The Sixty Year Old Virgin by Rick

The Sixty Year Old Virgin
by Rick

Jean and I have worked together for many years . She is in charge of the accounts receivable department , which is her and another girl . Jean had always lived with her parents until they passed away . Her father passed two years before her mother . Now she lives in the house alone. Jean had always had an active dating life . She is a devout catholic . I had taken her out to lunch several times . She had always made a big deal about being a virgin until she got married . Jean is an average looking 60 year old who dies her hair brown and had a very large Butt and almost no boobs . Jean is about 5’6″ and around 210 pounds maybe a bit more . Not the loose flabby fat solid hard fat . I was talking to her one day and since we are friends she told me that she needed to have a new phone jack installed in her house for her computer and a couple of new plugs as well. She did not want to spend the money that the phone company wanted or what an electrician wanted either. I told her that I would be happy to install them for her . Both are easy to do and I worked in maintenance many years ago so I’ve done that before. She said that she would appreciate that . Would I come over to her house Sunday after she got home from church ? I said that would be fine . Sunday morning at 10 A.M. I drove to her house with my tools . I made some measurements and figured out how much wire I needed and what type of circuit breaker I needed and we went to the Home Depot to get the wire and plugs and circuit breaker . She insisted on paying , which I had assumed anyway . It took me three hours to get everything done .Jean was drinking Gin and tonic all afternoon . I hooked up her computer and everything worked even the DSL internet connection. Jean was happy I showed her how to work her web cam and she was elated.
The web cam had come with the DSL package . What am I supposed to do with that she asked ? It’s cute but who will I talk to ? I don’t know anyone else who as one ! She said as she made herself another drink . She offered me one but I said that I had to drive home so I should not have anything to drink . She was pretty drunk by this time . I told her that she could chat with me because I had a cam at home . She thought about that for a while and said why go home ? I thought your wife was away this weekend . Yes she is I said but I had some work to do around the house . What do you use your web cam for she asked . She had way to much to drink and wasn’t keeping up with the conversation . I said that I like to have conversations with old friends that had moved away . They do that to you to she asked. My friends have almost all moved away. She looked sad . Not all of them what about your friend the nurse? She’s not a nurse she’s a physical therapist . I said sorry . Jean looked around as if to see if anyone else was there . Don’t tell anyone but I think she likes girls . Jean winked at me . That’s ok I said so do I ! Jean laughed and spilled part of her drink on my shirt . Sorry she said I’ll wash that . I guess we had better wash it or I’ll get stopped for smelling like a drunk . Jean laughed and pulled my T-shirt off. She took it to her washer and threw it in and turned the machine on and poured some detergent in it . Then she poured herself another drink . Oh! She said you have hair on your chest . She giggled and said but I don’t ! Then she went into a hysterical laughing fit. God I kill myself . She said sit down on the couch it will take a while for your shirt to be done . I sat down . I hate being with a drunk you can’t trust them . She sat next to me. You know Rick I like you . Thanks Jean I like you to . She smiled and said . I mean you didn’t have to come here to help an old woman . Your not that old Jean . She smiled and ran her hand over my chest . You know I was disappointed when you got married . I wanted you myself she said . I didn’t know that I said . Well I did . She moved closer and then to my surprise she licked my right nipple ! Jean I said that’s not like you . You have had way to much to drink . Maybe I have had just enough she said and licked my other nipple . I said ok turn about is fair play . I took her top off and her bra . The I licked her nipples. Oh ! Oh ! Oh! She said . I like that . I knew you would I said . Lets stop here before we do something we will regret I said . No! Damn it ! she said I’ve been stopping al my life ! Not this time ! his time I’m going all the way ! She stood up and pulled her blue jeans down along with her panties . She had a very nice and very hairy pussy . All I want you to do is be gentle she said . She sat on my lap and we stated to kiss . I gently pinched her nipples and she was moaning . I knew that she liked getting hickeys so I sucked on the side of her neck where I had seen them before . She moaned and groaned . I moved her off my lap and pulled down my pants . I already had a hard on . She smiled and said I’ve jerked men off before but that’s all . Don’t worry I said you’ll be fine and sucked on her right nipple and then her left . I was fingering her and she came and seemed to surprise herself when she did . WOW that was nice she said ! I got down on my knees and licked her clit and she came again. WOW! She said again . Then I slipped my tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her . She came again and she was very wet. I would go further I said but I don’t have any condoms . Don’t worry she said I went through the change a couple of years ago . I said ok . I slipped my hard cock in her pussy slowly . There was some resistance for a second and I pushed harder and was all the way in . Ouch! she said . Then she said OH MY GOD ! she came hard and I started to pump my cock slowly in and out . She said OH ! Fuck me ! I did and she came three more times before I did . It felt very , very good to me . When I pulled out she said Thank You ! I needed that ! then she passed out .

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