A quick one at the kitchen sink

I was standing at the kitchen sink wearing only my pants doing the washing up; he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I could feel his cock stiffening against my buttocks, it was a nice feeling and I was instantly feeling very horny!
He reached round and began to stroke the front of my pants.
“Would you like me to do anything to help?”, he asked.
I immediately thought of the fantasy that I’d always had and had never experienced in real life; “I’d love to feel you inside my pants with me”, I replied.
“Like this?”, he asked, as he pulled down my pants slightly at the back, I felt his cock slipping in between my thighs, into my pants, the tip of it touching my balls, it was lovely!
“Oh Yes…! I said, it was a gorgeous feeling having that big stiff excited cock inside my pants, the fantasy was coming true and it was every bit as nice as I’d always imagined it to be!
He began to move his hips slowly.
“Oh Yes…. Fuck me like this!” I said.
He started to move faster, I held on to the sink taps and closed my eyes, my senses full of that delicious feeling of his cock slipping between the top of my thighs.
I wanted him to fuck me to orgasm this way, “Oh Yes…Oh yes!”
I sighed “Don’t stop… make me come like this!”
“I’m almost coming myself..!” he replied.
“Oh Yes… come in my pants..!” I said, “I want to feel that..!”
For a few moments he stopped moving, we stood there leaning against the sink, his hand caressing my thighs.
Then he began to move slowly again, “Tell me again how you want me to fuck you”, he said “I love to hear it!”
“Oh Yes…. Fuck me like this, nice and slow. I love it, I love the feel of your cock between my legs, inside my pants..!”
“That’s nice, oh yes, say it again”, he sighed.
He began to move faster again, he was moaning with pleasure now.
I felt myself almost coming, ” Oh Yes…” I said, my knees starting to tremble, “You’re going to make me come, I want you to Fuck me, Oh Yes… Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh I Love it like this! Fuck me… Fuck me…!”
He gave a great sigh, his arms tightened around me, I felt a lovely sexy sensation in my pants, his semen spurting out onto my balls, a wave of dizzy pleasure swept over me, I felt his hand on me, caressing me as I came…..
We went and lay down on the sofa together, I felt the wetness in my pants of his semen, it was a delicious feeling, I touched myself there, smiling happily……

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