You Know Who You Are

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When I first met you I knew there was deep sexual magnetism between us. I could not stop looking at you, I looked at the masculine beauty of your face, your facial hair, the broadness of your features. I studied your hands, so big and rough looking. I eyed your body seeing all its angles and guessing what you looked like nude and I noticed you were attracted to me as well, you really looked into my eyes, like you were able to see into the deepest depths of them, and you watched my lips as I spoke, I was excited as you just stared at them, were you wondering if my pussy lips were similiar to my facial lips, were you wondering how your mouth would feel pressed on my lips and your tongue tasting and caressing my tongue? I delighted when you looked up and down my body, you were so sensual and so brave as you looked at my breasts then down my torso to my legs and back up. I wondered if you were imaging me naked.
WE went out to dinner,you held out my chair to allow me to sit, you ordered for me, I loved that you remembered that I loved lobster and baked potatoes with sourcream and chives. You ordered after dinner appertifs how did you know that it woul taste so good and cause more sensual mellowness in our minds?
We left the restaurant and you put your hand on my lower back, the shivers went up and down my spine and resterd in my pussy, that was the first time you touched me and it was so arousing, I only imaged how more intense it would be when we would be nude feeling each other’s flesh and enjoying carnal acts.
We drove to your place, you did not even have to ask you knew I wanted you to fuck me, my body and I let you know all night long, you noticed my hard nipples when you told me the story of the last woman you had, you could smell my perfume as you whispered in my ear near my neck that I looked delectable. You pressed your hardened cock against my ass as you stood behind me and unlocked the car door,
When we arrived at your house, you just walked behind me and led me to your bed, you went to turn off the light, I stopped you telling you I wanted to see everything. I saw you smile broadly and squeeze your hard cock through your pants.
I sat on the edge of the bed, you got before me kneeling on the rug, you took off my shoes, my bare feet were so little and perfumed with my Tropical Summer oil, it wafted in the air,my toenails were painted a delicate pink, I wore three toe rings two on one foot one on the other.You sucked and nibbled my toes. You lifted my dress higher and higher until you grinned seeing I had no panties on. Your fingers found their way to my very wet warm pussy, you fingered me and circled and tweaked my clit, I laid back repeating your name over and over in a soft low voice.
You completely undressed me, you removed my dress, no bra you liked that, it turned you on that the only thing that sperated my nudity from the world was a thin dress.
Ilaid back nude on your bed you kissed me from toes to head. I swooned at your masculine touch,
You stood up and removed your clothes, I laid back on my elbows enjoying as you revealed your nude body to me. Your shoulders and chest were so strong and wide, your torso tight and nice, your legs so long hard and hairy, you let me wonder about your cock, it was bulging in your underwear and outlined but I did not now how it looked. You leaned over me and kissed me rubbing your hard underear covered cock all over my pussy I was wetting your underear with my juices, my tits were squished against your chest, my nipples hard and sensitive as your hairs rubbed around them.We kissed sensually, tongues swirling and exploring lips wet and puffy rubbing against each other.Your hard cock in your underwear was rubbing all over my wet nude pussy. I could make out its hardness as it massaged my pussy while we kissed.
You pulled away and stood up I half sat up to watch you. You stood in front of me and pulled the elastic down over your very hard cock, it stayed under your cock, mmmm I just smiled and licked my lipps. So big, so hard, so ready for lust fulfilment. You pulled your undewrwear back up over it. Ohhh I wanted to see you and you knew it you were teasing me, you stared at my pussy and licked your lips, you squeezed your cock amd quickly pulled off your underwear your cock bounced as you took them off.I wanted to feel your cock, kiss it, taste it. My mouth watered and so did my pussy. You ran your finger in my slit, you got it all wet with my juices and put it in my mouth I sucked on it.Again you weet your finger from my lubrication and you sucked on it,, smiling as you looked in my eyes. I looked at your cock amd saw that pre-cum sticky white love goo just oozing out of your cock head.
You turned to the side and arched your back I watched your cock move you straightened out and then you made my pussy gulp, your cock started moving on its own up and down slow at first then faster and faster, I furiously rubbed my wet pussy and clit, you smiled at me knowing I wanted your dick n my pussy.
You cl;imbed on the bed and shoved your dick in my super hot drooling hole,I moaned as I felt your big hard cock invade my little wet hole, my pussy strained to accomadate your girth you smiled and I felt your balls nuzzled up against my ass, the heat between us was intense, in and out you rode my pussy, I statred to lift up my hips to fuck you back we rode each other. Then you stopped and laid heavy on me, you kissed my mouth it was so soft and warm as you Frenched me and I responded to you with light sucks on your tongue. You started moving your thick, rigid cock in my excited pussy. You were hitting my g-spot, it hurt and felt good at the same time, I clawed your back as you made my clit was harden. It was protruding and emerging out from between my pussy lips, you felt it on your groin and did short hard humps on it, I orgasmed, shrieking and releasing my warm pussy juices all around your moving cock, my pussy was biting and gulping desperately around your big, dominant cock.You smiled and gazed deeply into my eyes and made sexy faces as you felt each pulse. You leaned back away from me, still inside my pussy and you arched your back your cock wiggled hard in me you tensed up, it felt so intensely pleasurable, so primitive and primal to have your pole angled in my pussy like that, my pussy holding you in me, you repositioned yourself, you started pumping me hard making my pussy purrr, over and over you fucked me deep and hard, your body tensed up, your balls shok and your cock pulled your cum out of them and shot your sperm deep inside my exhausted pussy. My pussy overflowed with your sperm. It trickled out past your shaft and down my ass crack underneath me, pooling on the sheets. We laid there you on top of me, perspiring and our hearts pitter-pattering, our genitals totally wasted and super sensitive and we both knew we shared one hot satisfying fuck.

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  1. Very Nicely done.

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