The Women in ME

Sherry and Cherry my twin sister’s and best friends are like no other pair in this world. Sherry now 35 is 6’8″ 180 pounds, the tallest goddess you ever saw with a body that is 38-24-36. She has long tanned legs that are like bronze steal and a flat tight tummy and smooth hairless body, even under her arms. The locks of golden curls flow down past her shoulders almost touching her sweet lower back. The two blue jewels given her for eyes made her seem almost perfect along side of her round full lips that she only wears bright hot red lipstick on. Her face is like a doll and has been used many times by others as a model for beauty. Her height limited her manly attraction as most men ran from her instead of to her. Now Cherry is identical except she has black hair and green eyes like jade and night. They were destined to be lonely until I was born and they wound up taking care of me after an accident removed our parents. With no one else in this world but them I grew to feel like their child as well as their little sister.
I took after my mother, and grew by age 21 to be a tall 5’4″ 100 pounds. My smaller body almost has their figure except that I have 36D boobs and large pointed erect nipples, and I will tell you why. From the time I was 18 I began to create milk in my breast that seemed to flow from inside forever. The doctor said it was not abnormal but I think he was, as he never had the pleasure of taking his bra off soaked with milk and juices flow down his chest. My sisters began to milk me daily with two breast pumps that were awkward and pinched my nipples until they began to grow inside the suction tubes. For over two years I was milked three times a day.
I have short blonde hair by my choice and my eyes like Cherry are a bright sultry green. When I was in high school all the boys wanted to date me until my guardian angels showed up and they fled like rats on a sinking ship.
Now when I had to be milked I had to forget about college and work only part time. I had to get my schedule set up to work 1 to 5 and off the rest of the time. I was a prisoner to the grind of my existence and I had no pleasure in it or from it until one night. I came in just before my six o’clock milking was due tired and worn out from standing behind the counter asking for people to make up their friggin minds. I was wearing my uniform open bloused as I walked in through the doorway of our house and dropped it like normal in the laundry room basket and then my bra. I picked up my sanitary wipes and slowly cleaned my milky crusted nipples and boobs and then walked in to get my gown on when I saw Cherry sitting naked on the sofa with Sherry and a woman who had just moved in across the street. Emma was 28, married but very bisexual and big breasted as well. She was 5’10” 190 pounds, 44DDD boobs a 30 inch waist and a set of 38 hips on a darkly tanned by sunlamps body that had all sorts of symbols on it. She was tattooed with winged demons over each breast a skull just below her navel and snakes around her legs and ankles. The reason I know this is that she was naked with Cherry kissing her mouth while Sherry played with her pussy using one of our favorite toys.
They seemed shocked that I was home so early and as I walked bare chest through the room they didn’t stop, but kept right on going. Then I heard Cherry say, “I have to milk her now Emma, do you want help?”
I was removing all my clothes and thinking about how this was really the first time I ever saw my sisters making love with another woman. I knew they were gay by choice and had on occasion taken other women to bed late at night, but they always did it secretly until that afternoon. Emma would show me why a few minutes later.
I turned around and there was Cherry with Emma and the pumps. My body was naked but I went around that way all my life at home and without fear or embarrassment as my sisters always bragged about my beauty. So why hide it I thought or be afraid or shy to show it in your own home. Emma again would teach me something new very shortly.
The two of them made small excuses for what happened at first before Emma chirped out, “Hell Dee, you knew these two big goddess can’t get a man near their Olympus like body’s so what did you think they would go for after that, a horse?”
I smiled as they seated on my padded make up bench and began applying the devices to my tits. The hand pumps were the worse ones and that is what they used that night as Emma pumped the bulbs until I could feel my nipple inside the tubes and the milk flowed into pint size containers below.
Somewhere along the way I got my first thrill from it as Emma started to release the pressure and then tighten it again and again. I was sitting up straight when they started and by the time she had varied the pumps for a third time I was growing weak and found my elbows rest upon the wooden dresser top. Now I had been with only one person a boy who almost got to third base one night when I was 17. He was a bit clumsy or he could have stolen home. My sisters didn’t even know about him and after that no one ever touched me in this way as the two of them were beginning to caress my arms and stomach as Sherry came walking in and knelt between my thighs and slowly opened my quivering legs apart. Her silk smooth hands slid up and along my calves’ then thighs and stopped just at the edge of now wetting lips below.
Gently and sweetly she slowly massaged my thighs as she said, “You know Dee we think you need something you have been missing. We have been worried about you and the three of us were talking before you came in about your lack of experience and we think its time.”
I admit it know that I was slowly being seduced at my own inner urging. I felt like nothing before this could be better as they worked me over without even touching me. The pumps had taken my nipples in them before and normally I didn’t get excited but this was different. My glazed expression was all Emma needed as her mouth moved to mine and she said, “Now Dee, you relax doll and let me show you some real love.”
With those words our lips met briefly then again almost biting at each other and finally opened and extended our tongues began to play. Hers swirled around over and along mine as I flipped it back and forth a few times, while I did that her hands released and reapplied the pressure of the pumps until the containers grew very full and had to be removed. As Cherry removed them from me she began to cleanse my breast not with a towel but her mouth. She coated my breast twice each direction and then my nipples one at a time before she sucked them for the first time like a baby would have done me. Emma stopped kissing me and knelt to the other and performed the same pleasurable trick for me. Then as I sat there spying them on each one I looked at my other sister who now had slid a finger inside the inner folds of my hot box. I was wetting madly for her as it glistened to her lips and then returned to melt away any inhibitions deep inside me. When she leaned to kiss it I panted heavily and sighed, but she only kissed it and then stood to allow Emma access to it and took my nipple for a prize instead. Emma was licking her lips as she looked into my eyes and said; “Now doll, I get the first taste of this little sweet thing.”
