from straight to gay in one evening, part 2

It’s sunday morning,and i’m still on a high from last night. Although
it was the worst party i’ve ever been a party to, it was the best night
i’ve had in years.

My wife is off somewhere,with her dope head friends,no doubt. Since my
experience with Greg, i really didn’t care anymore. All i could think
about,at this time, was my experence with Greg. There’s a video in my
mind,that’s playing it over and over. The feel of our mouths pressed
together. Our tongues in and out of each others mouths. That’s still
fresh in my mind.

So what happened to me? One minute i’m straight,and the next,i’m having
passionate sex with a guy. Am i gay all of a sudden? I raised the blind
to let some sun in,and i see the woman accross the drive getting out of
her car,looking as sexy as always. Tight jeans that show the shape of
her nice ass, and those large breasts against her small T shirt. How i’d
like to eat her pussy, and fuck her. Then i thought, if i’m gay,i wouldn’t
want that. Maybe i’m bisexual. Do i love Greg, or am i just in lust? A
lot of questions and no answers. What i do know is, Gregs still in my head
and i want him. I thought about it, while in bed last night. About being
together naked on a bed. What would he do to me? What would i do to him?

I went in the bathroom, stripped,and got in the shower. While i enjoyed
the warm water on my body,i kept thinking of Greg. I knew what i thought
i wanted to do. Suck his cock again,and each one of his balls. Then part
his cheeks and push my tongue into his ass. Thinking about it gave me an
erection. so,while i was thinking about that,i jacked off.
Then i finished my bath and got out.

I would’ve liked to call Greg up today and get together, but i didn’t
get his number. Maybe we can find a place to be alone after work monday.
I really want to suck his cock again. What’s happened to me? I don’t know
if there’s something wrong with me, or maybe i’m just getting over
something that’s been wrong all my life. If this is a sickness, i’m sure
there’s no cure.

It’s monday morning, and usually i’m not so anxious to get to the job.
But today i am. I hope the day passes quickly. I want to be alone with him
again. kiss him, touch him, and taste him. I arrived 30 minutes before work
time. About 5 more minutes Greg pulled in. I went right to him, and we sat
in his car talking. I wanted to kiss him, but i afraid to do that here.
We’d get off work at 3, and greg told me he lived with his parents, but
they wouldn’t be home till 6:30 or 7, so we could go there.

It seemed the day dragged by so slow. But 3 o’clock finally arrived and
we got to his place. We stripped and showered together, washing each other
and kissing, and fondling our bodys. Then Dryed off and went to his room.
I didn’t waste any time getting his cock in my mouth. I’m guessing it was
about 7 inches and thicker than my own. His balls were shaved, and i was
so full of lust for his body. I sucked each one, then moved on down and
pushed my tongue into his ass. He was groaning,and saying “oh baby.”

I went back up to suck him, but he pulled me up,and kissed me, saying
“oh baby,i want to fuck you”. I’ve never had anything in my ass,and i knew
it would hurt. But i kissed him,and told him,do it. He got lube from a
drawer,and lubed my ass, pushing his fingers all the way in. I got on hands
and knees, and he pushed his cock in,and gently worked all of it up my ass.
It hurt some, but i didn’t want him to stop. He fucked slow at first and it
felt better now, so i said, “fuck me faster baby”. Then he started pounding

His balls bumped my ass, giving me a sensation i’d never felt.The more he
fucked,the better i liked it. His hard cock was now stabbing joy into my body.
Then he pulled my hips against him, and his throbbing cock spilled his cum
in me. He pulled out and i turned and sucked out the last drops. Then we
laid back, and he kissed me,and told me he loved me.
I said,”i think i love you”. “This is all new to me. I’ve never been intimate
with a guy”. We kissed again,and he said, “we’ll take it slow”.

Then he went down,and took my cock into his mouth. I was in heaven. I felt
soooo loved. He sucked me for 4 or5 minutes, and i couldn’t hold back any
longer. I felt as if i were floating. I felt my semen surging through my
prostate. My cock throbbed violantly, and my cum shot into my lovers mouth.

Then we lay together talking and he said he wants us to get an apt and move
in together. I didn’t have to think about it. I said, “yes”. The sooner the
better. we agreed to go apt hunting after work tomorrow. Then we checked the
time. 5:43. I said, “i better go before your folks get here”. I gave him my
cell number and said, call me later if you can get away or,if you can’t,call
me anyway”. He said “i will baby”. I kissed him and left.

(i’ll continue the story in part 3. i hope you like it.)

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