Best buds take each others virginity

This happened about 5 years ago it was the start of something that changed my life

I was 18 at the time and my friend lets call him Carter for purpose of this story. Carter was newly 18 just like me we had been friends for most of our lives I was a slender boy not scronny I played sports so I was in decent shape but not muscular I was six foot three with dark colored hair and green eyes kinda pale skin kind of a skater type style I had my ears guaged not big just smaller ones.
Carter was a little shorter than me about six foot he was slender as well but less muscular than me he had dark hair as well and blue eyes which drove the girls wild he also had that same skater style with his lower lip to the left side peirced with an industrial in his left ear and slightly larger guages than me.
We where both virgins in every way possible never had a hanjob or blow job just kissing and stuff Carter was single I had a girlfriend of a little over a year which made me even more sexually frustrated just dry humping and making out she was to scared to have sex because she had heard that it hurts and she didn’t want to be a slut nothing I did or said changed her mind.
One day me and Carter where hanging out at his house playing video games and such just hanging out after we finished a game we went to the kitchen to get some food we took the food back to his room and talked while we ate he was among me about the fight me and my girlfriend had been in the past week I told him it was because she won’t have sex with me and I’m sexually frustrated and confided in him I was thinking about breaking up with her because I would be going soon and wanted to be able to lose my virginity he laughed I looked at him and said what’s so funny nothing he stated you could always sleep with candy the school ewe no I exclamied she has been with almost every guy in school and some girls he laughed harder and said I think if I had the chance it would still be hard to pass up I’m tired of jerking off all the time.
After talking a little longer carter’s face lit up and said I do have another idea but nah nevermind you won’t be into it I knew by the look in his eyes he liked this idea so I said come on dude tell me so he stammered to tell me he said what if we helper each other out “like help each other get laid” he shook his head no like you jerk me off I jerk you off give one another head my jaw dropped was he serious couldn’t be then he said we could even fuck each other then we won’t be virgins anymore what do you think wanna try I said no straight away I’m not gay dude he kept going on about it until I told him to just drop it and never talk about it again and that’s what he did.
Later that night after he fell asleep I was laying on the couch across the room from his bed it was dark and I was thinking about what carter had said earlier maybe he was right maybe it would be fun and the thought of losing my virginity made me happy but with a guy my bestfriend did straight guys really do this? I began to get hard thinking about getting head I wad horny so I jerked off to the thought of my friend sucking my cock it got me really hard and I came quickly then cleaned up and went to sleep.
The next day we were doing some yard work for his mom while she was out of town for the weekend after hours of work we went in and I got in the shower followed by Carter I was sitting on the couch when he came in nothing on but a towel water still dripping off his body I was looking up if straight guys really did this and to my surprise they did! He told me to look away while he got dressed I turned my head but I wanted to look so when he had his back turned I peeked and saw his hairless body standing there still damp then I saw his ass it was nice and round I thought to myself then he turned to the side but didn’t notice me peeking and when he turned there it was his very large 7.5 inch cock it was pale like the rest of him with a nice slightly pink head very nicely shaven not bald but trimmed good it was flaccid but still nice he was bigger than I am but only by like a half inch and about the same size around my cock became engorged in by jeans I put the laptop over it and kept looking away he never knew I peeked he finally said ok your good I looked at him he was wearing the tight little breifs that showed the outline of his soft cock nicely then got fully dressed I think he wanted me to see him in those I was still hard but I was growing soft thank god I didn’t want him to see.
After grabbing some food we watched some t.v. and chatted then like always the conversation turned to sex like all virgins and he said by the way dude next time you decide to jerk off on my couch try to be a little less loud I didn’t even know I was being g loud I blushed and said sorry just a nightly routine he stated me to I Washington jerking at the same time he asked what where you thinking about I didn’t know what to say I could tell him the truth I said just some porn I had watched the other day so what where you jerking to he blushed well to be honest YOU! I said me what about me just you jerking off just feet from me it got me hot I wanted to get up and ask of you needed a hand but knee you would just get mad and it would ruin both our jerks.
Then I blurted out I was doing the same except I didn’t know you were jerking I was imagining your wet mouth around my cock he smiled really I knew you wanted to do it.
No no I didn’t want to until I read nonlinear other guys do it I told you so well that’s not all that got me intrested what else? I screamed out I peeked at you getting dressed well tell me you little perv. Did you like what you saw I shook my head yes you have a nice ass and cock that’s not fair you’ve seen mine now it your turn ok I said.
