Average Kid at School – Part 1

Average Kid at School

Part 1
A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to School

I realize that I’m not the smartest kid in the world, but I am smart enough to know that I need to keep my power a secret. That’s why I didn’t just rush out and start using my power of mind control on the general public. Instead, I used my family to test and hone my skills.

My mom is now my bitch, and she couldn’t be happier about it. Aside from the fact that she welcomes me home from school every day with a sloppy blow job, she also welcomes me into her bed every night with a rough doggy fuck. I’ve installed a few attitude adjustments to make sure she keeps up the trailer, you know, cooking, cleaning, and thinking of ways to keep me sexually satisfied. Of course dad serves as our maid and does most of the heavy cleaning and the laundry. Mom helps out a little bit, but mostly she supervises. Mom doesn’t watch soap operas any more. She’s become a frequent customer at the local adult bookstore, where she rents the most depraved porn videos available. If she’s been a good girl, she’s allowed to watch up to two hours a day while fucking herself with one of her many dildoes. But mom is prohibited from cumming unless I am there with her. I’m sure that’s one reason she’s always so happy to see me and give me after school blow jobs.

I’ve also been playing around with post hypnotic suggestions. I’ve been using them to mould my mom into different personalities. For example, whenever say the phrase, “pussy playmate,” in her mind she becomes a playful, slutty thirteen-year-old girl. This particular personality loves to play doctor. Whenever I say, “naughty nurse,” mom puts on her obscenely short and tight nurse’s outfit and kisses me everywhere it hurts and even a few places where it doesn’t. And whenever I say the words, “sexy stripper,” she puts on her high heel platform shoes, her g-string and one of her many sexy outfits and dances for me until I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve also planted suggestions into my little sister, Amy, and my dad. Amy is only ten years old, so I don’t want to mess with her too much, but I do enjoy watching her play with herself, so whenever I tell her to pet the kitty, she immediately pulls down her underwear, opens her cute little legs and starts rubbing herself to orgasm after orgasm.

Over a short period of time, my dad has become obsessed with gaining my attention, and he longs for sexual contact with me. I’ve turned my dad into a flaming homosexual, and I am the object of his desire. I’ve been forced to use fear to control my father, so whenever I say, “bad dad,” to him, he becomes scared to death, and pisses on himself. I’ve also planted a couple of very funny and useful posthypnotic suggestions in him. Whenever my dad hears me say the words, “tell me the honest-to-goodness truth,” he has to answer any question completely and honestly and then add the phrase, “because I’m a queer cocksucker.” Also, whenever he is in the presence of an exposed cock, his saliva glands kick into overdrive to the point where he literally drools all over himself. I’m sure you can imagine how hot it must be to have your dad slobbering all over your cock.

I sent mom down to the local adult book store dressed up like a total whore to purchase a huge strap-on dildo. Dad’s favorite pleasure is getting down on his hands and knees and taking mom’s plastic horse cock up his ass while at the same time slobbering on my dick. Watching him take my load into his mouth and then swallowing it all down with great satisfaction is a real turn-on. Sometimes, if he’s been a good boy, I let Amy jack him off while he gets fucked from both ends.

The day finally came when I felt that I was ready to bring my power to school. I attend Jefferson Junior High School, and I figured that it was time to make a few changes there. I had everything all planned out, and I was anxious to make things happen. I decided to have my dad to drive us to school — me and my little sister, Amy. I wanted to humiliate him so I had him dress up in his maid’s uniform. His uniform is nothing more than a pair of pink high-heel shoes, a pair of pink fishnet stockings, and a pair of pink thong bikini panties with the front cut out so his cock and balls hang out. I recently added a very small frilly white apron, that isn’t even long enough to cover him, and a cute little white maid’s hat. He also applies his own makeup, and lots of it. I have to say that he looks totally ridiculous, but I enjoy humiliating him in this way. Dad has gotten pretty good at walking in high-heels, and it wasn’t long before he had started swishing his practically bare ass back and forth like a real slut.

As you can imagine, dad wasn’t too keen on driving us to school dressed this way, but when I promised to stroke his cock for him on the way, he quickly changed his mind.

The three of us climbed into my dad’s truck, with me in the middle, and we headed off for school. As I had promised, I reached over and grabbed my dad’s dick and started giving him a nice slow, steady herky jerky. Dad grew very hard, very fast, and I kind of liked stroking him this way. Amy didn’t seem to notice anything unusual in the way that I was servicing our dad. Her young mind had been easily moulded to allow her to interpret all of the strange things going on around her as being perfectly normal. For example, as far as Amy was concerned, there was absolutely nothing unusual about mom licking her cute little ten-year-old pussy to climax every night before she went to bed. In her young mind that was just what moms do.

As with any plan, the unexpected is always just around the corner, but the unexpected isn’t always a bad thing. In this instance, the unexpected was a cop manning a speed trap. Dad had been enjoying my hand job too much and wasn’t watching the speedometer. As soon as dad saw the flashing lights and heard the police siren he began to panic. I had to act quickly to make sure he didn’t freak out on me.

