first job

i had just graduated from highschool and my mother told me it was time for me to move out. i found this strange since i and my mother were sharing the same bed ever since my dads death. i thought she was enjoying me as much as i was enjoying her. oh wee maybe she was jealous because i had started fucking my sisters too. so now i needed a place to live and a job.
a friend at church offered me a place to live if i could find a job. so i found a job, of course like most everybody else it was at a fast food joint. the manager was 33 year old man who acted like all the girls wanted to be fucked by him. after a few weeks he asked if i would like some over time i said yes, so he said to stick around after closing. me and bill were the closers that night. we closed and were starting to clean up when tom my boss arrived and said ed come with me and let bill clean up. i was glad to get out of clean up but felt bad that i was leaving bill all the work.
tom led me to his office and said sit down ed i want to talk to you. i sat down. tom started pacing, and said ed i have been watching you and i think you have what i want. i smiled because i thought he was talking about a raise. i was wrong. tom sopped in front of me and looked me in the eye and then sat down and patted my leg. it wasn’t until he stopped patting my leg and started moving his hand up my leg that i started to get nerveous. and then when his hand stopped at my cock and balls. he said ed i am not as much of a ladies man as everybody thinks. young men like you are what really turn me on. i was stunned. he took my hand and rested it on his crotch and said don’t you feel what i mean. i was surprised by the fact that i hadn’t moved and that i was getting a hardon. he reache over and pulled my head to him and as i my face drew near to his i heard him say thats right my dear ed show me how much you want to be mine. tom kissed me gently on the lips and said wouldn’t you like to suck a mans cock. come on ed all you have to do is reach down and unzip my pants and you will have what you want. i surprised myself and reached down and unzipped his pants. and there was a big dick. he said, ed you know what i want just slip those sweet lips over my cock and suck it. i bent down and did as he said and oh my i found i loved it. i started sucking and licking his balls, after a while his cock started to stiffen, i should have known what was going to happen, but it didn’t register. his cock got harder and harder and suddenly he started pumping his hot cum down my throat. i didn’t think about it and swallowed. i cleaned up the overflow from his balls and looked at him. he took my head in his hands kissed me hard on the lips. after he was done he looked at me and said you liked it darling didn’t you. i said shit yeah i loved it,
tom said sweetie go help bill. i turned to go and tom said by the way all my staff is into boy sex. now you know why there are no girls working here. i went down to help bill. bill looked at me and said i knew you would like it. i said you’re right. bill said come here and he kissed me and said maybe you will let me be the first to fuck your sweet virgin ass. i kissed him back and reached down and felt his cock and smiled. i said with a dick like that i’ll be begging to be fuck by you. i said but i don’t know if i can hanle such a big cock. bill said let me feel your ass and i’ll be able to tell you. he foundled my ass and said lets find out right now i was startled but i said shit yeah. we took off our clothes and i sucked bills dick hard and then he bent me over a counter and forced his dick into my ass it hurt but iwanted it all and then suddenly i felt his balls against my ass cheeks.harder and harder he pounded my ass and then he started stiffening for the explosion of he man juice. i was ready this time and i decided iwanted him to cum inside me. he called out that he was going to cum and started to pull out. i stopped him and said cum inside. so he did. it was so fucking good that when he offered his cock to me i didn’t think about where it had been but licked it clean of the mixture of my shit and his cum.
i still fuck my mother and sisters but i will always be another mans sex slave.

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