I felt her warm mouth cover my upper clit and then her darting most educated tongue danced along the lips outer edges and slowly slipped its way inside me. My legs were lifted up by each sister and held wider open as they fed upon my still milking boobs. The taste of it was not really sour as it was intoxicating so they said and continued to show me as they petted my body and sucked me dry that night. Emma now began to work over my hole and when she somehow used her tongue to probe me I felt a wave of cum unlike any before this leave my pussy and cover her face and ample boobs. She seemed to be more excited by that little feat and as I slowly drained all I had at that time on her, she accepted it into he
r mouth and on her body and
lapped it even harder and faster. Needling my butt cheeks with her fake nails she squeezed it and loved it and then a few times slid to that opening as well and rimmed inside of it. I was gasping and panting as Cherry lifted off my now dry breast and told me, “Oh baby I think your time has come to taste my breast.” With that she offered me her right nipple and I accepted it like candy. I ate it first, licked it second and then I went to town sucking nibbling on her nipple while Sherry took my free tit into her hand and began to twist, tweak and taunt my ever red nipple.
Emma was bearing down on my largest climax then as I felt a flood of love juice explode from me and into her mouth and body. I was sucking and cooing and crying and moaning as I did it quivering wildly and shaking uncontrollably from the pleasure of the three experienced women.
As Emma drew to a finish her assault of my hole, Sherry and Cherry moved to lift me and place me onto the bed. Sherry then dove head first onto my parted wet snatch and engulfed as Cherry seated herself upon my face and began to ride it. Emma moved between them and took residence on my free nipples and once more the waves of passion began to flow all over me and from me and into me. While Cherry exploded on me I did the same to Sherry and after almost another round completed we changed places again. This time Cherry moved between my thighs while Emma reclined by me and we kissed while Sherry devoured her and then almost a full orgasm later the two of them road her and me with a huge strap on dildo. During this fuck session of rubber, Emma began to whisper into my ear, “I want to take you away for the weekend tomorrow night. They already said okay and my husband will be out of town. It will be just the two of us in the mountains alone and naked, what do you say doll?”
Of course I said yes and after they wore themselves and us out around midnight I collapsed in the arms of Emma and slept their on top of my bed with her until morning. We awoke to a sweet session of kissing then a warm refreshing shower and a heavy kissing and petting session followed by breakfast. The food was good but I think once they scrambled the eggs and placed them on my body and the three of them ate them off me it was better. I liked the links hot juicy and inside me they were that and when I saw Emma eat it out I came on the table. The gravy poured on my nipples soaked me in a wave of hot pleasure and then my sisters cleaned it off me before my milk bath cooled them off, as they milked my tits using their mouths only, all three of them.
I was hoisted afterwards and placed in a tub of bubbles with Emma and after we played more than washed we exchanged orgasms in the water using a waterproof vibrator Emma owned. The thrill of it in my cunt going crazy was wonderful but her mouth on my nipples milking me made me even more pleased.
Then we dressed and the two for us headed for the mountains. I was wearing a pink tube top and white silk short pant with no buttons while Emma wore a red leather skirt and one button red leather vest. We looked like hookers really, but I didn’t care I wanted to feel more of what I had the night before. The car she was driving flew up the country roads until we reach the cabin she had rented, and then I knew this was planned all along with my sister’s aide by getting my boss to give a Friday afternoon off. When she told me they had wanted to fix me up for a long time, I finally knew just how badly as the cabin was not empty.
Inside were eight other very bisexual amateur exhibitionists some had internet sites and cameras ready for the latest coop. When I stepped out of the car my top didn’t last five seconds little alone my shorts even a minute. Two very chunky big breasted women took me to town in the front yard as Emma laughed and watched them film and the others grin. To say I was greeted with love would be a good choice of words. I had a mouth between my legs as I was planted on a concrete bench and then another on my nipples and when they saw milk flow an orange headed punk rock looking chick settled on one nipple and milked me like a baby. I felt another mouth on my other breast as the one of my attackers delivered a wet tasty snatch to my mouth and then ground my face in it until I almost died from lack of oxygen.
The session lasted long enough for two of the women to make a hundred photos each while another recorded a DVD full of the action. Then came the procession into the private cabin and a few pussy eating women later I found myself tied into a sex swing being eaten sucked and tortured by three new exotic looking blonds of all ages. By the time the first day ended I was ruined for life as my milking boobs were a hit and was so sore I couldn’t even stand to touch them. Emma applied ice cubes to sooth them and caressed my body to ease me as we snuggled in one the big round beds for the night.
It was nearly midnight before we ate pizza in our room and I felt like talking so I asked her, “What is to happen when we go back, will I be just meat for your desires or will someday I have to meet another woman who wants me. I don’t think after this I will ever want a man again.”
Emma laughed as she told me, “You know baby, and you should relax and just enjoy this time here with me and these hot women. Then sometime in the future when we have to we can think what to do for the next time.”
That was the best advice I was ever given. Two days later when we went home I found out that sex is great but love is better. I met a young girl that Sherry had been trying for ages to get me to friends with. If you want to know about Virginia and the times we had drop me a line and maybe I will write it down for you, until then. Keep your pussy wet and your tits hard and think of me eating you always.

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