What She Did To Me

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I called the number with hesitation after drooling over three posted pictures of her posing in provocative positions.
The title read “Escort Service – Out calls only”. The ad went on to say.. “Guaranteed to satisfy or your money back”.
She was knocking at the door within 45 min.. I opened the door to find one of the sexiest blondes I had ever seen.
She was carrying a large duffel bag that was marked “Secrete Surprises” in large letters from one end to the other.
I asked if she would like something cold to drink and handed her a soda, which she thankfully excepted. She told me
that I was in for a real treat tonight. She asked if I had any problems allowing her to take complete control. I
responded with a quite “no problems with that at all”. She opened up the duffel bag and started to place items on the
bed. I noticed several things that had me wondering what on earth she planned on doing to me. She asked me to get naked
in a authoritative harsh tone. She then placed a adult diaper with a hole in the middle on the bathroom floor in the open
position and proceeded to straddle it a squatting position. I asked “What on earth are you doing?” She told me to go sit
down for a minute and she would be right there. She returned a few minutes later and demanded I lay down on the bed and
lift my ass in the air. She slid the adult diaper under me and then pushed me down into it. I felt something warm and
wet touch my backside, then immediately realized she had defecated and pissed all over the inside of this diaper.

By the time I understood what was going on she had it secured tightly around my waist. Although it felt disgusting it made
my dick rock hard. She pressed her hands hard against the diaper forcing her shit and piss deep into my balls and ass. I
asked her why the diaper had a round hole cut in the back of it, as I could feel cold air coming in. She said I was
getting ready to find out what the hole was for. She grabbed one of her other items from the bottom of the bed and held
it up where I could see it. She said, “You’re my bitch now!”, and flipped me over on my stomach. She slid both of my
legs through this leather device and asked me to hold my ass in the air again. I felt something coming through the hole
in the back of the diaper, I let out a loud scream when I felt a large dildo go right up my ass. I looked down to see that
this device was in fact a mans chastity belt with a double locking system to prevent removal.

She placed it snuggly over the entire diaper and tossed two metal straps over my shoulders. She attached the straps to the
top of the belt around my waist and put a padlock on it. I could tell that this thing could not be removed without the key
just by the way the straps were designed. They crossed over my chest in an X pattern to stop them from being pulled off.
They were so tight and well made, not even a cutting tool would help. I was now wearing a diaper full of her shit and piss
with a large dildo up my ass that I could not remove if I wanted to. At this point I was starting to feel like a real bitch.
She then told me I had not seen anything yet! She grabbed another item from her pile of equipment and demanded I open my
mouth as wide as possible. As I opened up wide she inserted a metal device that clamped on and prevented me from closing my
mouth. She then placed handcuffs and shackles on me and secured them to the head board and foot board. I now had no control
over any part of my body. She placed a blind fold over my eyes and told me I did not need to see anything else.

I can honestly say I was starting to worry now. I could feel her crawling over my face and thought to myself I was getting
ready to taste her wore out slut hole. She had told me on the phone that she sleeps with well over five men almost every day.
Instead I tasted a mouth full of hot salty piss that I had no choice but to swallow. It was either I drink it or choke
due to the device holding my mouth open. After she emptied her entire bladder into my stomach, she had yet another big
surprise for me. She had been saving up a huge mouth full of spit the entire time, and let it all go right down my throat.
My mouth now tasted of spit and piss, what a mix!. As it turns out, this mix was not quite perfected yet. I felt her sit
on my full diaper, and she then jammed he foot as far as she could get it in my mouth. Every time I gagged she spit in my
face. After 15 min. of this torture, I needed to pee. I told her I had to use the bathroom, she laughed and told me
I had 30. sec. to piss in the already full diaper or else.

I had no choice but to pee and let it mix with everything that was already in the diaper. I had no idea what a real bitch
was until now. My face was dripping with her spit and my mouth was full of spit, piss and feet. The dildo was so far up my
ass I could not move an inch with out it hurting. She put her foot back in my mouth and moved it in and out as hard as she
could for another 20 min. or so, then I finally felt her wore out hole touch my lips. She rubbed it all over my spit covered
face so hard it was tough to breathe. She told me to shove my tongue in her gaping hole as far as I could. As my tongue went
in something sticky slipped right down my throat. About that time she asked me if I had swallowed his surprise yet. I said
“His Surprise, don’t you mean your surprise?” She again laughed and told me three guys blew their load in her just hours before
she arrived. Now my mouth was full of piss, spit, cum, pussy, and feet. She spit in my face one more time, got dressed, grabbed
the money of the dresser and told be to enjoy my newly purchased equipment and left the room. I was forced to lay like this until
my wife came home the next night.

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