Darren’s Potion I The Creation and First Test

Darren wasn’t like most other teenagers his age. Rather than spending time with friends he spent his time alone in his bedroom or at the library, reading science fiction books. In other words, he was as geeky as they come. Neatly combed ginger hair, thick rimmed glasses, a freckled face and he dressed like a geek too. Not many people liked him as he was never a very approachable person. However, his life completely changed one day when after weeks of chemistry in his bedroom, he created a potion which he titled “The Love Potion”. When somebody consumes the liquid, they become infatuated with the person who gives it to them. It had not yet been tested and there was nobody to test it on but himself.
He placed a small amount of the potion into a vial and placed it into the breast pocket of his shirt. His single mother was at home but he didn’t feel it was appropriate to try the potion on her. He would have to find somebody in school.
Darren sat down and exhaled loudly, failing to even get close to a girl to test his new potion. It was then that a voice said “Hey, nerd! Get me a drink of water!”
It was the voice of the high school quarterback, Devin. He was sat at a table filled with jocks, all wearing letterman jackets and the school’s colours of red and white. Darren stood up and walked over to the water dispenser. He grabbed a plastic cup and began to fill it when suddenly it hit him. Who said the potion had to be tested on a girl? He needed to see if it worked and how long the effects lasted.
Darren filled the cup three quarters full with water and emptied the contents of the vial into the cup, mixing it with his finger. After wiping his wet hand on his shirt he approached Devin who immediately burst out into laughter. “Look at him! He’s pathetic! Give me that.” he laughed, snatching the cup from Darren’s hand. Darren stood and watched Devin take his first sip. Devin immediately stopped and shouted “Beat it, loser!” to which Darren scrambled away.
It was the end of the school day and Darren walked around the empty football field looking for Devin. He entered the locker rooms which were also empty apart from the sound of the showers running around the corner. He swallowed hard and nervously walked around the corner and found Devin butt naked, rubbing his wet body all over. His back was to Darren and he didn’t yet know he was there. Darren had never really seen another naked body but his own. This is why it confused him when he felt his cock hardening in his pants at the site of Devin’s smooth skin and perky ass.
Darren jumped with fright when Devin turned around. Devin began to approach him and Darren braced himself for a punch in the face. As Devin approached, Darren couldn’t help but notice the raging hard on pointing towards him and that Devin’s eyes were a fluorescent purple colour which was obviously a side-effect of the potion. Devin grabbed Darren by the collar and pulled him in close, pressing their lips together. Devin’s hard cock rested against Darren’s stomach, pointing upwards. Darren returned the kiss as they put their arms around one another and slid their tongues into each other’s mouth. Devin thrust back and forth, stimulating his penis on Darren’s stomach. In the short seconds that their lips broke apart, Devin tore open Darren’s shirt, sending button’s flying across the locker room in all angles. He pulled the shirt down his arms and they collided again, letting their tongues caress.
Devin’s strong hands grabbed tightly onto Darren’s waistband and pulled his pants down just enough to bare his ass. His hands grabbed firmly onto his cheeks as they exchanged saliva in their lustful and passionate kiss. Darren yelped and jumped as he felt Devin’s finger work its way into his tight little asshole. He enjoyed the taste of Devin’s tongue too much to break the kiss so let him do what he wanted to his virgin ass.
A few minutes passed and their lips had not broken apart. Devin was stimulating Darren’s asshole, working two fingers deep into his ass and back out, repeating over and over again. They pulled apart and Devin brought his fingers up to his mouth. The strong aroma of Darren’s asshole became apparent as Devin’s fingers were now between their faces. Devin began to lick his fingers, never breaking eye contact with Darren. Darren did the same, their tongues rolling over one another. Darren’s dick was the hardest it had ever been as he tasted his ass on someone else’s fingers.
Darren let his pants drop to his ankles and kicked them across to the other side of the room. Devin grabbed tight hold of Darren’s shaft and Darren did the same to Devin. They began to gently stroke each other’s cocks whilst looking passionately into one another’s eyes. As the intensity in the tugging picked up, their open mouths collided and they made out deeply as they jerked off. The taste of Darren’s ass was evident in the steamy kiss that they shared.
Devin pulled away and dropped down to his knees. He looked at Darren’s cock and smiled. “This looks so yummy.” He said as he looked up at Darren from his knees. He looked back down to the cock and slid his hand right down to Darren’s red pubic hair and back up to the tip. He leaned closer and rolled his tongue around the tip of Darren’s cock. Darren let out a loud moan as Devin’s head began to bob back and forth on his cock. Devin resumed the fingering of Darren’s asshole as he blew him.
Darren spread his legs and stuck his ass out, allowing easier entry for Devin’s fingers and moaned as his cock was pushed into Devin’s throat. Devin devoured Darren’s cock like semen was the only source of nutrition left in the world and he was starving.
“I’m gonna cum.” Darren whimpered.
Devin sucked harder and faster on his cock whilst fingering him faster and deeper in the ass. With his free hand he violently tugged on his own cock, matching the ferocity that he sucked on Darren’s. It was only a few seconds before Devin felt Darren’s asshole tighten around his fingers and warm gooey cum began to fill his mouth. As this happened his own penis had erupted, spilling his cum onto the floor of the shower room. He swallowed each mouthful as it came, and there was a lot of it. After milking out the last few drops, both Darren and Devin got onto all fours and licked up all of the cum that had gushed from Devin’s cock. Devin let Darren eat the majority of it as his stomach was already full of cum.
Darren noticed that Devin’s eyes had returned to their normal colour. After a few moments of silence it seemed that Devin had forgotten all about the incident. Luckily there was no evidence of what had happened apart from the two of them being naked in front of each other and the combined taste of semen and ass in their mouths. Devin smacked his lips and looked at Darren’s naked body.
“Why are you naked with me, twerp?!” he shouted.
“I’m just taking a shower like you.” Darren muttered.
Devin stopped and thought for a second before finishing his shower. Darren dressed and left the locker room with a smile on his face. The potion worked and he knew that it lasted for exactly six hours.

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