First Asian guy drew a picture of me naked

I was horny and had no pussy so I decided to find a guy to fulfill my urge for sexual pleasure. I looked on craigslist and to my surprised I found an interesting ad from a college guy who needed to do a sketch drawing of someone nude for his college art class. I was instantly excited and turned on by this so I sent him an email. I found out he was a 20 Asian decent looking kid and went to the same college that I went to at the time. I met up with him one night at his townhouse home when his mother wasn’t around. I could tell he was nervous when we introduced ourselves and started going upstairs to his room. Once in his room we talked briefly more and I took my clothes off and he told me to lay upright on the bed. So after I got on the bed and did what he told me, he got out his paper and art pencil and begun to draw a picture of me completely naked in front of him. I got a huge rush from this I haven’t gotten in a very long time when getting with men sexually. It took him like 2 hours to finish the drawing and I was absolutely dying sitting still naked in the same spot, it was torture. After he was done I forget how it started but he proceed to give me oral sex, after a while I attempted to have anal sex with him with a condom. I knew it wasn’t going to happen because of the girth of my cock but I tried any way, and of course, it didn’t happen. So after the failed anal sex attempt I told him to suck my cock again. After a while the pleasure I was seeking was coming and I was about to get what I wanted all along. I told him I was coming but he continued to suck my cock and I came inside his mouth. The Asian kid seemed kind of shocked that I came in his mouth and slowly spitted it out of his mouth onto his chest. After that, I was going to suck his 6 inch thin cock but I saw pre-cum so I told him to jerk off on my stomach instead. To my surprise I never had an issue with a guy coming on me, never really thought about it. After he jerked off for a brief period I heard him moan and I look up to see his penis ejaculating all over my stomach. It spread it around in small amounts all over my stomach and was very warm. After that he got me some Kleenexes and I cleaned his semen off of me. We talked for a little while and then I got up and put my clothes on and soon left his house for good and never seeing him again. We kept in touch through facebook and AIM but after I moved we never had a chance to see each other again. This was one of my favorite and adrenaline rush gay sexual experience and it was my first time with an Asian guy. I have gone on to hook up with blacks, Spanish and Indian guys, and men of all ages. I never really had an issue with any guy as long as he was decent; cock size never was an issue for me. Although now my only sexual desire is black guys with huge cocks, I got myself hooked, hope you enjoyed my true story.

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