From friend to slave

I am 28 and have a friend who is 30 years my senior. We have just discovered we are both into wild things including piss and cum. On my last visit he gave me a first quick session as a parting treat when he pissed and came on me just before I left to go home. I now looked forward to my next visit when I agreed to write down a fantasy I had had. My next visit started as usual and I gave my friend a hand written document outlining a fantasy I had. He looked surprised at what was written but read it with interest. My visit progressed as usual and we both soon dissolved into our chosen mode of relaxation which was to enjoy life in the raw. It has become second nature to be free of clothes altogether and enjoy the days both indoors and out as only those who share in this pleasure can appreciate.

We had a nice meal and spent the evening watching films until it was time for bed. My friend is well endowed and as we both went down the corridor (still naked) to our bedrooms I suddenly had the urge to look at and enjoy his manhood. I knelt down before him on the hall rug and took it in my mouth. As usual it enjoyed the experience and became firm and grew to fill my mouth. Then and quite unexpectedly I noticed a warm experience in my mouth as this object of my desire started to produce a stream of piss. My friend then pulled his member out and proceeded to piss over me. My body shuddered as it was covered with the warm fluid. I faced into the stream and savoured the taste as the liquid flowed over my tongue and splashed against the back of my mouth. The excess poured out over my lips and over my already wet body. We had both had enjoyed ample alcoholic beverages during the evening which lead me to discover my friend had a peculiar skill when full of liquid. Rather than expel all of the piss in one go he is able to produce a useful stream and then after a short pause yet more. For the next twenty minutes or so my body was on a different planet as it was subjected to regular streams of the amber liquid and even when I sucked on his cock I was treated to yet another mouthful. Eventually I could hold back no more and spent my load on the piss soaked rug I was kneeling on and my piss soaked body gave one more shudder. My friend then said I was to experience my fantasy during my visit and that from now on whenever we both needed to have a piss we were to save it. Over the next few days I obeyed his wish and we both proceeded to fill some demijohns he had provided. As this was not part of my fantasy I had no idea of what he was up to but the sight of all of that piss accumulating was a real turn on.

Then one day when I got up and went to the kitchen as usual and found my friend had been shopping as there was a large pack of beer, some fresh bread and Weetabix among other items. He then said he was going to the garden centre to purchase a pond liner and would I go with him. I said yes and thought again of his shopping trip, quite normal but putting two and two together and remembering my fantasy I began to wonder.

While in the car it became clear that today I was in for an experience which was confirmed when he said the pond liner had to be for a pool large enough for a person like me. On our return I removed my clothes as usual but he did not remove his. He told me to remain naked in the house and wait for his return as he had to go out again. I started to feel a peculiar feeling inside as I waited and crawled into bed to get warmer. He eventually returned!

He had already stripped off when he came into my bed room and his normal gentle style had been replaced by an assertive style I had not seen before. He expressed his displeasure that I had gone to bed and not remained stark naked, waiting and ready as instructed. Although it was cold he ordered me out into the garden to help him with something. I do not enjoy the cold but the circumstances gave me a rush of excitement as I was lead out into the garden totally naked and feeling vulnerable as I was not certain what was to happen. Round the side of the house I saw a large metal drinking trough like you see on farms. This is what he had just been to collect. I was then ordered to help him bring it into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen he proceeded to follow my designs for a fantasy pool. The trough was lined with the pond liner and chairs were placed round the edge and under the liner to form a platform with a chair at the head for the future incumbent to rest in. My design was to prevent the kitchen getting wet in the event of any splashing or spillage. Little did I know how much he was to take advantage of this fact and that I would not be given much time to use the chair. I was given a beer to drink and my friend was already onto his second can.

My friend, who was already in full control, became the master I had imagined. I was ordered to kneel in the trough as my wild fantasy started to unfold. I was reminded we had not had breakfast and I was now to have mine. He placed two Weetabix into a bowl but said I was not allowed to have milk but should piss on them instead. This I did when he placed the bowl on the bottom of the trough. I was then ordered to get on all fours and eat them doggy fashion. It was hard work but I did my best and ate most of it. He was not at all happy that I was taking so long and told me to sit up and pass him the bowl. He asked me why I was taking so long but as soon as I opened my mouth he poured the remainder of the liquid mush into it.

I was then ordered to lie down flat in the trough and piss over my self which I dutifully did. He then climbed over the trough and enhanced my stream of piss with his. In my fantasy I had imagined lying there pissing on myself and being pissed on plus a couple of further ideas I had had. He had other ideas. He left the kitchen and returned with one of the piss filled demijohns. He proceeded to bring it to body heat in warm water. I thought he is being kind as it would be so cold but while it was warming he retrieved another demijohn. He poured the whole cold contents over my supine body making certain that no part of me was spared from the deluge. I had not imagined such humiliation and degradation. He told me to thank him which I dutifully did and he asked me if it was cold enough and would I like more. I shivered and said yes master. He then pissed on me again and told me to do the same and asked me why it felt different. I said it was because it came from a warm body. He then told me to shut my eyes and said now imagine and enjoy the piss of many when a warm stream of piss smelling liquid poured over my body. Oh god now I know why he had warmed the piss as it felt like a whole football team had let loose on me. My humiliation was complete or so I thought.

