Chandra. Pt. 3: Being Joe

My name is Chandra. I am a space traveler. I trade bodies with humans to experience their lives first hand.

I am now Joe. One reason he interested me was that he has a beautiful body for a man of 45 years: 6′-3″, 200 lbs., jet black hair (naturally), and piercing green eyes. Another reason he interested me was his family. He had a son in college, a daughter in high school, and a beautiful wife. I could see that exploration possibilities would be plentiful.

So, I met Joe, took him for a walk on the wild side, then switched bodies with him. The cool part about trading bodies is that we both retain earthly memories of the other’s life. I know Joe’s favorite food (salmon) and favorite television show (Seinfeld). He knows my routine and my life. When we switch again, I will not only remember the experiences I have had since we switched, but also the new memories he makes in his “new” situation.

When I got to the airport, I checked in, got my boarding pass, went through security, and stopped at an airport bar in the concourse. I was enjoying Joe’s favorite drink, whiskey on the rocks, when I heard two businessmen talking.

“That gay marriage thing is so disgusting, Frank.” one said. Frank replied, ” I think they should round up the lot of those faggots and ship them to France.” This kind of talk continued for the next few minutes. I found out the first guy was named Stuart. Then I got an idea.

I went over to them, touched them both as I introduced myself, and imprinted them with a vision related to what they were talking about ( a very entertaining ability I possess). I pictured them madly sucking and fucking each other, and anyone who wanted to join, in the restroom.

You could see a moment of confusion, followed by exchanged glances of growing lust. Soon, one left for the restroom, with the other following soon after. I waited a few minutes before I went in myself to see what was happening.

As I entered the restroom, both of them were naked. Frank was on his knees, deep-throating the 11-inch cock of his buddy Stuart. You could see the look of joy radiating from his face. Stuart was obviously enjoying it too; he was pumping Frank’s face hard and fast. He moaned lustily as Frank fondled his balls. They continued this for 20 minutes, so caught up in each other that they did not seem to notice me. It wasn’t long before Stuart cried out and came in Frank’s mouth. There was so much cum that some dribbled out of Frank’s mouth onto the floor. When he was finished sucking Stuart dry, Frank loved the taste of the cum so much that he lapped the rest off the floor. Then they kissed and held each other for a few minutes.

Soon, it was Stuart on his hands and knees. As he waved his butt in the air, Frank’s cock jumped to its full length, throbbing with anticipation. I offered some Vaseline, and he accepted gratefully. He opened up Stuart’s cheeks and slid his cock across his asshole. Stuart man cooed and urged Frank to stick it in. Slowly, Frank worked in his thick cock, all 12 inches. Once he had taken him to his balls, he withdrew almost completely, then pushed his cock full length again. Stuart’s knees almost buckled with pleasure, and soon they had established a rhythm. With each thrust, their balls slapped against each other and groans of delight filled the restroom. Stuart was so turned on that his now stiff cock sent cum all over the floor.
Even as this was happening, Stuart was eyeing my groin. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I freed my cock from my pants and offered it to him. He gobbled it up, caressing the tip with his tongue and licking the shaft. One of his hands gripped it and stroked it. This man was damn good at this.
We continued this for another 20 minutes, with Stuart getting rammed in both holes and loving every moment of it. Frank climaxed first, sending a warm rush of cum into Stuart’s bowels. I followed moments later, flooding Stuart’s mouth with my seed. Stuart was in heaven. He came like a fountain, spraying his cum across the floor. After we had finished, I touched both of them and removed the vision. The look of pleasure, confusion, and disgust on both of their faces was priceless. They silently dressed and left the restroom. I left and boarded my plane, going home to Joe’s family.

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