weekeng getaway

It was girls weekend. No boyfriends or husbands; just laughs, gossip, and lots of drinks flowing.
Grace and Sarah had been friends since childhood. But lately, with work, kids and day to day life, getting together had become tougher. Grace had read about cabins for rent up in the mountains, it seemed like the perfect getaway for her and Sarah. “No kids, dishes or laundry for two whole days?” asked Sarah. “Count me in!”
“Don’t forget about the wine and chocolate”, said Grace, “we’ll completely indulge, you know, make sure we do it right!”
Sarah laughed to herself on the other end of the definite, as long as she’d known Grace, she’d always been the wild one….she just shrugged and thought, “that’s why I love her”. “Ok, lets do it!”. Grace squealed with excitement….”this is going to be so much fun!”

The cabin turned out to be very cozy. Since there was still a chill in the air, they decided to light a fire before popping open the first bottle of wine. Grace and Sarah talked for hours and got caught up on all the juicy gossip they’d each been missing. Grace told Sarah about a friend who’d just had her first girl on girl experience. Sarah looked shocked. She was definitely the shyer of the pair and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Oh, come on, Sarah, women are so much prettier to look at and softer”, said Grace giving her gorgeous friend the once over. Sarah had that slight frame that a girl would kill for. A tiny waist, and breasts that looked like soft supple mounds under her tank top. Grace noticed she had just cut her hair, probably for their weekend. Grace had taken steps to look her best this weekend too, just in case they found themselves at the local shops in town. She had her favorite jeans on that begged you to look at her rounded ass and her t-shirt was snuggly fit over large breasts.
” I know” said Sarah, “I just don’t know if I could ever be that intimate with another woman”. They dropped the subject and Grace ran to the kitchen.
“I just remembered, I brought tequila!” Grace yelled into the living room.
“Oh boy, we’re gonna be sick, Grace”
“No way! This will be fun, besides there’s no alarm clock for the morning”, said Grace as she returned to their seats by the fire place with a bottle of Cuevo and two shot glasses she had found in the cabinets. She poured two shots and they toasted to a weekend of girlfriends. Sarah felt her cheeks flush right away.
“Wow, that’s strong”
“Don’t worry, the second always goes down much easier”
“The second???”
“We’re here to have fun right?” and with that, they’re party began…The two girls were giggling uncontrollably.
“Ok, be honest, have you ever kissed a girl before?, asked Sarah, who was getting braver with every shot.
“Well, just once. But, I have to admit, I did like it”, said Grace. “I was drunk and this girl I had met at a party dared me to kiss her, it was so soft! What about you?”
“Not yet, I kind of feel left out, you kissed some other girl before your best friend?” laughed Sarah. They stopped and their eyes locked. “Do you want to try?” asked Grace. Sarah said nothing, instead, just leaned in and gently kissed Grace, it wasn’t awkward like she thought it would be. Grace was right, her lips were softer than any other she’d ever kissed before. Instead of backing off, Sarah lips lingered at Grace’s mouth….they’re tongues slid against each others and both girls could feel their bodies heating up. Grace cupped Sarah’s breast over her little tank top and Sarah followed suit. Grace stopped kissing her friend for a moment and said, “should we be doing this?”, Sarah looked at Grace with a devilish smile and said “it is girl’s weekend, we can do whatever we want”. They went back to kissing and Grace felt Sarah’s fingers circling her nipples. Grace kissed Sarah harder as she felt herself get wet from her friends touch. Grace reached under Sarah’s skirt and found that she was getting wet too! Sarah pulled off Grace’s t-shirt, exposing her breasts that were being held in by a black lacy bra. She pulled Grace’s breasts free from their confines and began kissing them. Grace ripped off Sarah’s tank and bra in one shot saying, ” I want to play too!!” The girls took turns running their tongues over each others tits and sucking on each others nipples. Grace returned to under Sarah’s skirt and was rubbing her hot pussy over her the delicate cloth that was covering it. Sarah took a deep breath when she felt Grace’s fingers brush against her clit. She then unzipped Grace’s jeans and pulled them away along with her thong. Grace found herself sitting naked on the couch. She pulled down Sarah’s thong and pushed her skirt up to get better access to her now soaking pussy. Grace gently played with her friends clit then pushed her first two fingers in to the hole that was aching for her. Sarah started to play with Grace’s clit and the two were finger fucking each other. Grace could feel her body rushing with excitement when Sarah suddenly stopped, “I want to taste you” Sarah said. She knelt down in front of Grace and licked the length of her slit. Grace let out a shrill of ecstacy and Sarah, getting hot from hearing her friend enjoy her some much, dove into her pussy, flicking Grace’s clit with her little pink tongue and licking her hole while Grace fondled her breast with one hand and ran her other through Sarah’s soft hair. Grace’s clit began throbbing and she knew she was going to lose control. Sarah was alternating between sucking and flicking her clit until Grace lost total control. When Grace’s hips finished bucking, Sarah’s head surfaced from down below and came up to kiss Grace. When grace tasted herself on Sarah’s tongue, she knew it was time for Sarah to get a turn. Her kisses got lower on Sarah’s neck until Grace found herself at Sarah’s soft tits again. She licked Sarah’s nipples while her other hand got Sarah’s clit ready for Grace’s tongue. Grace kissed her stomach and made her way down her hips and over to her inner thigh. She drew circles with her tongue, teasing her til Sarah begged her to lick her pussy. Grace licked her clit and lapped up her juices until Sarah screamed with delight. She never knew she would enjoy pleasing her friend so much! She licked and licked and sucked on her friends delicate little clit until Sarah began orgasming just like she had only a few minutes ago.

The two went at it all weekend and vowed to make “girls weekend” a regular delight!

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