So he gets up and walks to the bed I could still see hid bulge through his skinny jeans I got a little hard watching his ass as he walked he motioned for me to come over I got up he pointed your hard already! Just a little wow he exclaimed you must be hung I sat next to him put my hand on his leg then we pulled our shirts off I reached to undo his pants and thought should I kiss him would that we weird but I wanted to but before I could speak he kissed me he pulled away asked me is that weird no I like it he kissed me hard again then shoced his tounge in my mouth it was different from kissing a girl his lips where soft but he felt manly more assertive and a slight stuble it was hot we undid our pants and took them off both of our naked bodies next to the others making out like animals get reached and grabbed my cock mmmm he said your big ithe skin is soft even though your cock is rock hard how does that feel as he jerked my shaft good I reached out and took his throbbing cock in my hand it felt good then he pushed me back climbed on top of me and kissed me more our cocks touching our naked bodies pressed together I had never been so horny then before I knew it he was heading south hey kissed around my cock licked up and down the shaft then took it in his mouth it was more than I could handle I screamed in extacy fuck Carter suck my cock take the whole thing make me cum this only made him suck more eagerly taking almost the whole length in his mouth I couldn’t hold it any longer I let out a loud moan followed by dude I’m cumming (words I never dreamed I would say) he didn’t stop I was surprised was he going to swallow my nut I then let loose it was to much cum it spilled back out onto my crotch hey swallowed grabbed a towel and wiped it off I couldn’t wait to get ahold of his cock with my mouth I said your turn he laid down and I kissed him again he was rock hard I kissed and licked his shaft then started to suck at first I could only get it half way in it didn’t really have a taste just fleshy with a hint of saltyness I picked up by pace he was screaming out just as I had he thrusted his pelvis at my face jamming his rod down my throat I grabbed his hips and pushed my mouth down to the base of his cock I wad amazed I was able to do this without chocking I stated sucking him from head to base pausing at the base this sent him over the edge I’m cumming Alex eat my cum like I did yours I took swallows his cock to the base and o felt it for the first time a hot gooey stream of nut went down my throat it made me gag I backed off taking as much of his cum as I could but it was to much it posed out the corners of my mouth I gulped it all down he sat up looked at me you missed a spot wiped my face and fed it to me that wad amazing we agreed he said we can’t stop now I know I’m still horny our cocks still hard.
Can I fuck you now? Only on one condition what? I get to fuck your virgin ass to a ass cherry for an ass cherry ok sounds good I asked if he had and lube and condoms I have lube but no condoms of course not why would he he’s a virgin forget it dude we don’t need condoms we are both virgins and bestfriends we don’t need to worry I agreed he lied down on his back his hard rod straight up in the air I reached for the lube dude you sure you want this yeah its going to be great I slathered the lube on my cock and then reached out and rubbed it over his ass then slid a finger in ohh that’s nice it was tight around my finger how was it going to feel around my Dick I shoved another finger in own he said then it changed to moans of pleasure he was loving it he begged me Alex ducky my virgin hole pop that cherry I want your cock in me now I moved closer rubbed the head of my Dick around searching for the hole there it was I pushed and so did he I was halfway in he screamed god fuck ram it in dude fuck me good I pushed harder the look aft pain and pleasure on his face I grabbed his cock to take his mind off it for a second I began to speed up and cry faster and faster I was pounding him ardour now my balls slapping his ass stroking his shaft fuck I’m going to cum stop I don’t want to yet he pushed me back said lay down I want to sit on your Dick and bury it balls deep in my ass you can cum in me when your ready ok I stated he straddled me and sat all the way down on my cock and rolled in circles on it this was to much for me I shot so hard in his ass he twitched did you just cum yes I can feel it wow that’s great he collapsed next to me.
Your turn I was more than ready I laid on my back no no no I want you doggie style get on your hands and knees I’m going to make you my cock whore I did as I was told he lubed up his cock then my hole fingering my ass which hurt at first but then became pleasurefull the I felt the head of his cock he slid it in I wrenched at first you ok? Yeah just be slow get did he inched it in I could feel by ass stretch around his hole it was a feeling unlike any other I moaned as he slammed his cock in me his balls slapping mine I was stroking my cock then he pulled out and ordered me to ride his cock he lay down I climb on top I’m going to bust this load in you my little whore I burried his cock in my ass right then he unloaded in me I got off and laid down then he grabs my legs what are you doing shh you will see he lifted them and spread my cheeks and plunged his tounge in my freshly fucked cum filled hole yet another amazing feeling that it eat my ass suck your cum out of there he flicked his tounge around I was jerking off I’m going to cum again carter all of a sudden he stopped and took my cock in his mouth and then I blew again he swallowed the whole thing then collapsed next to me.
So what do you think Alex fucking awesome when we doing it again anytime you want ok later before bed we went and showered together and later on we sucked and fucked again this time I rimmed him.
We remain friends to this day and still fuck all the tine even though we are married we gave foursomes with our wives all the time one time we where even caught by his sister and we fucked her we both most our virginity to a girl with his sister who was a few years older than us even now after being with around ten different woman carter gives the best head I will be writing a story about his sister catching us and getting to fuck her if I get a good response to this one

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