The Wanderer-Chapter 1

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Cecil swung the door open and was greeted by the familier environment that he was used to by now. The sounds of people playing pool will talking and laughing and the jukebox in the corner in the corner playing some songs. This was his routine when he traveled to a new town, find the nearest bar and drink away. Having been an orphan at a young age he never really had what you’d call a “postive male figure” in his life to teach him that drinking is bad or anything like that. He had gone from orphange to orphange until he was tweleve or so when he got into some trouble and went to juvie. Cecil was never the one who could stay out of trouble so he ended up staying there for a few years. When it was time for him to get out one of the guards that worked there, Semi Yi, a japanease man offered to adopt him since Cecil was only sixteen. So for the first time in Cecil’s life he had a family and a home. He and Semi got along well but Cecil was always more attached to Mr.Yi, Semi’s father who lived with them as well. Mr.Yi took to Cecil well and even treated him like a son, teaching him what he always liked to call, “ancient japanease martial arts”. Cecil would train long and hard many days, and before long he had gotten really good. But as Cecil got older Mr.Yi’s, or sensi, as he always called him, health was deteriorating and he became ill. Not long afterwards Semi died in a car crash and Cecil was left to take care of Mr.Yi. After a year though Mr.Yi died as well and for the second time in his life Cecil was all alone again. But he now wasn’t skinny boy that Semi had picked up in a detention center. He was twenty years old and had filled in a lot with wasboard abs and a very defined chest. He stood 6’1″ and was a good 170 lbs of mostly muscle and not an once of fat. After Mr.Yi died he had sat on the back porch drinking when he walked into the garage and started admiring Semi’s motorcycle. It was a Harley Davidson Softail that he rode, but just kept in the garage. Cecil had packed that thing with as much stuff as it could hold and hit the road, not even attending Mr.Yi’s funeral. Even since then he had never looked back. “What can I get ya?” “Huh”, Cecil grunted looking around snapping out of his daydream. “What can I get ya?” the woman behind the bar asked a little annoyed. “Just gimme a bud”. She turned and grabbed a bud out of the cooler and layed it on the bar in front of him. He stayed there for a while drinking until he figured he better hit the road before he got too drunk to ride back to a hotel. Driving an autombile wasted is one thing, but a motorcycle, HA! He walked outside and around to the side of the buliding where he had parked his bike when he heard a commotion coming from a nearby alleyway. “Huh, wonder what’s going on”, he said to himself as he walked around the corner. Beside a dumpster two men, most likely bums or gangbangers, were holding a woman down. One of them had her pinned by the shoulders while the other was ripping her shirt off. “No, please don’t”, she yelled trying to fight them off. But they just laughed as they continued to tear her clothing off. “Hey champ”, Cecil spoke up startling them. “I never made good grades in english when I was in school, but I think she just said get the hell off”. “Do what”? One of the gangbangers asked looking at Cecil angerly. “Tell you what, I’m gonna count to five and if you two aren’t gone then your both gonna have a really bad night”, Cecil answered as he took a few steps forward. The gangbangers looked at each other and laughed as they stood up. The one who had pinned the girl’s shoulders down pulled out a knife and now both of them were walking towards him. “You better keep walking mr.hero, or my friend here is gonna have to get a little crazy with his blade.” “One”, Cecil said not moving an inch. “You think this is a game bitch!” the gangbanger said as they walked closer. “Two”. “That’s it, Carve this joker up Lou!” The gangbanger with the knife started twirling it in a circular motion beside his head, and was now right in front of Cecil, almost face to face. “Where you want it punk?” the gangbanger asked him. Cecil just stared angerly at him and before the gangbanger could even swing the knife at him he punched him right in the face knocking the gangbanger backwards on the ground. “ nose…he broke my nose!” he yelled as blood ran from his nose down his face. “You’re lucky”, Cecil said standing over him. “That was my weak arm, if I’d have hit you with my right one you’d be sucking meat through a straw.” “That’s it” the other gangbanger yelled as he grabbed a 2×4 proped up against the wall, and holding it over his head as he charged at Cecil. Almost as if by instinct Cecil grabbed him by the arm he was holding it with and as he turned his body brought the gangbangers arm down on his shoulder with such force it almost snapped in two. “AH SHIT!”, the gangbanger screamed as fell back on the ground holding his broken arm. “Now are you two gonna leave before I really get pissed off?” Cecil asked sarcastically. The two gangbangers picked themselves up off the ground and ran off down the alley cursing. “Oh thank you!” the girl exclaimed running up hugging him. “Oh um it was nothing”, Cecil mumbled. He could feel her breasts squeezed agaisnt his chest and it caused a stirring in his jeans. When she finally pulled herself off him, Cecil saw her face for the first time. She was beautiful,probably about 19 or 20 with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, and the bluest eyes he had ever seen with a body that just didn’t quit. Big c-cup breasts, curves in all the right places and an ass you just wanted to walk up and slap. He took a few seconds to admire her before asking if she was ok. “Yeah I’m ok now thanks to you”, she said wiping the tears from her eyes. She was shaking mostly because the gangbangers had ripped her shirt apart leaving her standing there in a bra in the night. “Damn she got some nice titts”, Cecil thought to himself. “Here”, he said sliding his coat off and handing it to her. “Thanks”, she muttered as she put it on. “need a ride home”, Cecil asked her as he walked towards his bike. “Sure”. “Hop on”, he said as he stood it up and she climbed on behind him. The rest of the way to her place they were quiet except when she spoke up to tell him to turn at a certain street or what not. During the trip though her arms kept moving further and further down. Her hands had started at his chest but by the time they got to her place, they were almost in his lap. Her place was actually an apartment in the middle of downtown. “Would you like to come in?” she asked while she opened the door. “Uh well not really I gotta find a room before it gets too late”, Cecil said looking at