Coach's Locker Room

As I started the third day of junior two-a-days, I knew that by late afternoon my college football career would likely be over. The normal aches and pains didn’t concern me, and although the Texas heat had been particularly grueling that summer, my real worry was that my knee hadn’t recovered from last winter’s surgery. The morning session gave me some hope. I seemed to have the mobility I feared was missing. As I pulled myself into the lockeroom late that afternoon, however, there was no doubt it was over. I couldn’t cut and I couldn’t plant like I was able to before the injury. The guys all knew it, too. The usual banter as we tried to pull off the jerseys which were stuck to us like glue was tinged with an unsaid: “That’s a tough break.”

I limped to the showers and let the water pound on me for a good 20 minutes. When I got back to my locker, I was still miserable. I was sweating profusely, and I didn’t feel clean or refreshed. I decided to cool down a bit and shower again. I must have drifted off because when Chad, our fresh out of the pros assistant punched me in the arm, he woke me up. Chad said, “Coach needs you, now.” I reached for my jeans, but Chad told me there wasn’t time. So, I secured the towel round my waste and followed Chad through the empty locker room. A locker room right after it clears is a unique environment. Warm, damp and quiet. Male body odor, mixed with fresh deodorant, powder and cologne lingers. I always loved the smell, the humidity ,,,,

Chad had apparently showered, but he was still cooling down, too. Sweat glistened on his chest. He had nothing on but a pair of jeans, open at the fly, with a thick tuft of dark pubic hair spilling out. It appeared something else wanted out, too. Chad wasn’t what I would have expected in a blond. His hair was already well-bleached from a summer in the sun, but his body hair was thick and dark, matted at the chest, and cascading under his arms. As I followed him down the hall, I noticed his firm stomach and hips and an ass that filled out the jeans, but was rock solid. I felt funny. I really wanted to see that ass.

When we got into the office, Chad walked out a side door. Coach had stripped down to a pair of black athletic briefs, getting ready for a shower, and began talking to me. Coach was in his mid-40’s, in good shape, with salt-and-pepper hair. The briefs clung tightly to him. I really appreciated the way he came right out and said that I just wasn’t going to make it. Then, he surprised me and asked if I would consider being the team’s trainer and tutor. My grades were good, and I could sure use the money, but I didn’t know if I wanted to be that close to the team and unable to play. Coach sensed my hesitation and said I looked like I needed a shower. He suggested we continue our conversation under some cold water.

I could only hope that Coach hadn’t sensed that I had been eyeballing the package about to burst out of his briefs. By all appearances, he was a full 9″ with an ample sac. Suprisingly, his ass seemed to be tight. The briefs rose from his hips and plunged into a deep crack. I wished he were wearing a supporter so I could see even more.

We walked through the coach’s training room. By that time, Chad had on an athletic supporter and was doing some leg lifts. I took the opportunity to glance at his surprisingly tanned ass with each lift.

Across the room I noticed our defensive assistant, Nate who was standing at his locker, trying to cool down before he showered. Nate and Chad were a study in contrasts. Although they were about the same age, Chad seemed almost twinkish, while Nate was built like my father’s friends at the country club. A bit thicker in the middle, a flat but firm ass, and no real sense of where his hips ended and his ass started. Nate was dark. I’d never seen him in anything but coach’s shorts and an oversized tee-shirt. His shoulders were massive. I’d say Nate was simply a man, built like a man is suppose to be built, carrying himself like a man, comfortable with the fact that he’d never be mistaken for a movie star. There was one odd thing, however: Nate was clean shaven. No chest or pit hair. Only a narrow band of thick black hair extending from the bottom of his navel to the top of his dick. He nodded at me.

By that time, I was aware that I was beginning to get an erection, and I was uncomfortable. When Coach took off his briefs, I slowly removed my towel and walked into the showers. I dare not look at Coach, although I wanted to. The shower was one of those round devices in the middle of a tiled room, with a series of 6 nozzles above head level, 6 more at chest level and 6 more at groin level. I stood as close to the shower mechanism as I could. As the water began to flow, my erection subsided. Coach and I began talking with ease. I even caught a glimpse of him. I was surprised he was uncut. The water felt great, but we had to talk loudly over the flow. When I turned back around, I was caught off guard by Chad and Nate in the showers, bathing each other. Chad was holding up his arms and Nate was generously soaping his pits. Then, Chad began working on Nate. Before I knew it, they were washing each other’s dicks and balls. Chad was being a bit rough, while Nate was making long gentle, soapy strokes. I couldn’t help but watch. I was aware that I was getting very hard, and I was also aware that somehow coach was behind me, his hardness and fullness pressed against my wet ass. He had a large, powerful soapy hand across both nipples rubbing in wide circles, the circles becoming smaller as he reached the tips. Coach then made a gentle line down my chest, across my navel and into that vulnerable area before the public hair starts where even the slightest touch can send me into convulsions. Coach probed until he found the spot I carved. He worked it well, and I felt myself dancing my ass into his groin.

