Coach's Locker Room and Beyond

I had lain on my back looking up at Coach, Chad and Nate, three (3) men, all masculine and attractive, but each in a different way. All were naked and wet from the shower and all were smiling at me in an almost sinister way. Coach was stroking his dick in long slow pulls. Chad had spread his legs slightly and was rubbing his balls. Nate had his arms crossed and was just looking. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew all three (3) wanted to cum.

Coach was the first to move. He stepped over to soap dispenser and pumped it. He took a handful of soap and rubbed it all over his dick. He stroked for a time and then got another handful and began walking toward me.

Chad sat down, spread his legs on each side of my head and lifted and turned my head into his crotch. Soon his warm, clean and still soft dick was in my mouth. Chad instructed me to run my tongue slowly from the base to the tip.

As I began to do that, I felt the warm, roughened hands of Nate pick up my hips and gently turn my lower body so that I was again flat, with my ass in the air. Nate then spread my legs, and I felt long fingers covered in foamy soap enter my ass, circling, probing and prodding.

Chad’s dick had grown long, thick and hard, and he instructed me to open my mouth and take it in. At once, I could feel it almost at the back of my throat, filling my mouth. Instinctively, I began moving my head up and down. Chad told me to also move side-to-side. I was enjoying my work.

All at once, I felt a tremendous pressure in my ass. Coach had begun entering me, slowly, but forcefully. I was torn between wanting to cry and begging for more. I could feel his balls against my ass as he would push in and pull out, going a bit deeper with each plunge.

Then, Nate crossed in front of my, straddled Chad and plunged his dick into Chad’s mouth. As I glanced up from time-to-time, I could see Nate’s glorious, hairless ass moving in front of me. I remembered just moments ago having been inside that ass, and as I glanced at it, I was somehow more conscious of Coach being in mine.

It was all so exciting, and I never wanted it to end. But, all of the sudden, everyone was moving. We left the showers and moved into the dressing room. I was now on my back, on a table. Chad was grabbing my legs, holding them up and spreading them apart, and in seconds he was inside me, pumping with great energy. I could feel his balls slap my ass, and I could feel his hair rub against my ass right before he would begin to pull out. I really like that, and I grew hard and began throbbing. I began to masturbate. But then Coach turned my head slightly and I at once began licking his hard dick. It had a strong, but not unpleasant taste. I recognized the salty precum, and then I remembered that just moments ago, his dick had been in my ass. I craved more and took Coach’s dick in hungrily.

Nate was on the other side of me, across my chest, sucking on my right tit and pinching my left one. Oddly, I was the first to cum, and I did so in a several violent spurts, discharging on my chest and stomach, onto Chad’s stomach and onto Nate’s cheek. As good as that felt, I somehow thought I had let the others down. After all, they were the ones that were suppose to cum. But, my cumming somehow made me focus more on the others.

Coach seemed hard and taunt, and I expected him to cum shortly. But then Nate did something unexpected. He moved behind Chad and wrapped his fingers around Chad’s shaft. I could feel Nate’s fingers against my ass as Chad entered, and I could feel them move as Chad retreated. Within minutes, Chad was convulsing, emptying an enormous load into my ass. Slowly Chad pulled back and lowered my legs. I could feel the tick cum moving down to my rectum and slowly seeping out. Nate moved in between my legs, rubbed his dick against mine and began jerking off, slowly and deliberately.

Coach pulled out of my mouth for a moment, then moved on top of me in a type of 69 position, with his dick in my mouth and his crotch covering my face, but instead of taking me in, he took Nate.

Chad moved back and forth, first slapping Coach’s ass and then Nate’s and going back and forth. Then, as Coach began to convulse, Chad concentrated on Coach. I could feel Chad’s hand making incidental contact with my face as he stroked Coach’s balls and fingered his ass. Coach exploded. Wave after wave of warm, salty cum. I took in as much as I could, but I knew some was seeping out of the edges of my mouth. It seemed such a waste.

I then heard a loud slapping noise, and I realized that Chad was spanking Nate. Firmly. Loudly. Coach pulled away from Nate, and Nate finally came on Coach’s face. The cum ran down Coach’s chin onto my stomach and groin.

And, then we were spent. Four (4) men pushed to the point of exhaustion and beyond. I expected we would all shower once again, but instead everyone grabbed towels and blotted the cum and perspiration from our bodies. I was disappointed at first, but then I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to stand up long enough to shower. Before we broke away to our separate corners, we patted one another on the ass, as men do, and I thought the evening had ended.

We all left the Coach’s Locker Room at the same time, and as we went out into the warm night air, Nate asked if he could give me a ride. I took him up on the offer and waved to Coach and Chad. Nate grabbed me by the shoulder and asked if I would like to come over to his house to clean up and have a drink. I was game.

We were quiet on the trip to Nate’s. He lived in a fairly typical suburban house. We walked from the garage into a hallway with the kitchen on one side and the laundry room on the other. Nate began stripping and invited me to, saying he’d throw our clothes into the washer. Our damp shirts stuck to us, and I had to peel my briefs away from my cum-crusted groin. Nate told me to grab a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator while he ran a bath. As I walked into the kitchen, I couldn’t help but watch the ass I now knew so well head across the house.

Everything in the house was in place, and it was remarkably clean. When I went into the bathroom, Nate had the water running. I was surprised to see a large, sunken tub. We stood by the tub and drank our water as the tub filled. Nate’s hand was cupping my ass and my shoulder was resting on his head. I thought, “Round Three”. Instead, Nate shut off the water and got into the tub. He told me to get in and rest my head against his chest. I obliged.

The water was warm, with a eucalyptus scent and a slight green tint. Nate began to slowly and gently wash my shoulders, chest and pits, with long, soft strokes. He moved to my groin and did the same. I began to harden, and I could feel his dick pressing against my back.

[To Be Continued]

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