up against my side.  She presses her covered chest against mine then arches her back to allow her breasts to rub my bare skin.  I let out a deep grunt under my breath as I end a kiss and begin anew.

     I wanna feel that without the bra on!

My right hand slides down her leg as she pulls herself up into my lap, both legs against my hip.  Our kisses and breathing are becoming urgent for more.  My hands glide back up her thighs to the curvy underside of her ass and commit a hard, pressing rub with my fingertips upon the inner thighs.  Her right hand slides down slightly below my left shoulder blade and pushes back in response.

She ends the kissing and whispers through her breathing, “My country says… lay back.”

     Tell me to start taking something off, please.

Our tongues and heads continue to dance with the waves of kisses we create.  My right hand detaches from the back of her upper thigh and reaches back as far as it can onto the mattress to support the weight of both of us slowly falling backwards.  My feet soon find nothing but air.

     You’re coming with me.

My left hand grips her upper right thigh as we collapse to the strength of my right elbow for a second before I give way to relaxation and lay upon the bed.  The fabric of the blanket upon my back comforts me like a warm jacket protecting me from a cool, autumn breeze.  I no longer feel the embrace of her arms around my neck, instead hearing the sound of pressure applied to the mattress on each side of me.  Her long hair drapes each side of my face as her body presses up against my prone form while she continues to kiss me passionately.

     Come on.  Let’s do this.

I feel her breasts slightly flattened against my chest, our nipples refrained from physical contact by her sports bra.  My right hand returns to the curve of her ass and I rub my fingertips a few inches down each thigh.  Her body trembles as she lets out a slight moan in our kiss.  She presses her groin up against mine and slowly rotates it upward along the shaft of my stiff penis through our underwear.

     You know you want to.

Our open-mouthed kiss ends in a long pressing of the lips as she rotates her hips back down to its former position.  She exhales into my open mouth that begs to know her more.

     Say it!

She returns to kissing me slowly with a series of brief touching of our tongues and long contact of the lips.  I grasp her thighs as she slides the right upwards to the side of my hip followed shortly by her left following suit.  My heart increases its beating and I grip her thighs in a mix of anticipation and frustration.

     What are you waiting for?

She ends our kiss and I feel her upper half drifting away from contact with my chest.  I open my eyes to see only her shadowed face in the center of a waterfall of hair that ends past the sides of my face, her squinted sight fixated on mine and her mouth open slightly to breathe.

     I can’t believe it’s really her.

“This is better than I ever dreamed,” I say with a smile.

“It’s about to get better,” she replies with a jump of the brows, “My country says… take off my panties.”


      *** Party Time ***

 I slide my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and she raises her hips in response.  My stare shifts to her lower torso as I begin to remove the silky underwear.  Her hips react in synchronization with my hands as they take the garment down her thighs like a pendulum.  I am unable to see her vagina from this viewpoint, but I exhale in awe as I expose the pubic hairs trimmed like a landing strip.


The underwear reaches her lower thighs and she raises her legs one by one, stepping forward with her knees upon the bed and trapping my arms up against my side.  I return to her eyes as I slide the panties down the length of her shins and off her feet, keeping them in my right hand.  As she crawls upwards with her arms fully extended, I’m finding I need to lean my head back to meet her eyes.  She displays a smirk on her face with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

     What is she up to?

I drop the garment to the bed.  Sensing that’s now her knees just inches away from my biceps, I look down to see her pelvis at my chest and getting closer.  “My country says,” she says followed again by a pause.

     Holy shit, she’s gonna sit on your face!

She grabs each side of my head and I look up to see she has retracted to an upright stance.  “You’re going down,” she states pulling my head forward, rotating her vagina upwards towards my mouth.

     Fuck yea!

I catch a strong scent of vanilla again as I open my mouth and roll my tongue down to taste her damp vaginal lips.  I close my eyes and glide my tongue upwards towards her clit, bringing my hands to connect with her hips.  I thrash my head from side to side to remove her fingers and give me full control.

     I’m gonna make her so wet.

My tongue chases my head movements that rotate in rapid clockwise circles around her clit.  She grinds her hips upon my face, moaning with pleasure.

     You should be watching her.

