Bawdy Boarders

I live in, and run, a boarding house in London. Queen Victoria is still on the throne of England. I am the sole proprietor, having never wanted to take a wife and settle down to family life. There are only five rooms in the small boarding house, but that does not limit my business, or the amazing experiences I enjoy. I will recount to you one such incident. It was a summer, and all five rooms were occupied.

In Room 1 was a lone male, Mr White. He was of muscular build, possibly a circus performer or athlete. I went to his room to deliver his breakfast, and when I entered, I found that he was in the bathroom, washing himself. I glanced into the bathroom, and I could see that he was naked, droplets of water clinging to his powerful chest, and running slowly down his flat stomach, into the bushy black hair above his genitals. What stunned me, and kept me rooted to the spot, was his huge cock, that I would estimate at 12 -14 inches in length, standing out rigid above two large balls. He was stroking and pulling it, his eyes closed as he enjoyed his sexual arousal. I could not take my eyes from this enormous and beautiful pole, and before I realised it, he was facing me, smiling. He sat down and bent forward, taking the end of his cock into his own mouth, slowly sucking it. Then he said to me “Don’t be shy. You are clearly fascinated by my cock. Perhaps it is the biggest you have ever seen? Would you like to touch it?” His foreign accent was attractive, and I found myself moving forward, hand outstretched, leaning towards his swollen and very stiff member. My mouth was very dry, and I licked my lips to moisten them. He must have taken this as a sign of my wishes, and as my hand started to wrap around the pulsating meat of his cock, he stroked my hair and said “Put it in your mouth, then. Suck it and kiss it”. I was so engrossed, I automatically moved my head forward. I could smell the fragrance of the soap on his body, coupled with the musky aroma of his cock. I opened my mouth wide, and allowed him to push his cock head into my warm mouth. It filled my mouth and I instantly started to play my tongue over the opening, licking and sucking hard, bobbing my head to take more of his massive cock into my mouth. I could feel the ridge of a scar on his shaft where he had been circumcised, and I found that flicking it with my tongue excited him. I had both hands wrapped around the length of his shaft as I sucked the end, more and more saliva coming to lubricate my mouth and his cock. I used one hand to stroke and tickle his balls as I sucked, and then I slowly slid his cock out from my lips and started to lick with my tongue down the length of his rigid cock. I licked the soft underskin all the way down to his balls, and then I took first one, then the other into my mouth, lightly playing my tongue around them, and sucking each one in turn, while my hand pulled and stroked his cock. I continued sucking his balls, then licking the full length of his cock before returning his purple swollen knob to my now moist and hot mouth. I sucked long and hard, running my hand along the shaft to increase his pleasure. After ten minutes or so of this, he held my head between his hands, and started to thrust his hips so that his cock was fucking my mouth and pushing towards the back of my throat. He speeded up his thrusts, and squeezed my head, and I could tell he was ready to come. I put pressure on his cock by tightening my lips and playing my tongue furiously over his cock when suddenly he groaned and released a long stream of hot sticky cum into my mouth. The salty taste filled my mouth and I swallowed greedily. He continued to come into my mouth as his thrusts became less frantic and his hardness started to subside. Finally, he let go of my head, and started to pull his cock away from my mouth. I gave one last suck to drain off any remaining juice, and his cock dropped heavily from my lips. It was still an amazing size, even when relaxed, and it swung, spent and heavy, between his legs. He fell back onto the bed, panting to get his breath, while I silently crept from his room, closing the door behind me.

I then collected the breakfast for room 2 and made my way there. The customers were Mr Green and Mr Black. Inside I was shocked to see the two men, stark naked on the bed, lying in what is known as the “69 position”, each with the other’s cock in their mouths, sucking away lost in their own world. I was a little shocked, and offered my apologies profusely. Rather than being upset or offended, they invited me to join them. They stripped me off completely, and I lay on my side, on the bed with one of them, and we began to suck each other’s cocks. I was quickly erect after my previous encounter, and the man in my mouth was already hard from his fellatio with his friend. We sucked each other languidly, with no rush. While I was sucking him, he rolled onto his back, pulling my head with him so that I had to lean over his body to keep his cock in my mouth. At the same time, he lifted my hips so that I was above his head and he could suck my own cock. To make this possible, I straddled his head with my knees apart, still sucking him and being sucked by him. He then used his hands to spread my buttocks apart, and the second man then put some form of lubricant cream onto my anal opening with his fingers, lightly touching my most intimate part and making me jump in surprise. The man under me held me firm and continued sucking me, and I returned his efforts with my own mouth. The second man then mounted the bed and placed his now erect cock at the entrance to my rectum. He pushed gently and I felt the pressure of his cock as it forced its entry into me. The pain quickly subsided and he started to rock back and forth, his hard rod of meat entering me more and more with each new push forward. He fucked me tenderly, squeezing my butt cheeks between the fingers of his hands as his cock plundered my bowels and my cock was sucked by the other man. I was delirious with pleasure by now, with a cock in my mouth and another in my arse, and my own cock being treated to a magnificent blow job. This three way fucking lasted about 15 minutes, and when it finally came to a climax, with the warm salty cum in my mouth, my own climax and the hot burning feel of spunk in my bowels happening simultaneously, I thought I would pass out with the pleasure. As both cocks were withdrawn from me, and my own limp cock set free, I realised that I had other customers to serve, got dressed and left them lying on the bed in a reverie of satisfied sexual desires.

