What Are We Doing Part III

The point of no return…..

She was so excited to see him. There was a business meeting they were both required to attend. They spoke in detail on the phone about the meeting and what she should wear. He loved her black skirt with black leather zip up boots. The boots that come up over the calf and up to the knee. Very business like to everyone else, but he knew what lie beneath – a pair of black lace panties – and nothing else.

She arrived to the meeting late. When she walked in, a few of the men in the room showed their interest in her arrival – including him. That was the one that really mattered. She sat away from him so he could look at her and see that she did not have any pantyhose on, like she promised. At the meeting’s conclusion, she proceeded to talk with other men in the room and saved her conversation with him for last. She thinks he likes to see other men interested in her. Knowing that it is him she will be with after the meeting.

She sits back down at the table to go over tomorrow’s workload when he sits by her. He comments on how beautiful she looks. She can feel that he wants her right now. His eyes are serious and it is taking everything in his control not to kiss her. She loves to see the anticipation on his face.

The meeting has ended and they agree to meet for just a quick moment. He tells her to follow him and they arrived at another dark parking lot. She’s beginning to see a pattern here. She gets into his car. The anticipation must have been more than he would like to admit to because as soon as she got settled, his mouth was over hers and he was hungry.

Thinking this would be a simple necking date was quickly dismissed. He pulled her legs up on the seat and his body between them. He was lifting her skirt to find the black panties. Already very wet, he began exploring with his fingers once again. With no warning, he told her that he was going to taste her. Before she could resist, he tongue was on her pearl. Sucking it, licking it and most of all, teasing it. She was squirming all over the car beneath him. Then his fingers and his tongue began fucking her in perfect rhythm. He knew right then, he was going to have his way with her.

At first, she protested, but he persisted. With the last tease on her very aroused pussy, she gave in. He told her to remove her panties while he got situated. Now, she had a flurry of emotions and thoughts racing through her mind. This was it. This is the final act of infidelity that she could never make go away. But, as always, she had no will to resist his requests.

He placed the head of his cock between her very wet lips and before she could move away, he was completely in. He started out slowly but that didn’t last for long. With one boot on the dash board and the other around the back of the seat, he had his way with her. Fast, slow, deep then shallow. This was going to be what he had imagined since the first time they flirted with each other. He punished her very delicate pussy with this hard thrusts and she moaned in response. He again made her look him in the eyes. She sucked his nipples and rolled them between her fingers. She repeatedly sucked his tongue and lips. Having a need to complete, she wanted on top of him. With her breasts exposed and at his advantage point, she straddled his lap and began riding him in a fast, rhythmic motion. Something the both of them enjoyed.

He loves to talk dirty and she loves to hear it. He asks her, “whose pussy is this?” and to give him Hell, she replies “you don’t want it”. He doesn’t like that answer so he asks her again, with a little more force, and she has to reply – “yours”. Just as promised, he brings her to completion and she feels bad because he has not. She has to go, her husband will be home in 15 minutes. She apologizes and races off home. Her husband actually arrives right after she opens the door and is paying the babysitter. Her husband leaves again and she quickly changes for bed and has a rough night trying to sleep….

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