When I found out I was Gay

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It was eighteenth birthday and I wanted to celebrate, but I had just moved to town and was a freshman in college, so I knew no one. I had lived eighteen years without ever knowing that I was truly gay. I had never really had a girlfriend. It was not because I was ugly, but rather they did not really appeal to me. I had many offers from girls but never felt anything special. I had never been with a guy either, but I knew something was wrong with me when I would see a guy in the showers, I got hard.

Well I decided this night that I would go to a new bar in town, since I had no contacts I chose the first one I saw. I had been there about an hour when a young blonde headed guy came over and started talking to me. It was odd that we hit off right away, but there was nothing of a sexual nature mentioned. We were laughing and joking when he popped out with, “Why don’t we go to my place and watch some porno?”

I quickly agreed and we left the bar, as friends I thought. When we got his place it was a quarter to nine, by ten I would become his. We went in and he asked what I wanted to drink, and I answered a coke. He didn’t seem to mind that I didn’t want beer, so he poured us both a glass. I never thought to watch to see what else he put in, but the next morning I would find out it was sex drug.

I seated myself on the left side of his sofa and just relaxed. He then came in and set the drinks down on the table in front of me and turned on the TV. As I watched the movie that was on regular TV he went over to a cabinet and pulled out a video tape, but before he put it in he said, “I am going to change into something a little more comfortable, feel free to kick your shoes off and relax.”

I did just that. I slipped my shoes off and took my jacket off and sat back and something hit me, I was getting hard thinking about what he looked like. The weirdest part was, I hadn’t had a single drop of the coke yet.

He came back in wearing a white tank top and black silky short pants. He walked over and put the tape in and pressed play. Then he sat down by me within about three inches of me leaving more than two feet of space on his other side, so I knew he wanted to be close. He lifted his glass and said, “Drink up and enjoy the show.”

I gulped half of the soda down from thirst with one drink. He smiled seductively at me as I swallowed it just as the movie started. On TV two men were alone in a bedroom. One was wearing a towel the other was wearing a pair of cut off blue jeans only. The men were talking about how hard it was to find a woman that wanted to have sex, then the one in shorts pulled the towel down of the other man.

I leaned forward and began drinking the coke as slowly so I could trying to keep him from seeing my hard on. He placed him arm on the back of the couch as I sat back I felt it touch my neck. On the TV the man without a towel was pulled onto the bed by the other man he was sucking the dick of the naked man, as my new friend whispered in my ear, “I would love to see that for real.”

As I turned to look at him, he placed his free hand to my chest and slowly moved across my breast. I cooed aloud and that told him all he needed. He kissed me square on the mouth and we French kissed right there. I was so hot and I was getting hotter as he unbuttoned my silk shirt and began to caress my nipples. I was breathing heavier than hell. He just slowed his motion and it drove me crazy, then he moved to fondle my crotch and I went into heaven in his hands.

He quickly slid my pants and shorts from my body and then pulled me into the floor. I don’t know how he did it but he was naked as he pulled my face toward his dick. It took almost no encouragement for me to engulf it with my mouth. I went crazy on his stiff prick. I sucked and licked and took it all down for almost five minutes before he exploded in my mouth. I didn’t stop until it was completely drained. Then I licked it stiff again. The clock was striking ten as he rammed his hard dick into my then virgin ass. I was begging for him to fuck me and he did it not from behind but facing me. I was rolled up in almost a ball as he blasted into my asshole. His free hand was jerking and teasing my dick but not for long. I blew a load off onto my chest which he dabbled his fingers into and then fed me almost all of it. Minutes later he came in me for the first time. We made love three more times that night and when we were so tired we couldn’t go on I went to bed with him. Maybe it was just me, but I wanted too do it.

He thought it was the drugs and confessed the next morning, but I reassured him it wasn’t just them as I then begged him to fuck me again before I had to go to class. He loved it and rammed me hard once more. He also let e move in with him for the rest of the school year. I was his to use and he did every night, until his friends found out about me and ganged up on me while he was forced to watch them take me over and over, but that is another story.

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