I reopen my eyes and watch her fondle her covered breasts momentarily.  With her head out of view, I suddenly notice there is a mirror on the ceiling between the beams and angled with the roof pitch.  I fail to catch our reflections within it before she hunches forward and overtakes the view.


The expression on her face displays her struggle with the pleasure.  Her hands lock onto my wrists as she speeds up the grinding with her hips.  I cease the rotating of my head and tongue and begin rapidly licking up and down upon her.  She squeezes my wrists, tosses her head back and arches her back in response.

     Watch in the mirror!

 I turn my eyes to the mirror and watch as I give her oral pleasure.  She turns her head away from the mirror and releases her grasps upon my wrists.  She rubs her fingertips slowly up her abdomen and brings her hands cross-armed across her chest.

     If she’s taking that off, there’s no way I’m watching in the mirror.

I turn my attention forward just in time to witness her breasts unleashed from the constraints of clothing.  Between her body writhing and the poor lighting, I fail to make out the details of her erect nipples as she slides the bra up over her head, but my suspicions that her breasts are real are confirmed by how fluid they move in reaction to her movements.

     Fuck, I wanna suck on those!

I become far too mesmerized by her breast motions to pay attention to what her unseen head or hands are doing.  Her nipples seem to be about a half inch in diameter and erect.  Her moans and breathing are becoming more frequent and louder as I continue to toy with her clit with my tongue.

     Damn, she’s got a rockin’ body!

Her left hand reconnects with my right wrist and she looks back down to me with a similar expression as before.  She shuts her eyes and smiles as she grasps her right breast with her right hand.

     Let’s see how she likes this.

I overpower her with my strength and force her into a backwards lean.  Her hands retreat to the mattress to catch her balance.  I alter the licking to slow, clock-wise rotations.  I turn my head just enough to the left to watch in the mirror as I continue to pleasure her.  I am unable to see her expressions in the mirror, due to her head being beyond its length but I can now see that her areolas are about two inches round and two shades darker than her skin color.


She continues to simulate sex upon my mouth with her hips and I continue to watch us in the mirror.

     This is heaven.

I return my eyes forward and pause my licking to relax my jaw muscles.  She brings her left leg up to a squatting stance, locking her left hand onto her left knee.  I slide my right hand down to the mid-thigh.

     Has she had enough?

She stays in a proposal-type stance and twists her upper half to her right.  I feel her hand rest upon my underwear and latch onto my erection.

     Oh, wow.

I press my tongue down flat upon her clit and begin massaging it hard.  She tightens her grip upon penis and begins stroking it slowly.  Her hips once again begin moving in sync with my tongue.

     Yea, she’s wanting it.

I look into the mirror and watch as we speed up the foreplay.  Her eyes seem fixated on my erection.  A mixture of my saliva and her excretions begin running down my chin.

     Don’t stop until she says.

Her breathing sounds as if she’s running a marathon.  I see her head turn to look my way in the reflection.  I look up and watch her expressions between her bouncing breasts.  She stops her stroking of my erection and loosens her grip upon it.

     She’s losing it.

“Yea,” she mutters through her excessive breathing, her eyes shut tight.

     Feel that orgasm, baby!

I close my eyes and wait for the moment she can’t take any more.

“My country says stop!” she says aloud, pulling her vagina away from my tongue.  I drop my arms to my sides in response and swallow what hasn’t run down my face.  I hear the sound of her hands crashing to the mattress on either side of my ears as her milky breasts bounce just inches from my face.  I feel the movement of her left leg upon the bed moving down towards my hips.  She pushes herself upright, and begins scooting towards the end of the bed with her knees.  I bring my right hand up to wipe the fluids from around my mouth and notice she has that mischievous smile upon her face again.

     What is she up to now?

Her right fingers glide up her abdomen as nears the end of the bed, “My country says,” she points her right index finger at me, “stay right there.”  She steps off the bed with grace and looks down to my groin.

     Is she gonna give me head?

She grabs both sides of my underwear and lifts them up and over my erection.  I’m unable to get enough leverage with my legs to assist her taking them down further and the way she begins forcefully pulling them down my legs tells me she doesn’t need my help.  As the underwear nears my knees, I lift my legs up enough for her to slide them down my calves.  She rolls her shoulders inwards and squeezes her tits together with her biceps, leaving the garment at my ankles.   “Mmmm,” she says returning her eyes to mine.  The smile upon her lips grows wider as she brings her hands up to clasp my shoulders, “My country likes.”  She buries her head into my lap and I feel her tongue make contact with the shaft of my penis.

