Eating More Than Lunch

At a truck stop cafe on a break from driving, I saw Joe who I knew was with his mate Jerry. We had something to eat but our appetite was for something more? The cafe was busy and on using the toilet despite many people in and out like a supermarket, Joe grabbed my buttock with his hand so that Jerry saw this whilst no-one could see and all three of us knew what we really wanted, despite not saying anything?

We went into separate toilet cubicles on finding the first available and rinsed our arses to be clean for what we were hoping would happen? I knew Joe had spoken to Jerry about me but I did not know what it was Jerry enjoyed although he clearly accepted what Joe and I enjoyed. The arse has always turned me on – those lovely buttocks with the crack down the middle and hole to inside.

In the lovely blue sky and clear sun getting warmer all the time, we walked down this country field, away from the cafe and main road into an area where no-one else was and could have the best chance of being alone. As we approached a light forest in being able to enjoy the sun without too many trees blocking that out, Jerry noticed an old disused oil barrel standing upright and turned this onto its side rolling into this light forest.

All three of us then stripped off knowing what we all wanted but best of all were in a location where no-one else should see us (you know the type, who want to spoil harmless fun) as we were on country fields without any set public path or with any road nearby. Jerry sat down on this barrel he obtained and moistened his cock by spitting on it then pulled me back towards and plunged his ivory cock into my arse – Ow –Argh, No, not my best cup of tea that I should have checked about first with this horrible initial pain but now his cock was inside me, the pain got less as Jerry started fucking me and I was due for a good Cumming:

As Joe’s arse came towards my face, I knew as Joe did what we both really wanted and simply plunged my mouth into his arse cupping his lovely currant bun cheeks with my hands along the way and once my tongue was in a fair place for his hole to kiss, lick and suck, I moved forward and locked my hands around Joe’s stomach pulling his arse further back into my face kissing and sucking with joy.

It could have been so easy to say my tongue went inside Joe and poked around as deep as I could get it, but despite all of us being clean as we were leaving those toilets after our rinse, I simply did not have the courage yet to go inside that hole with my tongue, although what many don’t realise is how fantastic the tongue and lips alone can feel on the anus without tonguing inside. That incredible feeling is also enjoyed with a kiss and suck of the arse without any licking.

“Wow, Awesome, More” – Joe certainly yelled out in delight knowing or hoping no-one else could hear us given how far we were from that cafe whilst Jerry continued fucking away on my own arse:

“Hey Jerry, you don’t realize what you’re missing here” Joe laughed out whilst continuing to enjoy my lips and tongue as I kept sucking , licking and kissing his lovely arse – “keep going, marvellous” joys rang out as Joe felt so great and did not want this to end. It made Jerry’s fucking seem more of a ritual.

“I won’t be long” Jerry chuckled just before he shot his load inside me yelling the same time with his orgasm as Joe was with my mouth job on his arse.

Jerry pulled out and willingly came round to my front as Joe laid me face down over the oil barrel to give him a better mouth job on my arse by position. Jerry knelt down with his arse to my face in the lower position we were now in. I was surprised how quick and keen Joe’s tongue went inside me licking up his mates juice just put there. That felt fantastic – not necessarily having cum licked from my arse, but Joe’s lovely tongue and lips not just onto but inside my arse as well – Fantastic incredible feeling – I wish you could feel this.

Jerry welcomed my tongue and lips on and around his anus. ” Ooh, More, Yes, Yes”, as I gave him what Joe had just enjoyed from me and what I was now enjoying from Joe at the same time except that Joe was going inside me as well – amazing feeling? I always wanted this threesome to occur and so able to enjoy licking one full view arse in front of me kissing up and down that crack as well as on the arse whilst having my own arse upright in same position and licked at the same time.

With some spit on Jerry’s arse to moisten and suck him further, he suddenly pulled away, swung around and plugged my mouth with his cock giving me another helping of cum he had previously given into my arse now licked up by Joe.

