The Studio Trip

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We walked into the studio that day and asked if Dallas was busy. The friendly receptionist called back and asked Dallas to come to the front for a visitor. We were greeted by smiles and hugs. She led us through a set of doors obviously leading to the set. Before we made it to the set she led us to the right, into their offices. There were desks everywhere. There was Bill, working away at his desk, Michael looking up and preparing to deliver the forecast, and Tony obviously just coming in from an assignment. Dallas took us around and introduced us to everyone. We were welcomed with open arms, as if we were part of the family. She led us back towards the set showed us the weather set and their desk and cameras. “Hey Dallas” I heard a man call from behind me. “Yes?” She replied “Oh, you’re busy. I’ll catch you here in a little bit.” “It’s ok. What do you have Luke? Oh, this is Kevin and Sidney. They are some friends of mine from down south.” “Hi, Luke, I’m Kevin.” “Nice to meet you, I’m Sidney.” I smiled sheepishly. “Oh, I know who you are.” He grinned from ear to ear as only he could do. He was walking around the studio in jeans and dress shirt tucked in with no jacket. He looked pretty sexy in my own opinion. “So, Luke what do you got?” Dallas interrupted our stare. “Oh, I was going to see if you would cover sports again this coming Friday?” “That’s fine. I don’t mind.” “I take it you are Sooner fans?” “You know it.” I replied. That was the only thing I could really muster past my lips. “I have had some news come in if you would like to be the first to read about it.” He asked me. “I would love to.” I smiled “I’m going to go with Dallas; I’ll catch up with you two in a little bit.” Kevin said. “Ok babe. 831″ “832”

“Well that went better than I expected.” He whispered to me as we started walking away.
“I know right? I was just waiting for Dallas to say something.” I smiled back
“I’m glad she didn’t. Lets go this way.” He said leading me through a door.
“You lead, I follow.” I smiled back
“I’m glad you finally made it. The last two weeks have been hell.”
“I’m sorry. I know I’m to blame for quite a bit of that.” He said leading me through another door. “Where the hell are we going?” I laughed
“Some place special. I told you, first class tour.” He chuckled
“Yeah but this is more like the depths of the demon.”
“You and your wise cracks, one more door sweetie.” He said opening one more door.
“‘Bout time.” I said as he placed his hand in the small of my back before turning and closing and locking the door behind us.
“Sidney.” He sighed a sigh of relief he said turning to me
“Luke.” I said kissing him.
Our mouths were so eager to taste each other. Our tongues entwined with each other, hands searching each others bodies. We had been together so many times but physically this was our first. I could feel his growing erection in his jeans as he pulled my body closer. I rubbed my hand over his jeans and he let out a soft moan on my mouth. Neither of us wanted to release from our passionate kiss. I fiercely started unbuttoning his shirt as he fumbled with the buttons on mine. I had his all but falling off his shoulders and he had only two of mine undone. We both let out a small chuckle as I pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the side. I assisted him in unbuttoning my shirt. He tossed it on top of his. His body, so warm and welcoming against my skin. He reached around my back and unclasped my pink bra and added it to our growing pile of clothes. I had already started kicking my boots off as I wrestled with the belt and button of his jeans. He had no problem with my belt and pants. He had them open to expose my matching pink thong. He pushed his hand down my pants and cupped my wet aching pussy and squeezing. This was his. He was not going to let go until he got inside. I finally got all the buttons unbuttoned on his 501’s exposing his blue boxer briefs with his hard on pressing against wanting to be released. With a small hum of pleasure I started rubbing his cock through his boxers. He released his kiss and started kissing down my neck, then cusped my breast in his right hand. Once he made his way to my breast he started nibbling and sucking, making my nipple erect. I held on to his head holding him close. He sat up and kissed me one last time before leading me across the room to a bed apparently used by the crew during big stories. He sat me down on the bed and laid me back to proceed to finish taking my pants off. Leaning up and kissing me to lay me back he placed his hands all over my body leaving a saliva trail across my breasts, down my stomach to my panties. I felt so helpless. With my panties still on he started breathing and rubbing his chin against my pussy. My panties were already soaked at just the thought of him being this close. I wriggled around enough to cue him that it was time to remove them and add them to our pile of clothes. He finally got the hint. I raised my hips as he removed them. His tongue, so warm and wet slid up my wet slit to my clit. He softly wrapped his lips around my clit and started flicking his tongue. “Oh, shit!” Were the only words that could come out of my mouth. I felt him smile. Confident fucker he was, he truly kept up to his promise. As he released his mouth from my clit he kissed each of my thighs, allowing me to catch my breath and as for me not to cum too soon. He didn’t waste much time before going back to my pussy. Tasting the juices on my lips, licking and sucking like this was the last time he would ever taste me. He slid his hands up my body touching every part that was in his reach. I grabbed his hand and held on to it as he furiously ate. I couldn’t take much more. It was his turn. I locked my legs around his head and twisted to get away. He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, disappointed surely, but I had to make sure he felt the same as I did. “Come here.” I whispered leading him up my body. I kissed him one more time and tasted my juices on his lips. “Your turn.” I smiled. I rolled him over on the bed and started kissing down his body to his throbbing member. Pulling his boxers down I grabbed a hold of his cock and gave it a sweet kiss on the head. His boxers and jeans ended up in our clothes pile by the door. (Don’t ask what happened to his shoes, I don’t know) Sliding up back up his naked body, I took a hold of his member. He was thick, throbbing and had pre-cum oozing already out of his head. I wrapped my lips around, savoring the sweet taste of him. I used my tongue and teased him. Licking up and down his hard shaft, kissing and licking his balls before coming up and taking his cock all. I slid my mouth down on him and I heard an “Oft!” We knew we had each other right where we wanted. Sliding my mouth up and down his hard member, taking him in as far as I could, I started to feel his leg shake. I slowed my pace and let my tongue do the work. Flicking his swollen head, sucking his pre-cum and doing circles with my tongue ring. I could tell by how his cock felt he wouldn’t last much longer. Releasing his cock from my mouth I slid up his body. Surprising me he pulled me in for a kiss. I could still taste my juices on his face. He pulled my up to where my pussy was just inches from his cock. “Please” he muttered. I lowered my hips onto his awaiting cock. He pressed himself gently against my wet entrance. I felt him press into me and let out a shudder as I lowered myself the rest of the way. We both sighed. It felt too good to have him inside me. I arched my body and started rocking my hips. Grinding my clit across his short stubble made my juices start flowing more than they had been already. He held onto my breasts as I rode him. I felt my self ready to squirt all over him but stopped myself. “What’s wrong babe?” He asked “Its going to smell like sex in here for weeks. You sure you want me to cum?” “Please, I beg of you.” He chuckled. We flipped over to him on top. He wasn’t easy. He knew what I wanted. As he continued to pound my pussy I felt my self contracting to cum. “You ready for this?” I asked. “Oh yeah!” he smiled. Three thrusts later, he, I and the bed were soaked in my juices. He continued to thrust and I felt his cock growing inside me. “You want it?” “YES!” I moaned loudly as my body convulsed. “Ohhhh!” He moaned. Thrusting himself deeper as he blew his hot sticky load inside of me. He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. We laid there for a few moments regaining our spent strength. “So,…” I asked. “Hope Kevin and Dallas have had a good time.” He chuckled, “I’m supposed to go on in an hour. You going to stay?” “I’m sure I can.”

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