“Everything is going to be fine,” I assured my father. “Just relax, be calm, and follow my lead.”

My dad nodded just as the cop stepped up to his window. You should’ve seen the look on that cop’s face when he got an eyeful of my father. And then when he looked down and witnessed me jerking his dick, he about lost it. You could tell he had never witnessed a sight like this one before. His face turned bright red, and it looked like the top of his head was about to blow off. But before he could speak, I took control of the situation.

“Excuse me officer. Please relax, don’t say a word, and don’t move a muscle. Everything here is fine. My dad is simply taking us to school, and I’m giving him a hand job on the way there. So you see, everything here is perfectly normal.”

I could see the anger drain from his face and it was replaced by confusion. He couldn’t move, but his eyes darted to each of our smiling faces.

“Why did you pull us over officer?” I asked. “You can go ahead and answer but be very calm and polite.”

“I pulled you over because you were speeding…” the officer replied.

“Holy shit! You’ve got to be kidding… Did you hear that dad? You were speeding… Bad dad!” I said in mock anger.

I pulled my hand away just in time to avoid the stream of my dad’s piss spraying up like a fountain onto his bare chest. This startled the cop, but all he could do was just stand there and watch my dad piss on himself.

“You’re going to have to excuse my father, officer. He doesn’t have any control over his bladder,” I said with a grin. “You might also like to know that my dad has a real crappy job and doesn’t make enough money to support our family, so he can’t afford to pay a speeding ticket. Would it be all right if he just gave you a blow job and we can call it even?”

“Now wait a minute…” the officer interjected, “I would never… especially with an
other guy… I mean… I’m not…”

“You don’t have to explain anything officer.
We all know how the game works. You pull over cute guys and threaten to give them a speeding tickets, but all you’re really after are a nice hot blow jobs. That is the way it works, isn’t it officer?”

“Yes, that’s right… I pull over cute guys for blow jobs…” the officer said as if testing the words for their truthfulness. “That’s all I want is a blow job.”

“Do you hear that dad? Now you’re going to have to give this nice police officer a blow job, just so he doesn’t give you a ticket.”

Then I turned to the cop and said, “My dad loves to suck dick,” which snapped the policeman out of his conflicting thoughts. “My dad is a world-class cocksucker, and he’d love to suck your dick if you promise not to give us a ticket.”

“Yes, that’s the way the game works… I promise… no ticket…” the officer said with a tinge of anticipation.

“Dad, I want you to tell me the honest-to-goodness truth,” I said giving my father his post hypnotic trigger phrase. “Do you think this policeman is attractive?”

Dad had to answer honestly, and since the officer was young and good looking, dad paused only a moment before answering, “Yes, he’s very attractive because I’m a queer cocksucker.”

I started cracking up at my dad’s answer. Everything was going so great. “Dad, how horny are you right now?”

“I’m so horny, I wish your mother were here to give my ass a good hard fucking because I’m a queer cocksucker.”

“Would you like to see the nice officer’s dick?”

“Yes I’d love to see his dick because I’m a queer cocksucker.”

“Officer, please pull down your pants and underwear and show my father your cock,” I instructed.”

The officer immediately followed my order, and was soon standing on the side of the road with pants and underwear down around his ankles. However, the man was not turned on in the least. His dick was limp and just hung there. The officer wanted my dad to blow him, and he was prepared to accept a blow job in return for not writing us a speeding ticket, but the idea did not excite him. I knew that I needed to fix this little complication. Suddenly I heard my dad slurping and smacking his lips. I had forgotten what effect seeing a cock would have on my dad. At that moment, dad’s mouth was filling up with saliva, so much that he had two trickles of spit running down both corners of his mouth.

“Please excuse my father, Officer. He loves sucking dick so much, it makes his mouth water. You love the way my father is dressed. It really turns you on because you have always been sexually attracted to men. You’ve always wanted to have sex with men. You love the fact that my dad’s cock is hard for you. You want to service my dad’s dick with your mouth as much as he wants to service your dick with his mouth.”

That did the trick. The policeman’s dick started growing and growing until it was rock hard and sticking up and out like a flag pole.

“Are you married, officer?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, I’m married with three young children…” he answered as he drew closer to the window to gain a better view of my dad’s cock.

“You will continue to have sex with your wife, but you will fantasize about having sex with men while you make love to her. If you don’t currently have anal sex with your wife, you will ask her for anal sex. Only men sexually excite you, but you will always try to keep this a secret. You will discretely seek out men and boys to satisfy your secret homosexual desires.”

“Yes… Sex with men and boys…” he replied.

My poor dad couldn’t swallow his spit fast enough. His eyes were glued to the officer’s dick as drool continued to dribble out of his mouth, down his chin, and onto his piss covered chest. In fact dad’s chin was slimy with his own saliva, and strings of spit connected his chin to his upper chest.

“What are you waiting for pop?” I asked.

