Yesterday and Far Away

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It was the year 1805, it was a time when men were real men and women were real women.The roles were clearly defined, men were tough, dominant and strong, women were sensitive, chaste and demure and no one saw anything wrong with that.
It was also a time of pure innocence especially about sexuality, if a man saw a woman’s ankle that was a big deal.
Clayton was 23 and had inherited a huge house from his uncle, he set about to fix up the house. He needed a woman to cook and clean for him. He asked around and was told that on the outskirts of town there was a young woman who might be interested. So he rode his horse out to see her.
Her name was Jessica, she was 21, she looked sturdy to him, her dress hid her shape by the layers of skirts she wore, but she looked healthy. She was average height, not tall, not short, she had dark hair that was pinned up around her head and she had dark brown eyes, her skin was the palest alabaster he had ever seen, her red lips stood out against that fair coloring.She was very pretty and feminine looking.
He hired her on the spot and told her he would pick her up in the morning. He told her to pack her belongings and she would stay in the servant’s cottage.
Clayton picked her up in his carriage and lifted her trunk and suitcase into the cab of the carriage. She watched as he effortlessly lifted everything. She sat in the cab and he took her to his home.
Jessica was a fabulous cook and a very neat housekeeper.Clayton often praised her and that made her happy.
One evening Jessica was in her cottage and was bathing herself, she had made a fire and she stood by it in a metal tub and she washed herself. She took a rag and plunged it into the warm water and then she held it near her chin and squeezed it and let the water run over her nude form, the heat of the water made her skin blush a pretty pink. As she was bathing, Clayton came to her house to ask her if she wanted the bread that she had made earlier, he walked by the main window when he happened to glance in. His heart started pounding wildly, he had never seen a nude woman and there was Jessica in all her glory, she was just gorgeous, her hair was loose and it curled and dangled around her shoulders and over her back, his eyes went to her bare breasts with their dark red areolae, they were full high breasts, she had an hourglass torso, he watched as the flickering light from the fire licked all over her body and accentuated her feminine curves.He saw her triangle of black hairs covering her pussy he could not believe what he was seeing,he saw her two lips exposed beneath the hairs.Excited is too tame a word to describe what he was feeling. His cock was hardening it was never this stiff before, the only thing that came close to this was when he had seen Mrs. Martin’s leg calf when her skirt was blown up by the wind and got caught on a bush, and she struggled to remove it while her lower leg was bared, that excited him, but that in no way, shape or form even close to this reaction his mind and body was having at seeing Jessica’s full body nudity. His hard cock started oozing a lot of pre-cum as he watched Jessica bath herself, she dropped the rag and she turned around and bent over. His cock went wild, he saw her pefect ass and crack and pussy underneath, a red warm pussy, his heart was beating so hard he thought he was dying, but he stayed there mesmirized,he ogled her pussy as it exposed underneath her ass, he instinctively knew his cock would feel intense pleasure if he got in there. He was so excited that he tripped over a pail that was near him. Jessica heard it and quickly jumped out of the tub and put on her robe and wrapped a blanket around herself, she ran to the window to see Clayton running away. She felt herself getting excited, she knew he had seen her nudity and it excited her greatly.
The next morning there was an odd energy between them, they could not look at each other and Clayton seemed short tempered even angry and curt with her, he acted like he did not want to be in the same room with her. It hurt her she thought her nudity had disgusted him. She did her chores, but moped around that day. The next day things were better between them, though Clayton still did not want to be in the same room with her.
Clayton was in the barn when he yelled out to Jessica to bring him the pitchfork, she did as she was told. He took it and started cleaning the stall, he flicked manure covered hay on Jessica. He apologized and she said she had to go bathe. She went home and started the fire and heated the water. There was a mirror on the wall and she saw Clayton passing by going to the window that was to the side of her. It excited her. She pretended not to see him, she filled the tub with the warm water and she removed her clothes, she felt a warmth and wetness in her pussy that delighted her a feeling she had never had before but she liked it. She was completely nude with her back toward the window that Clayton was peeking through. He admired her ass, so round so nice so feminine,his cock was moving and hardening again,this time he touched it through his pants.
He watched as she sensually bathed her body, he watched as she took the rag and held it over her shoulder and squeezed the water out of it, it ran down her pale white back, over her waist, over her lower back and then over her ass, accentuating the curves of her cheeks making them shine,she arched ass ever so slightly so that the water pooled into her crack and it ran back into the tub.
Clayton was so filled with lust, his heart was beating practically out of his chest, it was daytime and he was seeing a nude beautiful nubile woman cleanse her nude body.
He couldn’t handle it any longer, he felt like a crazed male animal near a female in heat, he burst into her home. She stood looking at him shocked, but she did not cover herself. Clayton’s eyes were all over her, first her tits, then pussy, then legs, then stomach, and waist, all over up and down side to side everywhere,he was horny as hell. He started taking off his clothes and saying over and over “I’m sorry I can’t help myself.” He revealed his nudity to Jessica, she saw his hard red cock, she knew that she wanted it.