He had other ideas. I was ordered to put my legs over my head and piss into my mouth and as soon as I did the rest of the demijohn was poured onto my exposed arse so that it cascaded over my face and body. I was then ordered onto my front when he pushed my face down into the piss puddle that was forming in the trough. I was ordered to remain with my head over the piss so that I could experience the odour. Now I was on my back again and being ordered to ask for more. He put a funnel in my mouth a told me to blow it like a trumpet but before I could he poured more of the saved piss into it. I held it but he told me to open my lips so that it ran into my mouth and overflowed onto my face.

He moved to the kitchen work surface but I could not see what was happening until he showed me a slice of bread he had cut. He put the bread on my stomach and ordered me to play with myself and come on the bread but every time I nearly came on it he stopped me and told me to start again. .He told me to keep doing this which got me very excited and while I did he lay down beside the trough on the ledge and proceeded to toss himself off. Before he climaxed he took the slice of bread from me and then came all over it. He folded it into a sandwich and gave it to me and ordered me to e
at it filled with his cum rather than
mine as I had suggested. I was so degraded that I got very aroused, as was his plan, I was then told to cum over myself. As I was about to cum he cupped his hand under my spurting cock and caught the whole load in his palm. I was so excited I filled his palm. He then ordered me to open my mouth and poured it all in to my now greedy mouth and wiped his hand over my face and body.

He then let me lie for a while as my body was half submerged in the piss filled trough making me turn every which way to get my whole body totally wet. My master then had another beer and asked me if I wanted one to which I said yes. He drank his from the can but poured mine into a glass. He drank his down very quickly and told me that I was being too slow as my glass was still half full. He knows I can only drink water quickly being slow with anything fizzy. He ordered me to drink up quickly as we needed more piss but I could not so he said would I like water. I said yes but his idea was to water the beer down so he made me piss into the half empty glass of beer until it was full and then waited until I had drunk the entire cocktail.

My master remained very inventive and kept me performing in the piss. He added more and more of the saved piss until I was covered except for my face. He kept scoping up the piss and throwing it over me especially on my face to keep it wet. I asked to sit in the chair I had set up as I was quite tired. As soon as I left the piss filled trough I started to feel cold and asked to abandon my fantasy which was met with total disapproval. He said what’s wrong and I said its cold but he told me to stay where I was as he would decide when I had had enough. I started to shiver and he said it was warmer in the piss but it was my fault I wanted to come out to which I was forced to say yes. To my relief he said I was cold enough and I needed to warm up. My ordeal was over or so I thought until he told me to get warm and told me to get back into the piss to do so. He said I could come out if I got totally wet in the piss. I was made to roll around and get soaked in the piss we had both saved. He told me I had to become a complete slave to our body fluids so he made me lie down absolutely flat, put my head under the surface and totally immerse myself in full submission in the piss bath. I was totally degraded and my fantasy was fulfilled and exceeded and what a sight it must have been as I submitted to my masters desires over the last 90 minutes.

My master had previously told me of a fantasy where a slave is required to give him pleasure in piss and come. As I finally got up out of the trough I thought of the feeling of all that piss and come while my master reminded me of my experiences. I was buzzing again and did not wait for my masters orders but remembering his fantasy, suggested he should get into the trough. With all that piss it seemed the ideal time to be the dutiful slave and thank my master for my punishment. Secretly I was now getting my second wind and wanted to enjoy the piss some more. To his surprise I told him to get into the trough which he did and proceeded to pour the now cooling and smelly liquid over him and even made him drink some from a bowl. Then I lay down in the piss with him and we both became immersed and got thoroughly soaked. With piss running over my body I was on a roll so I sat over his face and made him rim my soaking arse. I was soaked in piss, my master was soaked in piss. In a peculiar way it was quite interesting to be in the piss at the same time so I remained in the trough and straddled him and pissed into his mouth. I then got a slice of bread and pissed all over it and gave it to him to eat which he did with difficulty. I was getting a hard on and played with my self over my master. He told me I was getting too dry and he wanted to see me glistening in piss so I scoped up more of the liquid and poured it all over myself. The feeling of the piss covering my body again made me become quite horney causing me to climax and shoot all over my master.

Looking at my master lying there in the piss I wondered if he should have been the slave. I was so gentle with him as he seemed not to be too happy but now I realise he wanted it and was gagging for it but was scared to say yes and admit to it. Maybe we have another story coming on but after what he did to me he had better watch out especially as he has told me that like me he has fantasies and what they are.

I am not certain I want to go through my fantasy again as I have tried all I wanted too and more. The only regret is that we did not film the event as it would be fun to see it from my master’s point of view. At 90 minutes it would have been an epic. Maybe my enjoyment of piss and cum which I think I still have will enable me to act out some of the scenes in front of the camera for my ultimate pleasure but who knows. I would love to watch it as would you all!

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    wow, definately got my goin’ good. Well written too, I might have to give something like this a try one day…

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