Gay Bookstore Encounters

I had just turned 18 and that meant now I could put my experience with adult men to use legally. So I put on a long T-shirt. To just above my knees & I had just shaved down my body,box,basket,&my legs so I was baby smooth. Then headed out to gay booksore. I arrived and the lot wasfull of cars. When I got inside I headed for area with allot the movie booths and then I took off my shirt and cruised he hallways nude. As I strolled around I would get felt up & fingered. Just then I was taken by the hand and led I to a Booth by and kissed me all over as he started to undress he took my hand and put it on his engorged throbbing manmeat and told me to suck himdeep and not to stop until he filled mouth with his hot milk. When he exploded it shot down my throat and he left. Just then another Google looking daddy came in dropped his pants and pulled me against his hard pig and started to fuck my pussihole. Since I had already lost my innocence instead of hurt it felt great he pumped me balls deep then pulled me tight and I felt him cum inside of my waiting cunt. This sort of thing happened for the next couple hours. Finally I was ready to leave so I. Went back into the hallway and stop legs spread and beat my Clit until shot for all the other men to see. It. Was so hot I came back every week.

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Gay Bookstore Encounters, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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