By that time, Chad had turned Nate around and was pushing soapy fingers well up into Nate’s ass. Nate was writhing, smiling and moaning. Then, coach began probing me. First a single finger, then another and finally a third. I don’t mind telling you that it hurt, but I also wanted more. I was aware that the muscles in my rectum were grabbing onto coach’s fingers and pulling them further and further in. It was involuntary, and it surprised me. The entire time, Coach was asking if I was alright with what he was doing. Was he hurting me? All I could do was shake my head no.

Then, Coach withdrew and he and Nate were gone. I assumed it was all over until Chad roughly grabbed my swollen dick and spun me around. He began sucking me, taking me deep into his mouth, then letting me out. Nibbling at it. From time-to-time, he would reach a hand up and squeeze a nipple or reach behind me and pinch my ass. It hurt. It hurt badly. My I didn’t want it to stop. My head was light and my legs were weak and wobbly, but I never felt better. Once again, Chad grabbed my dick and ass and spun me around. He had one arm around my shoulders and was using his free hand to slap my ass. Loud, hard smacks that reminded me of when I was a little boy and my father would yank down my pants, put me across his knee and spank me, resting his hand on my ass between swats. Once we both realized that we were enjoy these spankings, they stopped. No one had spanked me since, and I had forgotten how much I liked a firm hand coming down across my bare cheeks, a big hand resting on my ass.

Chad grabbed a handful of my ass and directed me into the lockerroom. Nate was on a table, ass up and legs spread while Coach was probing his ass with his tongue and licking all around it. Nate was once again moaning and writhing, and from time-to-time would lift up to relieve the pain. He was fully erect, and when he would rise, his dick was hard, brushing against the table. Coach was hard, too, and I think I saw a couple of drops of pre-cum clinging to the head of his dick. Coach looked up and smiled at me.

I was pushed down onto a bench, and Chad began sucking
me, again, but this time gently, slowly, with
his tongue run down my shaft, across my balls and back up. There was no biting. Chad pushed me back slightly, lifted my legs and seprated them, resting each one on his shoulders. From time-to-time, Chad’s would lean in and his tongue would run down the space between by balls and then almost into my rectum. I wanted that. I wanted it to never stop.

Then, I noticed that Coach removed his tongue from Nate’s ass, cradled his head in his hands and gave him a series of long deep kisses. Coach then pulled away to the side. About the same time, Chad lifted my legs from his shoulders, purposefully separated them until I was uncomfortable and dropped them to the floor. He roughly pushed my head back, shoved his dick into my chest and thrust his tongue deep into my mouth.

What happened next was pure instinct. No one said anything, and I had never fucked a man before. In fact, my only experience with men had been sitting next to them in movie houses, our pants and shorts around our ankles, while we both masturbated. Our thighs touching from time-to-time. But, there was Chad standing next to Coach, Nate on the table, his legs spread and his ass glistening and me as hard as I had ever been with Chad’s saliva dripping off the end of my dick. I took a couple of steps, grabbed my dick and barely placed it inside Nate. Nate took me the rest of way in. It started slowly, but soon I was pounding away at Nate. He was moaning, and he was encouraging me, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”. His legs were spread so wide that my balls were slapping his. Then, he began to pull his legs together, slightly. As hard I was, it was like a vice, and I didn’t see how I could keep from exploding. What should I do? Cum inside him? Pull out? I got the answer soon enough. Chad walked to Nate’s head and offered his dick. Nate took it hungrily. Coach was behind me, his hardness against me again, rubbing my nipples and saying, “Don’t cum inside him, son. Pull out and spill it on his ass.” That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but almost as soon as Coach said it, I was out, aiming my dick squarely at Nate’s ass and cumming all over him. I had never cum like that before. It didn’t seem to want to stop. In a couple of seconds, Nate’s ass was covered in thick, white cum. When I finally squeezed out what was left, Nate called me up front and began to clean me with his tongue. At first, I didn’t want it. My dick was ready to rest. Then, it became relaxing and enjoyable.

I looked behind me, and Chad and Coach were alternately lapping up my cum and kissing. Soon, Nate was up and we were all kissing. After we finished, we returned to the showers. As Nate was shampooing my hair, I announced, I was the new trainer. When we finished showering, I turned around to leave. Chad grabbed my arm, spun me around and said, “Hey, Trainer. None of us has cum, yet. Lay down on the floor.”

To be continued ….

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