I took the breakfast to Room 3, where I knew there was a man and a woman, Mr and Mrs Brown. I knocked and entered, to see, to my utter amazement, the woman in a leather outfit, tight fitting to emphasise her ample breasts, pinching her waist to slender measurement, and tight knickers above black stockings and black boots. In her hand, she held a large paddle, and laid over the bolster of the bed was the man, naked with his behind raised in the air by the bolster. His backside was red and I could tell that she had been delivering a sound spanking to the man. He was obviously enjoying it, as he was begging her to beat him more and harder. I apologised for the intrusion and tried to back out of the room, but the woman commanded me to remain and shut the door. She handed me a slipper and said “You, beat this cur!” and he responded by saying “Oh! Yes, please, beat me hard!” I took the slipper and started to spank the man lightly, afraid to hurt him! She commanded me to beat him as hard as possible, and I found that I was mesmerised by her dominating attitude and his pleas. I swung the slipper hard, cracking it across his buttocks, looking for a spot that had not yet been struck. I laid into him without mercy, raising bright red welts on his exposed flesh until I had given him at least fifty good hard smacks. I stopped to rest, and could see the man writhing and squirming in pain, his flesh burning red before my eyes. The woman looked pleased with my efforts and took the slipper from me.
Then she said
“Right, now it’s your turn!” and she pushed me onto the bed. Before I could put up a decent struggle, the man had taken hold of my arms and pulled me over the bolster into the same position as he had been, and was holding me down with strong hands. The woman then started to rain a harsh and painful beating down onto my white flesh, using the paddle and then the slipper, and I found after about forty blows that I was starting to enjoy the pain, the humiliation, the inability to struggle free, and the feeling of complete surrender. Then the man let go of my arms, but I lay there, submissively, waiting for more harsh smacks to my bottom. The blows started again, only this time harder and heavier, and I quickly realised that the man had taken over and was determined to return the pain I had given him twofold. He thrashed me viciously, making my backside sore and stinging, but rather than fighting the pain, I found it enjoyable beyond measure. I craved more of the kiss of pain, the agonising stroke of punishment. After a further thirty or so hard blows, he stopped and the woman took over again. As she delivered more punishment to my undefended buttocks, the man came to my head, lifted my chin up, and slid his now erect cock into my mouth. I was made, albeit not reluctantly, to suck him to his climax, while the woman rained down about a hundred smacks with a leather belt onto my arse. As the man neared his climax, he urged her to hit me faster, and she responded with relish. Then I felt his creamy cum hit the back of my throat, and I sucked him dry as she slowed her spanking of me to a halt. As he slid his cock out of my mouth, she sat down on the bed beside me, stroking and gently caressing my now inflamed backside, planting one or two light kisses on the crimson flesh until I was allowed to get up and get dressed again.

