A Real Life Fantasy

I approached the house with trepidation. For years I had fantasized about being physically and sexually dominated. I had never acted upon those fantasies. When I arranged for the “session,” I was disappointed it would take a week, but now I kept thinking I needed to turn around and forget about it.

The house was easy enough to find. I had clear instructions: enter through the heavy wooden gate in the adobe wall, to the right of the front door. Close the gate. Ring the bell. Once. Wait. I did so. About ten (10) minutes later, a young blond man wearing only running shorts and cross-trainers came out the door with a brown paper bag. His legs were toned. His chest and pits were hairless. His dick was straining against the thin nylon, and I could clearly make out the contours. He handed me a brown paper bag, told me to strip, put my clothes in the bag and put the bag in the shed. And, to wait. When I was naked, the young man came out and with a pair of handcuffs, told me to put my hands behind my back and cuffed me. He then produced a steel cockring and roughly pulled my dick and balls through it. The cockring did what it was designed to do, and I began to harden from the touch. The young man said to wait. I admired his ass as he walked away.

Another ten (10) minutes passed, and I heard the gate open. I thought, well here I am, exposed to all, and the police are here to arrest me. An older man entered and stripped. He was a bit out of shape, but he had a lovely, long, thin dick and a big, heavy set of balls. He then rang the bell. I figured he was a “colleague”. After a bit, the young man came out with another pair of cuffs, another cockring and a paddle with holes drilled into the business end. The man said, “Hello, Clark.” Clark responded, “You’re late, Steve.” Steve was cuffed, cocked and told to lay over the table. Clark stepped out of his running shorts and Steve turned his head toward me and winked. Soon, Clark was ferociously paddling Steve. I noticed that Clark made a point of brushing his dick against Steve’s thigh after each lick. By the third lick, I had hardened. When the paddling was finished, Steve rose, and I notice “he” had risen. We were told to wait.

Clark instructed us to come in, go down the stairs and to stand on a mat facing each other. The mat turned out to be hand towel-sized, and we were so close I could feel Steve’s breath on my chest and my body hair being pulled toward him. Clark came down the stairs with leg cuffs. My right leg was joined to Steve’s left leg, and my left to his right. At that point, our bodies were in full contact, with our bellies touching and my dick nestled in his groin and his in mind. As the warmth passed between our bodies and we took in one another’s odors, we both developed raging hard-ons that only worsened when the lights went off and a video of two (2) young men going down on each other was projected above Steve and what sounded like a video of a young prisoner being gang-banged was projected above me.

The videos stopped. Clark came down and uncuffed our legs. He instructed me to lay down on what appeared to be a weight pressing bench. My legs were raised and spread. Clark told Steve to moisten my ass. I could feel Steve spitting on my ass, licking around it and inserting his tongue into it. What a wonderful feeling. While Steve was about his task, Clark inserted a large black dildo into my mouth and told me to warm it and moisten it.

Steve stopped, and Clark roughly inserted a butt plug into my ass, then pounded on it slightly. The pressure was painful, but wonderful

Clark then inserted the dildo into Steve’s ass. It was much longer and thicker than the butt plug, and I could here Steve moan and wince in pain. Clark told Steve to step into a pair of panty hose.

Clark then uncuffed my left hand and cuffed my right hand to the wall. He then told me to masturbate, and to cum quickly. I was a proficient masturbator, but not with my left hand and not with a cockring cutting into my dick and constricting the flow. Clark began to whip my ass and ordered me to hurry up and cum. It worked like a charm. I exploded. Clark then ordered Steve to come over and lick me clean. With each touch of Steve’s warm tongue and the periodic gulps, I wanted to cum again.

Steve was mounted on a Saint Andrews Cross, with his legs spread wide apart. Nipple clamps were placed on him, and he cried out. Clark reached in the back of the panty hose, pulled out the dildo and stuffed it in Steve’s mouth.

I was taken off the bench and given a pair of tight white panties to put on. I was then placed on a short table, with my own legs spread and tied to the table’s legs and my arms tied behind my back.

All at once, four (4) men entered the room. A large man with thick hair all over his body and wearing only chaps lifted my head, slammed his groin into my face and said, “Suck it, Bitch.” Another man pulled my panties down to my ankles and began to whip me with a leather strap, usually light strokes, but then a strong wallop, in no particular pattern. I never knew when it was coming. I cried out.

I couldn’t tell what was happening to Steve. I just heard low moans from time-to-time.

The man behind me dropped the strap and shoved himself into my ass. He began to pump violently. At one point, I looked behind me, and the dick fell from my mouth. A hand fell hard against the top of my ass and voice commanded that I take it back in and don’t let it fall out again. Soon enough, I felt the dick in my mouth begin to quiver and a voice saying, “I’m cumming. Swallow every drop bitch.” As he came, he slapped my ass each time – three (3) sharp pulses and slaps. He then removed his dick and slapped it about my face, sending little drops of cum all over me. Soon, the man behind me came and ordered me not lose a drop.

At some point, Steve had been taken off the cross and placed on the bench. I was ordered to stand over him and “drain”. I did. Steve was then told to clean me out. Once again, I felt his wonderful, wet tongue in my ass. It soothed the pain of the intrusion.

When I was clean, I was mounted on the cross and left there. A man laid on top of Steve and began to fuck his face. At the same time, the man bent over and began sucking Steve through the pantry hose. Steve came first. The cum-soaked panty hose were ripped off and stuffed in my mouth. Then, two (2) men begin tickling me with feathers. My pits, my scrotum. All I could do was laugh and eventually piss.

I looked across to the bench and saw Steve swallowing the last of the cum he had taken in his mouth, and a big smile came across his face.

Steve and I were both taken to a mattress on the floor. As we sucked each other, we had four (4) men above us masturbating. Soon, Steve and I were covered in cum, and the men left.

Clark came back in and led us to a large tiled shower. He gently cleaned us both, dried us and powdered us. We asked if we could suck him, and he looked over his shoulder, winked and said, “Maybe next time.”

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2 Responses to “A Real Life Fantasy”

  1. creameater

    yummy fantasy!!

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  2. hungryforit

    Gosh.. I was really turned ON…loved it…

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