“That was not only the most fantastic orgasm I have had” Jerry cried out with delight, “and have never cum twice before in such a short period. Thanks to you, my arse now feels like a Jacuzzi and I want it to stay this way as long as possible”. Jerry went on to say how this fantastic feeling caused him to need both a snooze in this lovely now hotter sun and another bite to eat as well saying he would see us both later.

Usually I would have felt disappointed or annoyed if someone had received everything from me, but gave nothing back – not even a kiss (unless we agreed beforehand) – but somehow none of that mattered here as Joe was that special contact who was giving me so much in return for my tongue turn on his arse, that both of us loved and that seems to lack in acceptance or popularity amongst many people despite how fantastic this feels and with respect shown through cleanliness. Those who think the arse is only for fucking and the mouth for sucking cock and verbal kissing have no idea what they are missing out on.

“Would you mind sucking my arse”?

Who the hell was that, as Joe and I looked up in alarm being the last thing we expected?
“I am Dan and heard some shouting earlier when on a quiet walk alone and wanted to make sure no-one was in any harm. Once I saw what was really happening, I felt very pleased, kept myself hidden and when your friend had left, I thought it’s worth asking you politely”

I told Dan I would if he was clean and on dropping his pants, he was as well as smelling okay, so I gave him a mouth job on his arse that he relished the same as both Joe, Jerry and I certainly had enjoyed and I was still continuing to love receiving from Joe who had pushed his mouth back into my arse after I started the same kissing, sucking and licking on Dan’s arse who laughed in delight at the great feeling received.

Unlike Jerry, Dan said he wanted to give something back and that as Joe was taking care of my arse, he took my cock into his mouth. What a great day with three arses sucked plus my own arse and cock sucked and licked at the same time. It didn’t take long before I cum inside Dan’s mouth who swallowed every drop without hesitation.

To my surprise Dan asked Joe for his cock as well and happy to oblige, Joe camel round to my front enabling me to give a 2nd mouth job on his arse that feels so great, whilst having his cocked sucked by Dan that I had just enjoyed together.
Joe certainly deserved receiving the best of both worlds with the prolonged mouth job on my arse and to get the best from this; Joe started thrusting that I wish I had done now on my turn. As his arse came back into my face my tongue slipped inside and I didn’t care anymore after all Joe had done to my arse and was still feeling incredible with how far he pushed inside me with his mouth.

Pushing forward, Joe’s cock enjoyed Dan’s hot mouth and throat and on pulling back his arse enjoyed my tongue and lips going inside every time that almost felt continuous as his thrusting got faster yelling out in delight – “deeper, deeper” at the fascination being felt on both sides together. Joe managed to delay Cumming as he wanted to feel this for longer with a hot mouth both on his cock and tonguing his arse without any breaks either side ensuring ready entry of our mouths hot on Joe for each shove forward and back. The constant glorification felt in paradise caused Joe to cum as his thrusting stopped and spraying started onto Dan’s face as well as inside his mouth just as my tonguing changed to sucking and kissing Joe’s arse that prolonged his cumming inside Dan’s mouth.

Super, lovely, great arse, I just can’t get enough.

“Thanks ever so much for your mouth job on my arse that felt marvellous” Dan said on wiping his face in joy from Joe’s cum saying he would leave us now and one day will try licking and kissing an arse himself. Joe and I both thanked Dan for the blowjobs we had enjoyed as pumping cum inside Dan’s hot mouth just intensified the orgasm already felt and is why Joe cum for so long with his arse enjoying my lips at the same time.

Things had worked out well as it was clear now from what Dan just said that he was not yet ready to do a mouth job on the arse but as with almost everyone else, he loves to receive this.

Joe and I then kissed passionately knowing the arse for a mouth job is what turns us both on the most. If only others could be like Dan and know what we had just enjoyed and how with respect shown through being clean that feels great.


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