his watch. “Well you can stay the night here for free if you want”. “You sure?” “It’s the least I can do for my hero.” They both laughed at that comment. “Well I don’t know” Cecil said. “Pllleeaaase”, she said giving him a sad puppy face and then giggling. “Allright”. She smiled and lead the way into her apartment. It wasn’t much, nothing fancy small living room with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. “I’m gonna change, make yourself at home”. Cecil closed the door behind him and watched her ass sway as she walked into the bedroom. He began feeling that same stirring in his crotch as he watched her. Damn she’s fine, he thought to himself. He sat down on the couch in the living room and waited for her to come back. After a few minutes she came back out wearing short shorts and a small halter top, both of which showed off her amazing body. “You want something to drink?” she asked. “Got any beers”? “Nope just crown and coke”, she answered bending over as she searched inside the fridge. Cecil’s eyes were glued to her ass as she bent over. Damn he just wanted to walk over there and bang her like a pair of symphoney drums. After she finished making the drinks she sat down beside him and they for a long time. He finally found out her name was Chrissy and that she had moved out of her parent’s place and was going to college. After about five or so drinks Chrissy was feeling ti
y and tripped when she got up to get some more. Cecil was fast to catch her with quick reflexes. “Sorry”, she said and looked up at his face. He just smiled slightly and she looked into his eyes as he brought his head down and kissed her. Their tongues swam in each others mouths for a few seconds before Cecil broke the kiss. “I’m sorry”, he said. “Don’t know where that came from”. Almost before he could even get the words out of his mouth she was on him, kissing more passionately this time. All the while this was going on she was walking slowley backwards as she held onto him, leading him into the bedroom. Upon nearing the bed she pushes him and he landes on his back agaisnt the matteresse. “Oh man, this should be fun”, he thought to himself. Chrissy climbed on top of him, and starting removing her top. Cecil took his shirt off, and flipping her over starting kissing her neck gently. Chrissy moaned as she started running her hands over his back and then started unhooking his belt and unzipping his pants. Cecil then kicked off his boots and pulled his pants down to his ankles and kicked them off as well. He wasn’t wearing any underwear(as he never did, made him feel constricted) so his nine inch cock was saluting, because he was harder than five dollars worth of jawbreakers. Chrissy’s jaw dropped when she saw Cecil’s huge member. “I’ve never seen one that big before”, she said softly as she crawled and knelt in front of it. Then wrapping one hand around it she slowely stroked it. Cecil groaned as he felt her warm but small hands on his cock. Chrissy then started to lick the head with the tip of her tongue before taking it into her mouth. If there was a such place as the heavonly blowjob hotel, then he had just checked in. Placing one hand on the back of her head, he began trusting slightly, face fucking this beautiful thing before him. After a few minutes he felt the familier churning in his balls and he knew he was about to blow a wad down her thoart. Chrissy must have sensed this because she stopped and looked up at him saying “I want you in now.” She then pulled her shorts off to reveal her gorgeous pussy to him. “I don’t wear underwear either”, she said giggling. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him on top of her. “Skip the foreplay, I want you in me now.” “Yes maam”, Cecil said as positioned himself between her awesome legs and guided his tool to her wet and cock hungrey snatch. She thrusted forward just as he did and then all of his nine inches disappeared inside herself. “Oh my god”, she moaned. “Don’t stop, fuck me hard please!” It was like the fourth of July with the fireworks going off in Cecil’s head. Damn she was tight around his rock hard member, almost like it was swallowing him whole. He had never been with a whole lot of women in his life, but the ones he had slept with were nowhere near this good. It was taking everything he had to not cum. Slowely he started pumping inside her, then increasly picking up speed. Pretty soon they were thrusting in unison to each other. The room was filled with the sounds of their moans and the slapping of their two bodies as Cecil would come almost all the way out of her cunt, before piledriving right back in. Chrissy was nearing a massive orgasim as she arched her back. “Oh shit..ohh fuck!”, she screamed as Cecil felt her pussy clentch down on his cock with what seemed like the force of a vise grip. Her juices flowed over his cock and he couldn’t hold back anymore, shooting his load after load deep inside her. After that he collapsted on top of her and they laid there for a while, until their heavy breathing returned to normal. They eventually drifted off to sleep that way. Cecil woke up around 6:00 o-clock and looked around the room. Then he remembered where he was, so very quietly getting up so as not wake Chrissy up, he gets dressed and walks towards the door. On the way though he looks back at Chrissy laying on the naked. She was in love with him. He knew it because of the few he had been with were the same kinda. But she needed someone who could take care of her , both finanicaly and emotionaly, and a vagabound just can’t offer those kinds of things to a woman. Heading out the door and into the crisp morning air, he noticed the sun was rising. It was funny, out of all the times he was camping out or whatever he hardly ever stopped to see a sunrise or set. “Shit I gotta get out of here, I’m getting to damn mushy”, he thought to himself as he climbed on his harley and fired it up. He looked up at Chrissy’s bedroom window one last time before riding off. “I’m doing the right thing”, he said to himself. “It’s for the best”. Knocking the kickstand up he twisted the throttle and sped down the open road wondering where he’d head up tomorrow.

to be continued…
Chapter 2: Broke down and out of cash in Las Vegas, Cecil decides to participate in an amateur kickboxing tournament being held in hopes of winning the cash prize. Along the way though he bumps into a few familier faces. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Please feel free to email me with feedback as this is my first story, to let me know if you want more or if I should quit(ha ha).

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    Pretty good. The whole “chivalry” theme made the story very enjoyable, and the sex was good, too! Keep em coming.

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