In Pakistan, Men Sleep in the Nude

John and I had worked together in Houston for about five (5) years. Our work involved some travel, and in our industry, some of that travel was repetitive. We tended in be in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Shannon, often. Soon, there was nothing new to explore in these places, and we tended to stay in the hotel and explore each other. Nothing too adventurous. John was more interested in an orgasmic relief than a relationship, and that was fine with me.

John left Houston and took a high-paying position in Karachi. I didn’t understand that, but he seemed to be prospering. He hired my company to consult during a large project, and he specifically requested that I be assigned the on-site role. I didn’t know if I was really pleased with that, but it meant a big bonus, and John assured me I would be well taken care of. Whenever I left the hotel, there would be security, and I would be escorted from the hotel to the work site.

A car picked me up at my office, and 26 hours later, I was in Karachi, pretty wasted. The hotel turned out to be a small boutique facility behind high fences. There was noticeable security in the lobby and on the second floor. I was greeted by Amil, a colleague of John. He introduced himself, presented his credentials and asked if I might give him 30 minutes to go over the protocol for the days ahead. I wanted a bath and a bed, but, what could I say? My bags were taken upstairs. We talked and reviewed some documents over coffee. When we finished, Amil told me he would pick me up tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., given me plenty of time to rest. I was told to wait in the lobby for him. Amil then gave me a key card and a pin code and told me to have a good rest.

When I got upstairs, I opened the door and was greeted by a young man clad only in a coarse cotton, Speedo-like garment. A pistol was under the waistband at his right hip. He was 5’11’, well-built and muscular, not too much hair on his chest or legs. I was told his name was Ashe and that he was my personal attendant and in-room security. I gazed at his crotch and noticed a well-formed, ample cock with an obvious ring slipped over it. Ashe suggested that I have a seat as he finished unpacking, and that he would draw me a bath.

After Ashe packed away my suitcases, he went into the bathroom and began drawing a bath. He then entered the room, the Speedo gone, but the pistol in has hand. The cockring had a ball-spreader attached to the bottom. With his shaven pubes, it give the appearance of a very large cock, indeed. He asked me to stand-up, then he began undressing me, beginning with my tie. I was not comfortable with this, but I was at a loss what to say. After I was undressed from the waist up, Ashe asked me to sit down again. He removed my shoes and socks and gave me a short foot massage. It was exquisite. He applied pressure to each joint. I was almost asleep. Ashe asked me to arise again. He then unbuckled my belt and undid my trousers. As he pulled down the fly, he inserted his hand and simply rested it on my own cock and ran his thumb over my balls. He then dropped my trousers to the floor. After so long a trip, my briefs felt glued to my ass and my genitals. Ashe stuck his hands inside my briefs and moved them all around, gently separating my moist ass and my moist dick from my moist briefs. Before he pulled down my briefs, he cupped my balls and gently pulled the moist cotton away. As I stepped out of my pants and briefs, he picked up the briefs and took a long sniff. He then slapped my ass and simply said, “Now, the bathroom.” I followed an enchanting, tight ass across the room.

The bathroom itself was as large as the room, with a large built in tub and a separate shower. Ashe asked me if I needed to pee. Did I! I was surprised when I arrived at the toilet. He lifted the seat and the lid, got behind me and held my dick. Surprisingly, I was able to pee. A torrent in fact. When I was finished, he shook me off, and said, now the shower. The shower had foot, crotch, chest and head jets and a variety of soaps, brushes and sponges. Ashe said, “Top to bottom.” He then shampooed my hair. Rinsed. Conditioned. Rinsed again. I was getting hard.

Ashe asked to close my eyes, and he washed my face with his bare hands, massaging my temples as he worked. This was wondrously slow.

Then, Ashe asked me to raise my right arm. He drew close, took a deep whiff, and began washing my pit with a coarse rag. He followed with the left arm.

As Ashe moved to my chest, he took a sponge and soaped me generously. At each nipple, he lingered, moved the sponge clockwise, then counter-clockwise, pulling slightly at each. When he had rinsed me, Ashe took a nipple in his mouth, flicked it with his tongue and bit gently. He rinsed me again.

Then, Ashe said, “Back door.” He asked me to lean against a rail and to spread my legs apart. He worked down from my shoulders, giving me a nice massage, then down to my crack, through my crack and ending with a gentle finger rub of my balls.

I was very hard.

Ashe took a long cylinder-like sponge and inserted it inside me. After several swabs, he took a soapy finger, then two and plunged deep inside me. I finally said, “Ashe, I’m afraid I am going to cum.” He told me to stand erect, moved slightly to the side, nuzzling my hip with his own swollen cock whilst keeping his fingers inside me, then began beating me off with the other hand. I came almost at once. When I had cum, Ashe licked my cum off his hands, then he licked the cum off my dick, my groin, my legs and even the wall and floor of the shower. I was hard, again.

Ashe cleaned off my groin and lingered at my slightly erect dick and sore balls. Then, Ashe repositioned a stool against a far wall and instructed me to sit down. He spread his legs over mine and bent over, with his ass right in my face. I noticed he had the ring from a butt plug extending out. He began scrubbing my feet with a stiff brush.

After some time, he said, “Now the tub.” He got in first, sat against the back and spread his legs. He then told me to get in and to sit between his legs. We soaked in a warm, scented oil bath. He cupped his left arm around my chest, and ran his fingers through my damp hair. All the while, I could feel his hardness against my ass. We soaked for a long time, but a shorter time than I would have wanted. Finally, he told me to get out of the tub. He gently dried me and powdered my chest, my pits, my groin and my ass. When he had finished, he said, “Go to the bed. In Pakistan men sleep unclothed. I will join you after I clean up.”

I got between the crisp sheets and waited for Ashe to come in.

Ashe seemed to sense what I wanted. When he entered, he removed the ring and the spreaders and massaged his cock and balls. He said the plug would stay in tonight, as we were going to be only a few moments taking care of our needs and desires before bed. He positioned us in 6-9’s and we sucked each other until we came. After the powerful release in the shower, I had little to offer. But my mouth filled with Ashe’s sweet and salty man juice. He went to bathroom, returned with a warm, wet towel, cleaned me off, kissed me deeply, then took a shower himself. When he got into bed, he ran his hand up and down my ass crack, and simply said, “Tomorrow morning, you shall know mine very well.” He embraced me and we were both asleep within minutes.

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    Now this HOT story has to be the one of the BEST STORIES ever…Thank you Texas Kurt !!!!

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