Room 4 had only ordered drinks, and so I took four flagons of ale. Inside, I saw 4 men playing cards at a table. I started serving the drinks, but I was so weakened by my previous sexual encounter, that I dropped one of the glasses onto the cards. The men shouted at me angrily, one of them saying “You clumsy bastard! You have ruined the game. You shall pay severely for that!” They then grabbed me and between them they stripped off my clothing. I was held onto the table, face down. One of them said “I see this youth has already tasted the sting of a good thrashing. Perhaps a bit more will teach him to be more careful in future.” Then, while two of them held me fast, the other two took it in turns to deliver a further, much harder spanking. Each one delivered 30 hard blows each across my aching buttocks, the first with a belt, the second with a slipper. I could not struggle through exhaustion, although the extremes of pleasure I was now feeling rendered me helpless to resist what was now happening to me. They then changed over, and the remaining two delivered their quota of 30 whacks, the first with a paddle and the second with a hairbrush. I lay on the table, gasping for air. I felt my head raised and a cock, hard and rigid, was pushed into my mouth. My hands were then placed around two more cocks, one in each hand, and I was ordered to masturbate both men at the same time. I started to obey, when the fourth man pushed his own stiff cock between my reddened butt cheeks, and entered me readily, pushing his stiffness deep inside my anus. I lay in this position, being fucked at each end, and with two good hard stiff cocks in both hands being jerked off frantically. I was receiving a powerful pounding from the man fucking my arse, so much so that I was being pushed and pulled on the table surface to such an extent that my vision was blurred. After about 10 minutes of this, I felt the man in my mouth start to shoot his cream inside my throat, and I swallowed hard, sucking the last remaining drops out of him. The man in my arse carried on fucking me, pushing harder at the excitement of seeing his friend empty himself into my mouth. Just after that, the man in my right hand jerked and I felt the sticky cum shoot in the air and land with a loud splat on my back. The man in my left hand pulled away from my grasp, moved in front of me and put his cock into my mouth, telling me to suck him as well as I had done his friend. I started sucking his hard shaft, allowing him to enter deep into my throat while his fourth friend kept on banging away with his thick cock, plundering my anus and bowels with the constant thrusting and pounding of his fabulous fucking of me. They double fucked my mouth and arse for more than 5 minutes before I felt them both release their considerable spurts of warm spunk inside my body, one at each end. As their passion subsided, and their swollen cocks reduced and finally slipped out of my prone body, I felt weak with the effort of being so violently and energetically abused by these four men. I finally got dressed and left the room, going downstairs on shaky legs to get the tray for the final customer, an elderly gentleman in Room 5.

As I entered the room, I saw the man, in his 60’s, lying back on his bed, completely naked but with a towel draped over his obviously erect cock. I was surprised to see a man of his age in such a state of arousal, but then I noticed that he was reading a pornographic book, with many pictures of naked people in. He beckoned me in, telling me to close the door, as he wished to speak to me about a “delicate matter”. I put the tray down and walked over to him. “You, Sir” he began, “could find yourself in serious trouble!” “Wha…?” I started, but he bade me be quiet while he justified his first statement. “I have it on good authority that the boarding house of which you are the proprietor is little more than a bawdy house! Furthermore” he continued, stifling my objections, “you appear to be a most willing participant in the dubious activities that you seem prepared to tolerate, nay, encourage, in your establishment!” Chilling realisation dawned on me that this man either knew of, or had seen, some or all of my previous encounters with the various guests, and he intended to pursue his advantage of that knowledge to his own ends.
“I may have to inform the authorities of what I have learned, and you will not only find yourself shut down and out of business, but also in prison! However, my position is negotiable. I will require you to submit to my will, immediately, and until I am completely satisfied. If you comply, then your ‘extra mural’ interests will remain our little secret. Agreed?”

I could see no way of avoiding the consequences, and I nodded my head, mutely accepting the inevitable. I could not bear the thought of losing my business, or of prison. He ordered me the take my clothes off, and permit him to examine me, intimately. He ordered me to kneel on the bed, with my legs either side of his head. “Take my cock into your mouth and suck it, like you have the others” he said, accepting no answer other than my obedience. I started sucking him, tasting his musky sweetness on my tongue. As I played my tongue over him, he opened my buttocks to expose my anus. “I can see that your rectum has had an extreme seeing to!” he guffawed, “bright pink from more than one stiff cock making an entrance inside, I’ll be bound!” he added, making me blush with the memory. “I will just apply some of this cream” he said, and started gently applying some cream to my ravaged opening. “It has a mild anaesthetic effect, easing the tenderness and discomfort you are undoubtedly feeling. Also, it will ease the pain from any further penetration that may occur in the next hour or so!” and he laughed to himself. Indeed, the cream did give some relief to the tingling sensation I had on the delicate skin of my anus, and the effect was wonderful. The he said “Turn round, and straddle me, facing towards me. I intend to fuck you while you ride me, like a cowboy!”. I did as I was bade, and as I settled myself over his hips, he quickly placed his erect cock against the opening to my rectum, and with a slight lift of his hips, pushed himself inside me.

