Bobbys Erotic vacation

It had been about 2 weeks since Frank had left and I was fucking horny. When we left for our annual 2 weeks at the lake. Usually I was board stiff but this summer I would be stiff as a board. As I sat in my usual spot every night about midnight having a smoke sitting n my window. I would see the man from 2 cottages down go skinny dipping. He was a good looking guy mid range height, but a great ass and body. He never came up here ever with a wife, but sometimes had “visitors” usually young men who would stay a day or so and then leave. I figured it was time to see for myself what way he swung. So I wandered down to the beach in nothing but my Speedo and a smile.
When I got there he was out by the float dock so I waited till he saw me and then took off my Speedo and walked into the surf and dove in. I swam out to where he was standing chest deep in the water.
“hey Ross”
“hey Bob” hey said cautiously. “what’s up?”
“well I thought maybe you would like a little company of the male type as you swam” I stood up behind him and reached around and began stroking his cock.
“how did you know, I was gay Bob?”
“oh just a hunch, no wife lots of pretty men visiting.” I was stroking him good now as he was full on hard.
We waded out to the float dock and climbed up and began kissing. I turned around and began sucking his cock. He grabbed my ass and positioned my dick so we could 69. It was fantastic we both couldn’t get enough of each others member as we devoured cock. I came first but not long after he shot a hot delicious load into my mouth. I turned and we made out some more, before we went ashore.
“tomorrow Bob after the block party all will be passed out early so you can come to my place and fuck some more.”
“sounds good”
The next day was the annual block party just a big fish fry and kegger. Everyone was passed out by 9 pm. All day every time he had a chance he would grab my ass or tell me how hot the sex would be, so when I left for his house I was already hard as a rock.
I walked into his house and all the lights were off except one red light at the top of the stairs. So I walked up to find the light coming from the bathroom, where he sat in a tub of bubble bath. Leaned back and playing with himself, I wasted no time at all I took off my cut off jeans, and Hawaiian shirt and stepped into the tub and lowered myself right on to his cock. I leaned forward on the tub and we kissed as I started bucking and riding him hard and fast.
“you like it hard and fast baby”
“Yeah fuck yeah, I love the feel of your cock in me. I wanna feel you deep deep inside me.”
He grabbed my ass and pulled me down farther as I fuck him hard, he went deeper and deeper, all the time kissing me. The water was splashing over the side and on the window as we kept the rhythm going. He pushed me back and started licking my nipples as I grabbed the sides of the tub to steady myself. He bit down hard on my nipple as he came deep down inside me. He slumped down in the tub exhausted as he softened and popped out of me, but I wasn’ t done.
I spread his legs and began rubbing his anus with my thumb, and sucking on his nipples. He leaned his head back and moaned as I raised his hips and positioned my cock at his anus. Then slowly slid my cock inside him he just moaned and inhaled with pleasure. I started pumping slowly as I put his legs over my shoulders and pushed forward and then just started hammering him. I put my hands on the top of the tub and started kissing him again.
“you fuck like a pro”
‘ya you like my young cock in your ass?”
“fuck ya pound me”
I could feel his dick getting hard again so I began jerking him off too.
“oh god that’s fantastic pump the hell out of it, you young fucking hose hound!!”
I was pounding him hard and jerking him even harder as he just shot another load all over his chest. I let up on the pounding so I could lick his come off the his on his chest. As I shot a hot load into his ass.
I sat up and reached back and unplugged the tub and let the water drain. He turned on his side and I collapsed beside him and we spooned till we fell asleep. When I awoke it was almost dawn, and I knew I had to be back in my bed before everyone awoke. I was putting on my shorts when Ross whispered in a sleepy voice.
“that was hot Bob, come here”
I walked over with my shorts around my ankles.
“yeah Ross”
“lets stay in the closet with this eh, sex is hotter that way”
“you know it, but tonight I want you to do me doggy style”
He just smiled and laid back down and slept again. As I walked back to my cottage I realized that older men were what I wanted from now on.

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