What a ride home

I had a fight with my wife one night and decided to call Diane up to talk about it. Diane was my best female friend and always was a great shoulder during a crisis. She said we should meet and take a nice ride into the country. She thought a nice ride in a convertible might help settle my nerves. We found this really nice park, put out a blanket and hung out there for about an hour. Diane really knew how to listen and always came up with some great advice. Being summertime, Diane was wearing a lot less clothes than I was accustomed to her wearing. As we sat there amongst all these other people, I couldn’t help thinking about what it would be like to have fuck her. I tried as hard as I could to hide those feelings but I think she was wise enough to know what I was feeling. I found myself really wanting her more and more but being married I was grateful that we were outdoors with a ton of people present. It started to get dark so I suggested we begin our 1 hour drive home. We hugged and I was so happy that she was once again there for me. About 10 minutes down the road I decided to tell her what was going through my mind during our chat in the park. I just really wanted to blow her mind a bit. She responded by saying she felt really horny too. With that remark my blood got ten degrees warmer. Was she saying that she wanted to have sex with me or was she just saying she was horny? She then said she had never thought about us having sex until that night. Too bad you’re married, she taunted. I would have made your night she laughed. I got a little bold bold. I then asked her if we had a chance to have sex with me, would she? She replied by asking me about my wife. “Could you really cheat on your wife?” I said probably not but you are making it tough Diane. She said I don’t know if I could look at your wife either if we ever did it and it would feel odd. On the highway we were passing motel after motel. She suggested we check into one and see who chickens out first. She then reached over and touched my cock telling me that she just wanted to see if I was really hard. Her boldness stunned me. We found this rather ugly motel about 2 minutes up the road. Here I was checking into this no tell motel about to see if I could cheat on my wife and sleep with my best female friend. I thought it was bizarre. It was beginning to seem surreal to me. We went into the motel room and though horny as hell, all of a sudden had a dose of reality hit us. What do we do? How do we start? What about protection or contraception? Boy were we scared! She told me not to worry about contraception. Seems that she sneakily put her diphragm in when she went to the bathroom after we got to the motel. We decided since we were now extremely embarrassed that each of us would manage to get under the covers without looking at each other nude. After doing this, we hugged under the covers and wrapped our legs around each other. The question “Should we do this ?” popped up many times. I felt so awkward. After all I had not touched another woman’s body parts in a long time. I could not however resist feeling her firm and perky tits. I began by rubbing her tits and allowed my hands to wander down and feel her pussy. I wish I always had a woman who had a pussy that was this wet and inviting. She responded by taking my cock in her hand and gently rubbing it until it was as hard as a rock. In the cutest of ways she actually asked me if she could look at my cock under the covers. Before I could smile an answer, I felt her mouth bobbing ever so sweetly on my cock. he little peek at my cock became a really hot blow job. The more she did it, the harder she sucked and the better it felt. She came back up and in what I felt was more of a friendly thing, hugged me asking me if I truly wanted to sleep with her. I told her I just didn’t know. I was afraid of many thing and thought it would forever change our friendship forever. As I was telling her this, she sat on me, my cock just inches away from her pussy. She put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. “If you want me to stop, tell me now and I will stop”. Once I am inside you Diane, no matter what happens, we can never take back the fact that we fucked. I was horny and scared. Before I ever said the next word, my cock was as deep inside of her as it could ever be. We hugged each other and began fucking each other like crazy. She came three times and we took our first break. From asking each other “should we?’ to saying FINALLY!, it was turning out to be quite an evening. We must have screwed for another 2 hours before we decided it was getting really late. Diane and I did it in about every different position we could think of during our time together. We both said that at the beginning that it felt really awkward but after a few minutes it felt like we had been together many times before. Jokingly though half serious she told me that the first time I cum that she wanted to make sure that was in her pussy and the second should be in her mouth. I came two times in her pussy and the thrid time in her mouth. On the way home we both really felt guilty about our pleasure filled escapade and knew that it was kind of dumb even though it was really hot. She said she felt bad that I was going to get home so late and hoped that my wife would not be suspicious. I told her not to worry. We arrived at her doorstep and we shared the longest and wettest goodbye kiss we ever had in our lives. When I got home my wife was asleep. The next morning when she questioned where I was, I was honest. I told her I was with Diane. She smiled at me and said she was glad I had a friend like Diane to talk to when things need to be talked about. She said Diane was the type of girl a wife could trust. I wonder if she would have felt that way if she could have seen Diane making me fuck her doggy style while I was grabbing her tits. Two days later I got this message on my cell phone. Diane wanted to know if we could discuss a few of her problems. One of them no doubt was catching up on the ten years we missed out on before we found that no tell motel.

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