He got in the tub with her and pressed tight against her, his hard cock jabbed her hip and part of her tummy. When she felt it her insides leapt and her pussy released a gush of warm sexy wetness.
They kissed sloppily and their hearts were pounding, their mouths were watering and they were trembling. Over and over they touched each other’s bodies and kissed they were hungry with lust for each other, they wanted to sexually devour each other. It was so carnal and so wrong, they were not married, not even engaged, these kind of scenerios just did not happen in their day and age. But the lust that a man and woman feel for each other was intense between them and it could not be denied nor ignored.
Clayton touched and caressed her wet soft skin and led her to her bedroom.He laid her back and had her unpin her hair, it fell down around her face and shoulders.
Neither had ever had sex before but somehow they instinctively knew what to do. Clayton suckled on her breasts causing Jessica to moan. She held his head and pulled him closer to her. He sucked on her nipple she felt a pain in her pussy. “Owwwww” she moaned he stopped and asked what was the matter, she shyly pointed to her pussy “It hurts here when you do that.” He went to her pussy, he breathed in her feminine sex scent it intoxicated him, he had never smelled anything so raw and sensual. He looked at her pussy and touched the lips and in the slit, the heat and rougness of his finger pad excited her, she moaned and her legs trembled. He parted the lips. It was so wonderous to him to see inside her lips it was red and shiny wet, he saw her clit and rubbed it, his cock felt like it was going to rip out of his skin, she moaned and said, “Ouch.” He looked closer and kissed her clit, this time she only murmurred. He saw she liked it so he curled his tongue around it and massaged
it holding it and lightly rubbing
and sucking on it, it hardened in his tongue and her juices flowed along with his saliva. Jessica’s heart was pumping madly as she looked down to see him in her most private area.
His cock was so hard from her scent and taste and appearance. He moved and looked at her pussy, he took his hard cock and pushed into her slit he found the hole in there and pushed in deeper and deeper,he burst her hyman, she was soo wet and excited that the pain was not so bad, she felt his hard cock nuzzling inside her. He started to pump into her pussy slow at first then faster over and over he fucked this innocent woman, well he was innocent too, but they both knew it was the most natural and sensual experience they had ever had.His cock spit inside her and he stayed in her kissing her neck and face and lips they held each other tight as their bodies molded into each other. They laid there when they were startled by the sound of her door being opened, it was the town preacher , he was red in the face and angry. “You Jezebel! You whore!” he screamed at Jessica. She was dragged out of her bed, the preacher a real letch said she needed punishment and so did Clayton. He took his belt and angrily removed it, he told them to stand with their backs to him they did and he lashed them, over their backs and especially their asses, this preacher was no real preacher he was a conman an a pervert, He lashed at Jessica’s ass the most watching it turn bright red. He smiled looking at her ass and hearing the belt whipping her flesh.
He told Clayton to leave. He did not want to, but the preacher threatened to tell his family what he had seen. Clayton left, grabbing his clothes.
“Now Jezebel perhaps I will teach you the proper way for a lady to act!” and he dragged her by her arm to the bedroom.Her breasts shook as he roughly pulled her, her pussy was puckering in fright. He forced her to lie on the bed. He rifled through her dresser finding one of her dresses, he tore it angrily, making strips. She was very scared. “Lay back on that bed I will get the devil out of you.” the preacher sternly said. He grabbed her wrist and with the torn dress piece he tied it to the post, he did the same thing to the other wrist to the other post. Her nipples were hard and dark red she was soo frightened. He roughly grabbed her ankle and tied it up in the cloth and then tied it to the post at the bottom of the bed and did the same to her other ankle to the other post,she was spread eagled. He stood smiling at her pervertedly. His cock was horny and ready for pussy, he removed his shirt and pants, he got completely nude, his dick was gigantic and all veiny it looked so different from Clayton’s cock, the cum was dripping out from the slit in the head, it looked like a rabid animal foaming at the mouth. He climbed on top of Jessica and holding his hard cock in his tight fist he plunged that big cock deep in her pussy, she yelled in pain, he did not care he fucked her pussy until her pussy was submitting to his thrusts by juicing up and opening. He was feeling her silky pussy walls and really getting off on that erotic sensation, soon she was lubricating bathing his huge cock with her juices. Her pussy was super wet and hot as hell inside. With her legs opened and held tight like that she started enjoying the ride, “Yess Jezebel I’ll get the devil out of you, this is the best medicine for a demon.” In and out he fucked her pussy his big fat veiny cock pummeled her , her clit was on fire, he merely rubbed against it and she orgasmed, a very, very intense hard orgasm, so hard her whe body convulsed, he moaned as he felt that and her pussy pulses he said, “Here devil, this will wash you out of her!” and with those words he thrust deeply into her and came a torrent of hot sticky goo up inside her overfucked sore pussy. She moaned as it filled her with warmth.The preacher did short hard fucks in her pussy and one deep one waited a second and pulled out.
As he untied her he told her that no longer would she be evil since she had a good man cum in her.

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  1. hibeamer

    i liked your story very much, i think you should continue on with jessica and clayton, another chapter.

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  2. I liked it. :)

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