White Houses pt. 1

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We crashed on the floor of our new dorm room. Us five, Mackenzie, Jenny, Craige, Thomas, and I, all cracking jokes, about what had happend in our academy class today. It was a Friday night and Thomas decided to buy some beer. It was my first time drinking, and the bitter taste stayed in my mouth for an hour. “Who wants to play spend the bottle?” asked Jenny. Both thomas and craige raised their hands. I thought it was a joke since we were all best friends, and Thomas had a girlfriend. But now mackenzie started to spend, and it landed on jenny. “Oh my Gosh” i thought…a girl and girl? Mackenzie lend forward to Jenny’s lips and they kissed passionatly, with some tounge. I can tell the boys were getting horny, because i could almost see them getting hard. After their kiss, it was my turn, and it landed on Craige. It took me a minute to realize it, because next thing i know mac, and jen, was pushing me towards him. It was so awkward to me since we were(again) best friends, all he did was grinned, and blushed. I just pek him on the lips for one second, and all of them started laughing, “Aw come on, wheres the tounge?” teased Thomas. I felt so werid, because i think,….i actually liked it. Ive always almost had a thing for him, But he wouldnt be interested in me because he’d only dated Blonde cheerleaders,..of coarse.

It was 1’o clock in the morning, and for some reason i couldnt sleep, i couldnt stop thinking about Craige, how i loved how he’d grinned, laugh, and how his brown curly hair blows in the wind. I couldn’t get that fantasy of him and i touching each other, i felt so wet and horny. Jenny and Mackenzie were sound asleep, so i decided to slip my hand down my underwear and start rubbing on my wet pussy. Just thinking about Craige, i’ve never had this feeling before. *PLUCK* a noise coming from my window, *pluck* there it goes again, I gotup and went to the window, ilooked down and couldnt believe who it was, it was Craige. “I couldnt sleep.” He whispered. “Why not?” i asked. “Because,……..i was thinking,….about you.” I wanted to pinch myself to see if this was a dream or not, “I-I dont know what to say..” i answered, “Can you come out,…..?” he asked with the moon was shining on his face, i didnt know if i should go or not, if we were caught we could get expelled for sneaking out in the middle of the night. but my body wouldnt listen to what my mind was thinking, i was already climbing out the window, only having my night gown on. We both ran fast toward his car, i sneaked into his back car’s cracked leather seat. We bothed laughed trying to catch our breath, we finally caught up, and i couldnt help but ask,”Why me?” He looked down blushing, then finally answered, “Because,…i like you,…alot, Ive always had liked you, ever since i first laid my eyes on you, but i nevered had the courage to ask you out, because i thought you was neverd intrested in me.” Those words almost knocked the wind out of me. It was silent, and i didn’t know what to do. I felt him scooting hiself close to me, his hands on mind. I finally looked up at him, gazing into his beautiful brown eyes. His lips touched minds, and we kissed passionatey, then ifelt his tounge inside my mouth. His hands searched up my night gown, thugging on it. I hesitated, not knowing if i should go on or not. “It’s okay,..” he whispered. I was still a virgin and i wanted my first time to be special, but this was unexpected. I decided to relax, and to put myself in his hands. He laid me down, and slipped my underwear off. He stared at it, and looked up at me,…i gave him a puzzled look, and asked him what was the matter, “nothing,…your perfect.” He began to rubb his index finger on my clit, i was so used to my fingers on my clit that i didnt actually know it felt sooo good when someone else does it. He began to stick his finger in my opening, i got tensed and beganto jump abit, “Relax, trust me.” he said. “Just go slow.” i whispered. It felt uncomfortable at first but it had gotten better, in and out, adding more fingers, he stopped, took off his bright red shirt and unzipped his pants. I could see his long cock peaking out of his boxers, he spread my legs wide open and began to insert his long hard dick into my wet pussy. I moaned with pain, “i know, it hurts at first.” he said. It wouldn’t go through since i was tight, “You got to relax.” he said, i nodded, and pretend this was nothing.I began to losen up, and it gotten in, he began to go faster and faster, his body jamming into mine i screamed with pleasure, “Oh God, Yes!” “Shhhhh, not so loud.” “Sorry,I cant help it, your so rough.” “Touch your toes then.” His hands unstrapped my top, and he pushed my boobs together, begginning to put his dick between my boobs, then he started humping it, he moaned. He stopped and started sucking on my hard nippels. He put his dick back inside me, this time, not showing me mercy, he jammed it in, in and out harder, i could feel the rush of blood between my legs, “Oh-im sorry, i got blood all over your leather seat.” “it’s ok” he chuckled. It was my turn to give it to him, he laid on his back and i gave him a hand job. “Is this ok?” i asked. He nodded sighing, i was doing good so far, harder and faster, i did it for about 10 min. and he cummed all over, then i stopped. and stopped. we were both tired, and both fell asleep. That was best first time,…..with my best friend.

Part 2 will be coming soon.

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