Sacmore Street, Lindenwood’s designated strip avenue, filled with sex shops, clubs, massage parlors, pizza places, novelty stores, etc., stretching for six blocks, and home to the Zodiac All-male complex, a hip, happening, place, consisting of a bookstore/peepshow arcade, theater, and bar, and one of nine gay-oriented establishments on the street.
Five friends; Carl, Roger, Peter, Ellis, and Ron, stopped by on the way home, to take in the nightlife scene offered there.
Carl and Roger wanted to go in the peep show area while Peter, Ellis, and Ron favored the theater.
“Okay guys,” said Carl, the “leader”. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun and nobody comes out alive.”
They went in.
“Let’s get busy in the peep booth,” said Carl to Roger.
“Okay. But you know we have to spend a lot of money just to stay in there.”
“No problem.”
They took out enough money to stay in a booth for, at least, two hours.
“Let’s get enough tokens to last us.”
They went to the token machine, got a bundle of tokens, like playing a slot machine, and went into one of the “buddy” booths, locked the door, and undressed.
“We can’t make too much noise,” said Roger.
“Oh don’t you worry about that that,” said Carl, dropping tokens in the machine with a video coming on.
“Oh!” said Roger looking at two men kissing. “This is the shit.”
Carl whipped out his big Dick and began masturbating.
“You have a Dick too. Don’t you?”
“Of course.”
“Then stop watchin’ me and get with it.”
“I don’t fee like jerkin’ off right now.”
“You might as well.”
Carl stroked his Dick even harder, squeezing some lube on it.
“Ohh!” he moaned. “Now this is the way we do it.”
“You’re a good masturbator,” said Roger. “It’s the safest form of safe sex.”
“And I know just where I wanna put this Dick.”
“In your ass.”
“Then let’s do it.”
Roger turned around with his butt in his face, with Carl slidding a condom down the length of his Dick, and inserted it Roger’s anus.
“Ohh,” he said. “Your Dick is slippery and wet.”
“And that’s just the beginning.”
He began to fuck Roger.
Meanwhile, in the darkened theater, Ellis, stark naked, enjoyed himself.
“Are you sure being naked is a good idea?” asked Peter.
“Oh! It feels so great to be naked,” said Ellis, masturbating. “I stashed my clothes behind the soda machine.”
Ron was busy with another guy in one of the theater bathrooms.
Back in the peep show booth, Carl aggressively fucked Roger hard and fast, “banging” and smacking his butt.
“Oh! Oh!” he moaned.
“I’m gonna bust a nut,” said Carl. “Uh! Uh! Ohh!”
“Uh,” uttered Roger. “You’re gonna split my ass in two if you’re not careful.”
“That’s alright.”
He continued fucking Roger, smaking his ass harder.
“Oh, fucking is good,” he said.
“Tell me about it,” said Roger, moaning, and attempting to move away.
“Uh Uh,” said Carl, holding him. “Get back here.”
Meanwhile, Ron was on his knees sucking Peter off while Ellis joined a group of guys in a little orgy, hissing and moaning as one of them eased a long, rubber, dildo up his ass.
“Ohhh,” he moaned. “Keep it coming.”
Back in the peep show, Carl reached climax and ejaculated in the condom, after yanking his Dick out of Roger’s ass, hitting his elbow against the wall.
“Ouch! Shit,” he said.
“You alright?”
“We’re down to three bucks in quarters.”
“Good enough.”
“Wanna get some more?”
“No, I think it’s enough for me to suck you off.”
Roger began to suck him off with great speed.
In the theater the clerk was busy tallying up his sales just before closing time when Ellis burst out nude.
“Excuse me!” he screamed, banging on the booth door. “Shit!!”
The clerk flung it open.
“What happened to you?”
“Somebody stole my fucking clothes!!”
“He’s naked as he is,” said Peter.
“Did you see a tall, black guy run outta here with anything?”
“No, not that I noticed.”
“Oh Fuck!” exclaimed Ellis, stamping his foot.
“You’re sure you didn’t see anybody?” asked Ron.
“Not unless it hapened while I was in the bathroom,” said the clerk, snickering.
“Oh, it’s funny,” he said, attempting to hit him, but was held back by Ron and Peter.
“All I’m saying is that we’re not responsible for lost or stolen property.”
“Not responsible?”
“That’s why takin’ off your clothes was a bad idea,” said Peter. “But Oh no; you had to do it. Didn’t you?”
“Oh shutup,” exclaimed Ellis. “Dammit, this is embarassing.”
“Well, whatya wanna do?” asked Ron.
“Call the cops,” said Ellis.
“No,” said the clerk. “You call them.”
He slammed the door in his face.
“Oh Shit! Shit!,” said Ellis, holding his head with both hands, hysterically.
“I’ll call them,” said Ron, getting out his cellphone.
In the peep show booth, Carl and Roger cleaned up.
“Man, we had a time up in here,” said Carl, zipping up his pants.
“And a time we had,” said Roger.
They left the peep show booth, exhausting all their tokens.
The police had since arrived.
“So what happened?” asked the first cop.
“I’ll let him explain,” said the clerk.
“Somebody stole my clothes.”
“I can see that,” said the first officer.
“I told him we’re not responsible,” said the clerk.
“Right,” said the second officer.
“Oh, this is so embarassing,” said Ellis.
“How did this happen?” asked the second officer.
“I just took them off and stashed them.”
“In a public place?”
“Did you see the guy?”
“Because you were too busy getting a blowjob. Right?”
“Uh, not exactly.”
Roger and Carl came down the vestibule.
“Guys!” exclaimed Ellis.
“Oh my God,” said Roger. “What the hell happened to you?”
“Somebody took his clothes,” said the first officer, “presumably while he was gettin’ busy.”
Ellis tried covering himself.
“Aren’t you guys gonna do something?”
“At this point, we can only make out a report,” said the second officer.
He took down information from Ellis.
“Better try to find something to cover yourself because if you go out in the street like that, we’re gonna lock you up for indecent exposure,” said the first officer.
“Besides, it’s chilly out there,” said the second officer, “and you don’t have many options left.”
They laughed and left.
“Now what?” asked the clerk. “We’re gonna be closing in a half hour and you can’t stay here.”
“Look,” said Roger, taking off his coat. “Wear my coat. That’ll cover enough of you.”
“We’d better go,” said Peter.
They left the theater just before closing time.
“What a night,” said the clerk.

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