      Fuck yes!

I grasp the sheets of the bed tightly as she licks and kisses around the head of my erection.  I turn my head towards the mirror to watch her head motions and how her blanket of hair in my lap moves with it.

     Put it in your mouth.

Her fingernails claw at my skin as she continues teasing the tip of my penis with her mouth.  Her bare breasts rub against my knees with her slight chest movements.

     Suck it, please!

“My country says,” she whispers.  I look down to see her raising her head up.  Her hands slide down to my abdomen.  “Sit up,” she commands and returns to a standing position.

     Looks like no blowjob tonight.

She purses her lips and watches me pull myself upright with my abdominal muscles.  With my ass seated upon the edge of the bed, I bring my left foot out of the underwear with my right pressing them against the floor.  I rest my hands upon the bed waiting for the next command, our faces less than a foot apart.

     Maybe next time.

“My country says,” she pauses again.  I remove my right foot from the underwear with the left locking them to the floor.  Her left arm rests upon my right shoulder and her right hand grabs the bottom half of my erection.

      Do I need a condom?

I look down to our genitals and watch her turn my penis down between her thighs.  “Game over,” she tells me.

    Guess not.

Her upper body twists inward and her hand disappears as she moves forward onto my lap.  I look back up to her eyes again, “You win.”

     Hell yea!

The tip of my penis makes contact with her wet vaginal walls and she releases her grasp upon me.  I stare at her eyes that are lost to the wall behind me as she descends slowly onto me.  Despite her wetness, her vaginal muscles seem to be too tense for a smooth penetration.  She exhales heavily three times immersing my erection into her.  “Damn, you’re big,” she says, looking back into my eyes and combing her right fingers into the hairline above her right temple.

“Oh.  So size does matter.”  I reply in a half question.

“Not really,” she pauses and brings her left hand over top her right at the peak of her head, beginning to slowly grind her hips clockwise.  “You still got to know how to work it.”

I arch my back slightly and tilt my head down to watch her dance upon my lap with her hips rotating effortlessly.

     Oh, my God.

I savor the sounds and feelings of her wetness upon me.

     This is a dream come true.

Her tits jiggle and sway fluidly in reaction to her body motions.

     Suck on them.

She brings her right hand down under my chin and raises my attention to her eyes, her left forearm upon her forehead as if she’s running a fever.  “So tell me,” she pauses and places her right arm upon my left shoulder, “What fantasy you looking forward to the most?”

I take another brief look down to her breasts.

     Next time.

I pull myself upright again, staring into her eyes.  My hands connect with her waistline and I take a deep breath.  “I guess ‘Provoking Beauty’,” I reply.

“Why’s that?” she asks, rubbing the forearm across her head and bringing it to rest upon my right shoulder.

I slide my hands around to her ass and squeeze gently, “I think you know why.”

She looks to her right momentarily like she is contemplating with those thin brows before bringing her eyes back to mine.  “You want to do it ‘doggy-style’ with me?”

     Let me guess.  Next time?

“Eventually,” I assure her.

She stares into my eyes for a few breaths before her grinding comes to a halt.  “Grab your cock,” she commands as she dismounts me to her left in a half turn.  My right hand grips the base of my stiff penis as she continues rotating her body and bringing her left leg across my outstretched legs.  She twists her upper torso to the right and tosses the hair from her face with a quick whip of the neck.  She shoots me a seductive look over her right shoulder as she bends forward.  “You’re getting ‘doggy-style’ tonight.”

     Hell yea!

I rest my left hand upon her hip and look down to our genitals as I lean back.  I tilt my head slightly right and rotate my erection down to line up with her vagina.  I tug with my left and she brings herself back in response.  I release the grip upon my penis as it reenters her vaginal walls, placing my right hand upon the bed and leaning back further as she pushes herself onto my lap until I am fully consumed inside her.

“Oh, yea,” she mutters.

     I gotta sit back and watch this.