He slid in easily, a
nd the expected pa
in did not come, partly due to the cream, but mostly, I suspect, because my sphincter muscles were weakened by the extensive fucking I had already received. He started to pump into me, raising his hips off the bed in a rhythmic way, his cock sliding in and out of me, from the tip of his knob to the bushy hairs at the base of his cock. His thrusting lifted me off the bed several times, and it was all I could do to stay on him. I fell forward and put my hands on either side of his head to steady myself against his strong thrusts. When I opened my eyes, I focussed first on the large scar on the thick meaty shaft before my eyes. I then saw the man from room 1, with the massive cock, standing at my head, holding his erect monster and pointing it at my mouth. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth, and started to suck him again. The man under me pumped even harder and faster, excited by the view of me sucking this enormous rigid staff. After several minutes of fucking me, I felt the old man tense, and he started to spurt his juice inside my bowels. I kept sucking the big cock while the old man emptied himself inside me. As I continued sucking, the old man pulled my hips forward so that his cock could slide out, and I was up on my knees, still sucking the big prick. Then I felt another stiff cock being pushed inside me from behind. I looked round and could see one of the two men from room 2 starting to fuck me and ride me from behind while I still sucked the huge member.

After some minutes, the man in my mouth came again, and I sucked and swallowed his sperm, while the other man pushed in and out of my hole with steady, hard lunges with his stiff cock. He pulled all the way out, and the slowly pushed himself back in, entering as far as he could before repeating this. When I again looked to the front, the man from room 1 had been replaced by the second man from room 2, and he quickly pushed his erect cock into my mouth, urging me to suck him. I obliged, and again received a double ended fucking from these two men. It lasted for about ten minutes, until the man in my arse finally came with a shout, and his balls emptied their contents into my rectum. Then suddenly, the man in my mouth pulled himself out and ran round the back of me to put his own cock into the wet, warm channel so recently vacated by his friends now shrinking penis. He started to fuck me energetically, slapping his belly fast against my buttocks as his cock plundered in and out, driving it deeper into me. While he fucked me, the old man slid the bolster under my stomach, and eased me forward so that my weight was resting, hips raised, on the bolster. This did not hinder the man fucking me, rather it gave him a firmer base for his plundering cock to penetrate me and fuck me.

After some minutes, I saw the woman from room 3 kneeling before me, naked. Her large breasts were swinging before my eyes, and I leaned my head forward to lick her nipples in turn, while my anus was being so savagely fucked. Then the man came inside me and withdrew his cock, leaving my backside raised and open. The woman then got up and walked behind me, taking with her a leather belt. Her partner from room 3, the man, now knelt before my mouth, and inserted his hard stiff cock into my mouth. I started to suck him, while the woman commenced thrashing my buttocks with the belt. She delivered some thirty or so lashes, re-reddening my backside while I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth. The excitement of watching me being spanked so harshly must have turned him on because he quickly shot his load of juice into my throat, and I drank it happily. Then I was roughly turned onto my back, with my buttocks resting on the bolster so that my hips were raised into the air. The woman came round to my head and straddled my face with her cunt. I saw her lean forward, resting her large breasts on my stomach, and she took my cock, now becoming hard again, into her mouth and began to suck. At the same time she lowered her cunt onto my mouth, and I could taste the musky sweetness of her fanny. I stuck my tongue deep into her and sucked and licked her, before I found her clitoris and started to frantically flick and suck with my tongue, making her squirm and wriggle with pleasure. She returned my tongueing by sucking harder on my cock. Then I felt another cock being pressed into my anus. I was being sucked and fucked again, this time one of the four men from room 4 was fucking me. We continued this wanton activity for several minutes, and as I released my cum into her mouth, she also came over my face. The man in my arse just kept fucking me hard until he also came inside my bowels, releasing stream after stream of hot, sticky cum that burned it way inside me.