“I’m waiting for your permission to suck the policeman’s cock because I’m a queer cocksucker,” dad replied.

“My dad’s a good little bitch… and pretty too. You must think my dad’s a pretty bitch, don’t you officer?”

“Yes, he’s a pretty bitch…” the officer repeated on cue.

“Go ahead dad… Get out of the truck, get down on your knees, and do your dirty deed. And you’d better hurry or Amy and I are going to late for school. Oh yeah, and when the officer cums in your mouth don’t swallow it like you usually do. I bet this officer has never tasted cum before, so after he cums I want both of you to share a hot passionate French kiss and be sure to swap lots of spit and cum.”

I had never seen my dad kiss another guy, and to tell you the truth, I was looking forward to seeing that.

“Have you ever eaten cum officer?” I asked.

“No… never…” the policeman replied.

“After you cum in my dad’s mouth he’s going to give you a sloppy French kiss and he’s going to share your spunk with you. You are going to love kissing another man, and you are going to love the taste of cum. Actually, after you taste cum for the first time, you will love it so much that you will start to crave the taste of cum frequently, and of course you will always swallow.”

Dad climbed out of the truck and left the door wide open so that Amy and I had a nice view.

I looked over at Amy, and she looked up at me and asked, “What’s daddy doing?”

“Dad’s sucking the nice policeman’s cock, Amy. You know how much dad loves to suck cock.”

“I know daddy likes to suck your cock, but I didn’t know he likes to suck everybody’s cock.”

“Yes Amy, dad likes to suck any old dick — or any young dick, for that matter. Why don’t you pet the kitty?”

“Okay!” she said with a big smile, and she removed her panties, spread her cute little legs, and started playing with herself.

Seeing my dad down on his knees on the side of the road, bobbing his head up and down on a strange man’s cock had me rock hard. I really didn’t want to blow a load before I even got to school, but this scene was just too much. I yanked out my dick and started stroking it, looking first at the pair of homos just outside the truck, and then over to my precious little sister fingering her ten-year-old twat. Amy took me by surprise when she reached over with her free hand and started fondling my balls without any instruction from me to do so. The index finger of her busy hand was making a squishing sound as it wiggled in and out of her cute little wet pussy. That kid is the greatest.

The cop didn’t last too long with his dick in my father’s mouth. My dad’s become quite a good little cocksucker. I watched as my father as he sucked the man’s cum into his mouth, slowly stood up wearing his demeaning attire, embraced this man that he had just met, and then laid a lip-lock on the cop. It was so disgusting, that it was really hot. To see my dad shove his cum-covered tongue into the policeman’s mouth and exchange a copious amount of spit and sperm really had me whacking my dick at full speed.

Well, I had to bust a nut, or I was going to explode. I didn’t want to mess up my school clothes, so I had an idea.

“Excuse me officer, could you please help me out here?” I said breaking up the horny pair of homosexuals. “I really need to get off, but I don’t want to dirty my school clothes. Could you please lean into the truck and finish me off. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve just discovered how much you love the taste of cum, and you’d love to blow me and swallow all of my cum.”

“Yes, you’re right!” the cop said almost amazed and smacking his lips. “I do love the taste of sperm. I’d love to blow you and swallow all of your cum.”

“Just be sure and swallow every drop. Because if any gets on my clothes, I’m going to call you a bitch and send you down to the local dog pound,” I threatened. This was a threat that I had started using on my dad
, and it always did the trick.

The cop leaned into the truck and swallowed my dick to the root as if he’d been sucking cock all of his life. Amy quickly
removed her hand from my balls, but I just as quickly instructed her to put it back and continue her fondling. In turn, I reached over and started strumming her clit as she plunged her tiny finger into her slit. I looked over at my dad who was just watching everything with rapt attention and drooling all over himself. My balls tightened up and I blew my wad into the cop’s warm, wet mouth. The look of pure satisfaction on that cop’s face when he swallowed my spunk was priceless. At the same time, my kid sister let out a cute little groan, and I knew she was getting off, too. I thought it was neat that my little sister and I were getting off at the same time.

We said good-bye to the cop, but before we left I told him to always be on the lookout for my dad’s truck. I informed the officer that he could stop my dad any time, as long as it didn’t make him late to class at the local technical college. I told him that my dad would always be happy to give the cop another blow job or let the officer fuck him up the ass.

The cop thanked me and told me that he’d be happy to suck me off again any time. Then he sent us on our way with a big smile and a wave.

We dropped Amy off first at the elementary school, and then we pulled up to the junior high. I hopped out of the truck and joined the mass of kids heading toward the front doors. I waved good-bye to my dad and he pulled away from the curb and headed for home. I had planned on making my dad walk with me to my homeroom, but I figured that he had been through enough already that morning.

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    i realy love this story so please finsh it i cant whate to see how your going to end it. i cant whate to read what will hapen at school and at church

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    i like the story but the children should be older. 10 and a kid in junior high is too young.

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