I bring my left hand back to the bed behind my lean, keeping my stare fixed upon our genitals.  With her hands resting on her thighs, she slides herself up and down upon me slowly a few times before progressing faster.  “Oh, damn.” I whisper under my breath, watching her shapely ass pounding into my lap repeatedly.  I scan her curvy body over as she moans with head bowed down.

     This is unbelievable.

I sit upright again and grab onto the sides of her waistline with both hands.  “Yea, you better hold onto something,” she stops her bouncing upon me to adjust to a steeper lean with her hands upon my knees.  I release a heavy exhale.  “I’m taking you for a ride,” she says and proceeds to rapidly thrust upon me.


The sensation of her vagina quickly stroking me and the sound of her moaning with pleasure sends my sperm screaming for release.  “Are you trying to get me off already?” I ask.

“Why?  Is it working?” she replies in question.

“Yea,” I say without hesitation.

     She’s not slowing down.

Her hips begin thrusting quicker.

     It’s too soon!

I grip her tightly and prevent her from continuing.  “Please stop,” I request.

“Damn it,” she lets out a sigh of frustration.  “Listen,” she pushes herself up to a stand, grabs my hands and looks down to her right.  “When you’re partying with me,” she places my right hand upon her right breast then mimics with the left as she continues, “you can come anytime you need to.”  She releases her hands from mine, allowing the breasts to wobble in my grasp as she rotates her hips up and down in clockwise circles.

     I’m sure she meant ‘cum’.

“So, don’t let go until you do,” she commands, tilting her head back and burying my face in her hair.  Her flesh stretching in my hands tells me she has her arms up, most likely over her head somehow.   The aroma of vanilla extract dominates my nostrils.

     I guess I’ won’t be pulling out.

I close my eyes and allow myself to get lost in all the sensations that are transpiring.

     It’s building back up.

My fingers toy with her erect nipples as they struggle to sway in my grasp.  Our breathing intensifies with each passing second.

     It’s building up quick.

“Oh, shit,” I exclaim and squeeze her breasts tightly and press my chest against her back as I begin to release my sperm inside of her. 

She halts her grind momentarily then proceeds to pump her hips upon me.  I let out a grunt in response.

     Fuck!  That’s both painful and pleasant.

I fight the urge to scream for her to stop and instead release my grasp upon her and fall back to a lean upon the bed.  I look over to the contract near her sports bra on the bed as I release the remainder of my load, clench my teeth and grab the blanket tightly.

     She’s worth it!

I quickly realize her fingers are playing with her clit and soon the weight upon my pelvis increases as she ends her masturbation with a series of moans.  As the pain subsides, I collapse to the mattress and look into the mirror to see only my upper body in the reflection.  I smile anyways.

     You did it.

I look down the length of my torso.  Her left hand seems to be down near her waist and her right upon the top of her head.

     I could get very used to this.

She turns to her right and looks down at me over her right shoulder.  “Oh, yea,” she says with a big smile across her face.

*** Downtime ***

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet,“ she comments, bringing her right arm down to her side.

I drop my head back to the bed and stare at the ceiling.  I bring my hands up to rub my bald head above the temples.  “I know I’ve never been happier,” I reply.

“That was so exhilarating… knowing that we were being watched.”

     Being watched?!

My elbows quickly fall to my sides and I push myself up to a half sitting stance.  “What?” I ask with a sense of urgency to know the answer.

She is facing away from me with both hands hidden from view upon her lower torso, the left seemingly higher than the right.  “Like I said, what happens in Le Vista stays in Le Vista,” she replies.

I look around for someone or a video camera, but am unable to locate either.  I bring myself to sit upright behind her.  “Who’s watching us?” I ask.

     Do I really care?

She turns and looks at me over her right shoulder.  “Does it matter?” she asks then proceeds to turn her attention forward as she dismounts from my lap, my shrunken penis coated in our sex falls limp.  I place my hands upon the edge of the bed and watch her curvy ass as she walks slowly down the loft.

     She’s playing a mind game.

“You’re fucking with me, aren’t you?”

She stops halfway to the stairs.  “My country says” she replies then stretches her arms overhead, arches her back and rolls her head up as she continues, “Come join me for a shower.  I think we’ve got an issue to resolve.”

A sex rehearsal?

I smile wide, stand up and begin to follow her.  “Damn, I love this game.”

Copyright © 2014 by Vik L’amant.

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