I lost

As the party was ending I was invited to stay longer and play some more pool and have some more drinks. I was already drunk but didn’t have far to go so I decided to stay and play.

After the rest of the guests left, we had some more beer and started to play pool. There were three of us, the host, his friend later I found out room mate, and myself. To make the game more interesting we decided to play for a buck a ball. I quickly got in over my head and was in to them for more then I had. They suggested we could change the game to strip pool and they would not make me pay them back. I wasn’t real interested in seeing them naked, but if it could save me the money I figured what the heck.

We agreed on the rules being that the first looser would loose 2 items, the second looser 1 item and the winner none. Like the money, I lost everything fast and was soon naked. I don’t know why but I was slightly aroused, my cock growing and hanging down with a slight bend. I hoped it wouldn’t grow to it’s full length and stand straight to salute them. They noticed and pointed it out.

When I went by the owner of the house to get my beer, he reached out and stroked my cock. I pulled away but backed into his friend who started to rub my ass and reach under to feel my balls. The sensation was too much and I closed my eyes. He soon had my hard cock in his mouth, and I felt my self being laid on the ground and my legs stretched out on the ground spread eagle.

They were both naked now and sucking my cock, one would work it while the other stroked and then they would switch. I knew I was lost and couldn’t stop them. This was the first time ever with a guy, and there were two of them. I wanted to get up and run but couldn’t, because I was their prize…

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  1. MasterHank

    A good start but you need to get on with the story I hope its a winner takes all ending And don’t forget to be a good loser

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