I lay there panting with exhaustion, but it was not over yet. As soon as the man had withdrawn his cock from my anus, it was immediately replaced by a second, larger, harder cock. It was a second man from room 4, and he pulled me towards him, keeping me impaled on his stiff cock, wrapping my legs around his torso, and my arms round his neck. He turned round, and sat on the bed, still fucking me face to face, lifting me easily on his rampant cock, up and down like a doll. As he performed this amazing feat of sexual acrobatics, plunging deep into me, the third man from the card school stood on the bed and presented his rigid cock for me to suck over the other man’s shoulder. I eagerly obliged him and sucked hard, tasting his salty aroma on my tongue. I was bounced up and down on the stiff shaft of meat for several minutes, sucking the second cock with my mouth, when finally, the man fucking me gave a groan, squeezed my buttocks hard and started to jerk his jism into me. The man in my mouth realised what was happening, and took his still hard cock out of my mouth and moved behind me. As the second man’s shrinking cock was drawn out, it was replaced immediately by the third man, who held me from behind, hands supporting my spread legs under the knees and fucking me like that. Then he turned and sat on the bed, let my legs go and continued to fuck me whilst I sat pinioned by the big hard cock inside me. The fourth man from the card game now stood before me and pushed his cock into my mouth, thrusting his hips forward to push himself deep into my throat while the other man fucked me hard and ruthlessly from behind. They carried on with this for five minutes or more before the man in my arse finally fell back, thrust his hips up in the air, lifting me up with him, and ejaculated his cream inside me. The fourth man wasted no time in pulling his cock out of my mouth, while the man fucking me rolled me onto my side and withdrew from me. The fourth man then took my left leg and raised it in the air, resting it over his shoulder, while he slid his cock into me at a sideways angle, as it were. My right leg was resting limply between his legs, and his balls dragged on the soft skin of my inner thigh. He then started to rock back and forth, fucking me in this unusual manner, pulling himself out almost all the way, leaving just his knob inside me, before pushing himself hard and fast back in. His pubic hair tickled the tender inner skin of my thigh, and I could feel the warmth of his stomach on the rest of my leg as he fucked me this way. After about five minutes of this, he finally came inside me, and when his spent cock was withdrawn, and I was left lying on the bed shattered from my ordeal, I thought I would pass out with the ecstasy of my sexual arousal.

I opened my eyes, and saw the old man, sitting on the chair, smiling to himself. He had not only had me himself, (and proved himself more than equal to that task!) but he had sat and watched as each of the other guests used my body for a second time that day, each in rapid succession. Just when I thought nothing more could happen, however, I was taken by surprise when the man from room 1, with the enormous cock, showed himself to me. He was again erect, hard and thick, and the old man said “One last fuck, from our magnificent stud, and I will consider your obligation to me discha
rged.” I pleaded
with them, saying that I believed he would damage me irreparably with his huge member, but the old man simply said “No. You are sufficiently ‘worn in’, and able to take him, just do not resist”.

The muscular man stood between my legs, taking one ankle in each massive hand, and spread my legs wide, holding them straight. He then moved his huge cock towards my rectum, spreading the cheeks aside with his knob, and pressing his bell end against my weakened hole. Before pushing it in, however, he rubbed some fresh cream onto my hole, and then pushed about 5 or 6 inches slowly into me. I could feel the rough skin of his scar as it traced its path into my rectum. I tried not to resist or tense up, and his cock finally forced its way into me. I felt a little pain, but more noticeable was the feeling that he was completely filling my intestines with his rampant meat. He fucked me in this position for a few minutes, his scar dragging along the soft flesh of my insides, before he withdrew his heavy cock, turned me on my side and re-entered me sideways. The girth of his massive cock stretched my anus anew, but he was again able to enter me with about 5 inches of his cock, and fuck me in this was for a few more minutes. Then he again pulled out, rolled me onto my stomach, and entered me from behind. His cock was so hard and powerful, I thought I would pass out, and when he thrust into me, I felt his cock inching deeper and deeper into me, until I was sure he was totally inside me, pushing and probing with each little lunge, taking care not to force my hole anymore than he felt I could take. His scar again touched deep inside me, raising new sensations in me. Then he slid slowly back a few inches before pushing himself deep into me again, this time more urgently. When he realised that I was taking all of his magnificent cock without serious damage, he started to fuck me properly, drawing partly out and thrusting and lunging in a long, rhythmic way that raised my arousal to new heights. He fucked me, and the rest of the people watching applauded, for about 15 minutes, until finally, he pressed in me, and let go a huge waterfall of hot spunk, spraying my insides like a hose. As his passion finally subsided, and he shrank in size, he finally pulled out of me for the last time, and left me lying there totally exhausted and spent, marvelling at the joyous time I had been given by these unexpected guests. I felt a stream of warm juice escape from my rectum and slide down my legs onto the floor, but I was too exhausted, and satisfied, to do anything other than lie there and let it happen. The ten people then slowly left the room, talking and laughing among themselves, leaving me totally naked, ravaged and spent, with my memories, my bright red and bruised buttocks, and a wide smile on my lips. I hoped that I would have many more guests staying at my house who shared the same interests and inclinations as my first set of guests had!

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