When Dreams Feel Like Reality

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I always have these very vivid dreams about me having sex. One of the most popular ones is me with this guy i used to date. It begins with me sicking is fat cock. I put my warm mouth all over his dick & stroke up & down. He moans & pulls my hair until he comes in my mouth, the come tastes so good to me so i keep sucking until its all out. As soon as i’m done, he flips me on my back, kissing me on my tips then licking down to my pelvis. He moves his warm tongue back in forth across my clit until my legs begin to shake & i’m soaking wet. he begins to run his mouth up to my chin where he then places a condom on his cock but doesn’t stick it in yet. he kisses me with his juicy plump lips while he begins to rub my clit with his cock. inside my heart is pounding because I’ve never had a dick inside me. i wonder if he can hear my heart beating as i can hear it about to fall through my stomach. but then he whispers slowly in my ear “baby, i love you . i wont hurt you ill take it slow… relax” then he starts to kiss on my neck & goes inside me . i feel myself letting out a painful moan & my eyes open ; my body shooting up straight. as i awake i notice i’m sweating horribly & my heart pounding. i try to fall asleep again to finish the dream but i always get a different dream. all of my sexual dreams end like this , i think the inly way to finish this dream is to loose my virginity. what do you guys think?

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When Dreams Feel Like Reality, 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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