“I just need to see some ID, sir” says the rather tiny girl behind the counter. I hand her my driver’s liscence and she checks it. She punches a few buttons on her computer. “Mister Griphon, room 352. One week.” She hands me my room key. As I start walking to my room, the busboy grabs my bags to carry them for me. This place was a resort in a relatively small Japanese town. The things that make this hotel unique are that all the staff and most of the clientele walk around completely in the nude. Also, from what my colleagues had told me in my firm, the staff were mine to command sexually or otherwise, as long as the demands were within reason. I walk behind the busboy as we go into the elevator. As I stared at the busboy’s fat round cheeks wobbling as he moved, I was hard as a rock. We got up to my room and he bent over to let go of my luggage. This short little Asian boy was cute, too. Skinny with a bowltop haircut. I almost wanted to grab him right there. Instead, I gave him a tip and let him go on his way. I then decided to unpack my things and take a hot shower. I only brought a small amount of clothing with me, since it wasn’t needed or encouraged here. When I dry off, I walk outside to lie on the patio for a while and work on my tan.

After lying down a bit, I think I hear someone moving around inside. I walk in and see the busboy. “Sorry, sir. I knocked and you didn’t answer” he said, acting nervous. “What are you doing in here?” I said, trying to keep a stern face, just to toy with him a minute. “I was told to make sure that you had soap, sir. The maid was supposed to have supplied it when she cleaned, but she forgot.” He was still obviously nervous, but so damned cute. And he then noticed my raging hardon, seemingly frightened at the size of it. I laughed, grabbed him by the wrist, and told him “Come on” as I led him to the balcony. Still standing, I tell him “Bend over and grab the rail.” he does and I grab some lube from a bag and start fingering and wetting him hard. I only do this for a moment, because I need release and I need it now! “Hold on tight” I tell him before ramming my entire twelve inches into him. It didn’t all go in at first. He screamed as I pushed harder, until fully inserted, and soon I was tearing this boy’s ass up like a jackhammer, in full outdoor view of other guests and employees. After a minute longer, I could take no more as I slammed in, almost causing him to lose his grip, as I filled his round ass with my warm seed.

This boy acted relieved when I slowly pulled my almost limp monster from his ass slowly. “Aah yeah, that was great. Keep up the good work” I joke as I slap his ass. I can’t help but to think that this place is too good to be true. When he starts to head back in, I ask “Have you tasted your own ass, boy?” I then have him to follow me to the bedroom as I lie down to rest a bit. I have him lie beside my limp dick. “Open wide” I tell him amd order him to keep sucking until I grow tired of him. I about fall asleep and he stops one time, tired. I tell him “I didn’t tell you to stop. When I wake up, you better still be down there.” I just loved fucking with this boy. I napped for a bit and when I woke up about two hours later, I finally let him go, since I could tell he was tired as hell. I get his name though. “Asagi” he said. I tipped him as he left. I still had an idea of something I wanted to try, so I planned on calling for Asagi again the next day. After a few drinks that following afternoon, I called the hotel service number and asked if Asagi was working. I had to wait about two hours. Apparently, he was very popular with the guests here. Finally, I hear a knock at the door. I head to open it and it’s some other boy checking to see if I’m alright.

I send him away and as soon as I shut the door, I hear another knock. I open it and this time Asagi is standing there. I invite him in and tell him I just want to talk a little bit. I lie down on the patio lawn chair as he heads to sit down beside me. “Ya know what..I changed my mind” I say as I grab his waist from behind and pull his ass down on my now rock hard erection. Once again, he screams. I start to rub up and down his body, then feel up his cock as I’m buried in his ass. I grab a bowl of coconut pudding that I had ordered from room service and scooped a handful out. “That’s it” I say as he starts riding me slowly, going up and down. I then start rubbing the pudding over his hard erection, covering it. It feels great as I feel up and down his erection, pushing into him and covering him with the sloppy gooey substance. I start to rub it all over his body as he’s covered from neck to toe in it. I then let him up and tell him to lie down. I start slowly licking at his neck, trail;ing down as I work down towards his midsection. I skip around this, pulling his legs up to lick up the length and suck every drop from his toes.

Then, I move back down to his crotch as I’m close to a 69 position. I then position into a 69, as I slowly force as much of my cock as he can take into his warm mouth. I then start sucking his engorged penis, as I swish the pudding around in my mouth while blowing him. I’m in complete ecstasy as I clean every drop from his cute body. I cum hard down his throat as I hold his head in place. He chokes, but then cums hard himself onto my face. One thing about wealth is that it definitely has perks. I then decided to order a very large helping of this pudding. I fill the room’s hot tub completely with the coconut pudding and tell Asagi to get in. Once he does, I follow. I just love the sloppy sweet messy goo that clings to his naked body. In a moment, I’m making squishey noises as my stiff erection pushes through the pudding to pound him hard, with the substance flying everywhere. I finally cum again as we kiss and I sit up on the side to have him clean my member once again. “I think I’ll vacation here again next year” I think to my self.

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