from straight to gay in one evening, part 4

Saturday we picked out furniture for the bedroom and living room.
They said they’ed deliver them monday. So i used a sick day monday
and waited for them.

While i’m perfectly happy with the lifestyle i’m in now, i can’t
help wondering what changed me. I was a guy who never thought
about guys. When i saw a guy, i knew just what he looked like, but
with no thought whether he was good looking or not. So why, all of
a sudden, did i feel such an attraction to Greg? I thought about it
all morning. Did something in my life turn me in this direction?
Thinking back,i remembered in high school,after gym we’d shower,
and when i got in,i always looked at the other guys cocks. I don’t
know why. I never had thoughts of sucking them. But now i can recall
more about their cocks than their faces. Have i been gay or bi all
my life,and didn’t know it? Why did i think Greg was so good
looking? Why did i want to kiss him? Now this wouldn’t happen, but
if i were in bed with any other good looking guy, would i enjoy the
sex? Maybe,with time,i’ll forget these questions and accept what i
am,or what i’ve become. I’m happy with Greg.
i love him.

The delivery truck arrived about 2 o’clock,and unloaded. It wasn’t
real expensive stuff, but it looked really good. Now Greg can fuck
me on a real bed!! Greg called to say he was going to his dad’s to
get his things, so he’d here be here later. So i made up our bed,
straightend up the place,then showered. I didn’t want to get dressed
right then. I just walked around naked, enjoying being here.
Free from my ex and her drug addict free loaders. Greg got here
about 5:30. He’d showered,and did his laundry there before he loaded
up and left. So we unloaded and went out to eat.

When we got back,Greg started kissing me and said, “there’s
something i want to do to you.” I was wondering what that could be.
We’d done everything before. But i told him, “do anything you want
sweetheart.” We stripped, and he took me to the bathroom and had
me sitting on the counter with my legs apart. I thought he was going
to fuck me there. But he got out a small pair of scissors, a razor,
and shave cream,and went to work on my pubic hair. I’d never been
shaved, but didn’t mind if he did that. The feel of his hands on me
made my cock so hard. Soon i was free of hair from my navel down.
Including my ass. He got a wash cloth and cleaned me up. Then sucked
my hard cock and balls, while he fingered my ass. Then took me to
the bed. I lay there wile he sucked my nipples,and licked my body
all the way down to my cock and my balls.

He kissed and licked my cock and ball sack,then on down to my ass.
He tongued my ass some, then moved up to my cock. My head felt light
as he sucked my cock. I closed my eyes and shut out the rest of the
world. Greg’s warm, wet mouth was giving me pleasure like i’d never
had until i met him. I felt my orgasm coming. My body trembled,and
i pushed my hips toward his face, as my cum started spurting into his
mouth. I think i shot more cum than i ever had. My orgasm was so
intense that it made my prostate ache all the way to my ass. It was
a wonderful, pain. I loved the way it felt. When it subsided Greg
kissed me,and ran his hand over my smooth body, while i recovered.
I reached down as we kissed,and felt my shaved body. Greg said,
“you like it?” i told him, “it feels so good. i should have did that
a long time ago.”

Then i went down on him,and sucked his cock until i got a nice
load of his cum. I think i was addicted to it. I’ve thought of licking
mine from his lovely ass after i’ve fucked him. Maybe next time i will.
Right now i want him to fuck me. I told him, “forget the lube baby.
Just do it.” I got on my knees,and he stuck that nice joystick in me.
It hurt a little as that nice mushroom head entered my ass, but when
he started stroking it felt really good. I had to say, “oh yes baby!
Fuck me!” He kept pounding my ass until he filled me with his cum.
As he pulled out, i felt some run down on my balls. That’s one
thing i like about Greg. He always shoots a big load.

My last orgasm had been so intense,i knew i couldn’t cum again right
now. I needed a little more time. So i cleaned his cum off me and we
got dressed and went out for a couple of beers. No one around here
knew we were lovers, so Greg took us to a gay club where we wouldn’t
run into anyone from around here. Greg had been there, so he knew
some of the guys. One of which he said he’d had sex with a couple of
times. He said, “i hope that don’t bother you.” I told him,
“it won’t,unless i think your in love with the guy. I don’t want to
lose you.” He kissed me and said, “don’t worry baby. Your the guy i
love. I didn’t make love with him. we just had sex.” I kissed him to
reassure him it was ok. I knew i wasn’t his first. But he knows
i’d never had anyone but him.

We had one more beer and went home. It was about 10. I knew we had
to get up early. I stripped to my shorts, but he took everything off.
He said, “you sleep in those. I always sleep nude.” So i shed them,
and said, “from now on, i will too.” We got into bed and i started
fondling his cock and balls. His cock got hard and i went down and
sucked another load of cum from this awesome hunk of man meat.
I swallowed all his cum,and came back up. I told him, “i know it’s
late,but i’d like to fuck you.” He said, “i’m yours baby. Fuck me.”

He got on his knees,and i pushed my cock into his nice ass. I
fucked him hard. I knew he liked it,by the sounds he made. I thought
again about tasting my cum, and when i pumped my load in his ass, i
pulled out,and went down. I licked him,and stuck my tongue in his ass,
Working it around hoping to get all my cum. He said, “oh baby. i love
when you do that.” I pulled my tongue out,then back in getting as
much as i could. He said, “i’m gonna cum.” I stopped and turned him
over,and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He jacked it hard a
couple of times,and shot his load in my cum hungry mouth.

He kissed me and told me, “your a great lover.” I thanked him and
got up,and went in the bathroom. I brushed and rinsed. Tonight the
taste was good. But i knew, tomorrow it wouldn’t be. When i came back
to bed he was asleep. Softly i said, “good night love.” I flipped off
the light,and drifted off to sleep.

(if you like this, please watch for part 5)

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