High School Year

High School Years Part 1: First Crush

Hi! My name is Ariel. I am Puerto Rican/Colombian, height 6″3″, long cuirly black hair, light skin, work out, and have a 8inch dick. I am going to talk about my first crush. If you got any question just send me an E-mail. Your see my E-mail at the bottom of this story. So lets begin!

It was my first day of high school. I was a Freshman and Bisexual. I did not tell anyone that I was bi. If I did people would of tease me and beated the crap out of me. My High School had that repitation of beating up gay kids. So it was a hard place to go.

The first day of school was fucking bad. Everything when wrong for me. I trip so many times in front of people that I can not count them. Some people picked on the freshman. I was running from them all day. And to finish it out all my teachers gave homework on the first day. I was so pissed that I wanted to get out of there.

The last bell rang and I went outside and sat down to wait for the public bus. Then out of nowhere I saw him. This beautiful Latino boy. Black silky hair, 6″3″ height, looked like he worked out, gorgious big brown eyes and a smile that gave me a real bad hardon. My day got a little better. He sat right next to me. I was trying to hide my hardon. He looked at me and said,”U go to this school”. With a kiddy voice I said, “Yeah”. After that I got quite, becuase of two reason. One I just sounded like a kid and two was that if I look at him one more time I would of cum.

He just started laughting and said, “Don’t be nervious, I won’t hurt u. My name is Alex and u.” I was not worried about him beating me up. I was more nevious about Alex seeing my hardon. So we talked and became friends right there. Yes, I became friend with my crush. He was a Senior at the same school.

People didn’t called him Alex. He had this weird nickname. He was called Loco(Crazy) for some reason. I didn’t get it, he was calm. What ever he was hot as hell. Three month later, I got why people called him Loco.

It was at a party in somebody house. Juniors and Seniors only. I snocked in from the back door. Loco and his girl was there. Yes, Loco had a girlfriend. Both of them when up stairs by themselves. In about five minutes his girl came down stairs with a pissed off face and left the party. I went up to see Loco. He was heated in the bathroom. I asked him, “Watz wrong with u?”He just looked at me with those gorgious eyes which a pissed off stayer and said, “I hate that bitch, men. We came up here to fuck, but she said she wazn’t ready jet. So I told her to fuck off and she did. Now I got this woody that anybody could see in plane view.”

I told him to “Put some cold water on it.” He said, “I can’t! My shyt can’t stand another Blue Balls Period.” “Y don’t u jerk off then” I told him. He said, “ok”. Then when I turn around to leave the room so he can jerk off. He graves my hand and said, “U know wat”. “Wat” I said and he gave me a punch to my face. I fell to the floor, becuase when I was a freshman I was only 5″9″ and not that strong. I wasn’t onconntion or anything. I was just scare. I didn’t want to died young.

Loco was just behind me passing with his hand on his crotch. He then went to close the bathroom door and took of his cloths. He looked at my face. I closed my eyes. Loco was thinking that I was onconntion. He said in spanish, “If I won’t get her. Then I’ll get u.” I peeked a little bit to see what was he doing. There I saw is dick. It was 9 inch. It was bigger than mine (Back then my dick was only 7 inch). He went behind me. Loco took off my pants. Slowely took off my underpants. He looking at my little asshole wild he play with his dick. Then out of nowhere he put a finger in my ass. He might of taught that I may be a virgin. Anyway, it felt so go, but I didn’t want to move. If I did he might stop doing this sexual thing to me. He moved his finger in and out my ass, slow then fast. He took his finger out and put is wet toungh in. I was in heaven after that toungh work out. Putting it in so I can feel its wetness. Every lick made me want kiss him so bad. Then he stop. I could feel him playing with his dick on my asscrack. Just rubbing it right to my ass. I just wanted him to go in already and he did. I felt his dick right in my ass. He pump three times when I moan with pleasure. Loco knew right there that I wasn’t onconntion, but he still keeped going. In and out he went. I could feel his ball slapping agaist my asshole. I couldn’t believe that he stuck all of his 9 inch dick up my ass. I knew he was cumming. Loco was moanning to much and just came in my ass. I could feel the sperm just coming out of my asshole.

Loco just looked at me and said, “Lets keep this our little secret.” I said, “hell yeah”That wasn’t the only time Loco and I had sex. We had atleast five more fuck setion before he left to College. If u want to here more just tell me. Ok Muchachos!!!

My E-mail: LeiruNocrala@yahoo.com

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