Dirty Cops

This is a true story about when i got pulled over last week.

I was late for school so i was driving faster than i normally do.

I didn’t see the undercover cop that was three cars behind me and I sped up to make it through a yellow light. Shortly after I  passed the light I looked behind me and saw the blue lights come on.

I was so worried cause i cant afford another ticket.

I pulled over turned my inside lights on and looked in my mirror again to see a cop walking up on both sides of my car. They asked for my license and registration so I gave it to him and he asked me if I knew why I was getting pulled over and I said I was driving too fast.

I begged to officers not to give me a ticket and he said we will be right back. He was gone for a couple of minutes and when they finally came back I begged again and I said I’d do anything not to get a ticket. They both looked at each other and told me to follow them and I said “ok they got into their car and I followed them to a very secluded area.

The officers got out and told me to get out, so I did and the lead officer told me to get in the back of his car and open my mouth so I did.

He unzipped his pants and I sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. I cupped his balls with my left hand and stroked his shaft while i licked and sucked the head. He was moaning very loudly it was getting me excited I was getting an erection.

I deep throated his cock and I felt his cock head swell and large amounts of hot cum filled my mouth but I swallowed all of it and sucked his cock clean. He told the other officer that it was his turn so he came over I opened my mouth and he said nope,  “pull down your pants and get on your knees”, so i did. I felt him spit on my asshole and he rubbed his finger around my tight hole. Ie spit on it some more and i felt his cock head at my rosebud. He pushed in and my ass was on fire as his cock stretched my hole three times the normal size but he didn’t stop and let my ass get used to it he just started pumping in and out harder, faster, and deeper each time.

After i finally got used to him fucking my tight hole i started to push back towards him until he was balls deep and i could hear his balls slap my ass and touch my balls.

He fucked me as hard as he could for about ten minutes then all of the sudden he grabbed my hips and pulled me as tight as he could against him I felt his member swell up deep in my ass and I could feel large spurts of his hot jizz fill my ass.

He told me to pull up my pants sit down and suck his cock clean. I was hesitant so he pulled out his gun put it to my head and said either you suck it or you can eat a nine millimeter bullet so I opened my mouth and sucked his cock until he came again in my mouth. Then he told me to get in my car and get to school.

I got to school later than i would have been if i just took the ticket but i was able to swallow two hot loads and my ass was filled with another hot load all before 8 am. Again this was a very true story about my experiences let me know what you all think and i hope to have more fun to tell you all about soon!!!

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