Doctors Anal opening

I had been working as a store man at a factory in Saudi for almost 12 months.
The job was fine but not much social life.
I remember hearing some of the other British Guys joking about a Doctor who they had each visited who they claimed must be gay. Though they would never go back to him ,I recorded his name.
Quite often we all get problems in overseas countries, typically stomach problems.
Unlike most who often suffer from a loose stomach I was suffering from constipation.
I phoned Dr Mahmud who the guys had been talking about. He said he could see me in the evening at his surgery which was actually his house.
I arrived at 7.00 PM. He greeted me and offered me some tea. He was a tall man, about 6ft and slim.
He had a very friendly face and a polite way about him
First he took details and completed a form which I later signed.
Passport details, past medical history etc etc.
I then explained my constipation problem and we discussed diet etc.
He then asked me to strip from the waist down. I stripped and he asked me to lay down on a leather couch in his surgery. He explained that he was initially going to inspect my anus and rectum.
He produced a jar of Petroleum Jelly and smeared this on to his finger. I was extremely nervous but the DR had such a calming manner about him which helped me to relax
He had me lay on my side with my bum facing him. He parted one cheek of my bum and put his finger on my ring, smearing Jelly around it. His fingers were like sausages and I felt a finger slide into my anus.
My penis immediately shot into an erect position, I felt embarrassed. He continued to probe my passage, shoving his finger deeper and deeper. By this time my cock was fully erect and tears were dribbling from my cock slit
He then introduced a second finger, my hole clenched on his fingers and at the same time my penis bobbed.
He eventually informed me that everything seemed ok but I would require an enema and further treatment. I continued to lay on the couch and the Dr disappeared for a while. When he returned he had a tray which had a glass of soapy water , some cloth and a gadget which had a rubber bulb on one end and a smaller bulb on the other, there was also a butt plug
He inserted the bulb device into the soapy water, squeezed the large rubber bulb and withdrew liquid from the glass. He explained that “this would be uncomfortable”
The Doctor parted my bum cheek with one hand and presented the smaller bulb of the device to my bum hole. He gently inserted it up into my rectum. The sensation was weird, uncomfortable but nice.
My penis which was still erect bobbed and I could see pre cum oozing from its slit.
He squeezed the rubber bulb and I could feel the warm soapy solution jet into my bowels.
He asked me to clench my anus while he removed the device. In order to keep the solution from draining out he said he would need me to remain clenched and to encourage this he held my cock.
At this stage I was so close to cumming, his large warm hand around my penis and my bowels full of warmth. He then picked up the butt plug. Introduced it to my ring and pushed it inside.
He asked me to lay on my back and started to massage my stomached. My cock was still fully erect and I noticed he also had a large bulge pushing out from under his robe.
He told me to sit upright which I did, forcing the plug deep inside me. My guts were bubbling.
He led me to the toilet, removed the plug and I relieved myself.
I returned to the surgery. He then told me I would need anal exercise and produced a speculum.
He produced a stool and asked me to sit with my bum facing him. I could feel the metal speculum enter my hole. He slowly prised it open, adjusting it until it was fully open. My bum hole was well spread, painful but nice. It was such a strange sensation. Wide open but nothing actually inside.
My anal muscles were trying to close and forced against the speculum. The Doctor sat back and watched this action. I looked over my shoulder and saw that he had his cock in his hand
To be continued…………………….

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