In the shower, and later into bed together

A Sexy little story for you

“We could take that shower together”…………… Whenever I remember those words I get butterflies in my stomach. That was the evening it all began between me and Chris.
I’d driven down to his place for the weekend. It had been a while since we’d met up and it was good to see him again. We spent the evening talking about what we’d been doing over the last few years, generally catching up on all the news.
We spoke about the women we’d been seeing, and like the old days the talk tended to focus on the sexual experiences we’d had. We laughed when we remembered the old school days, the times we’d spent sharing fantasies in the darkened dorm, the magazines hidden under the floorboards.
Just like the old days, I found myself getting quite aroused by the sex talk, it seemed so natural, like it always had been that way between us when we spoke of these things.
We had a history of it, one could say; many nights back in the dorm at school we had masturbated while sharing fantasies, I remember one quite well, it was called “The Teacher”, and it centered around our rather attractive young Gym teacher, we’d make up stories in which she would be the ‘older woman’ who would teach us all the secrets we desperately wanted to know, the ‘Initiation’ into manhood fantasy…….
Ahh, innocent days bygone; and now, so many years older yet so much the same two boys, here we were once more with chiefly sex on our minds, nothing much changes!
By the large bulge in his trousers, I knew he was feeling turned on, it was kind of nice to see and the more I looked at it, the more horney I felt. I recalled all the times at school when I’d seen him in his underwear, noticing that bulge and finding it rather nice to look at, and feeling a bit guilty and strange when I found myself wondering what it would feel like to touch him there, and that’s what I was thinking when I looked up and realized he’d seen the direction of my gaze. He was smiling at me, a very warm sexy kind of smile. I suddenly felt an incredible rush of desire sweep over me, it was quite overpowering, I Wanted him! My heart beat fast, feelings of confusion and fear alternated with this wonderful warm desire I was feeling. I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid to let him see what I was feeling (as if he didn’t know!) and I was afraid of I don’t know what…….
Anyway… in an effort to break the spell I announced that I was thinking about taking a shower and did he have a towel I could use?
“Yeah sure”, he said, “There’s towels in the bathroom and the water should be nice and hot”.
I sat there, trying to steady my feelings, tried to relax before getting up from the couch.
And that’s when he said it……

At first I couldn’t believe my ears, then the rush of desire returned, even more strongly this time.
It seemed like a dream, I heard myself saying “Oh Yes…!” So easy…….
Standing there in his bathroom in our underwear, I looked at his beautiful tanned body, his lovely legs, and Oh that sexy bulge in his pants! We stepped into the shower still wearing our pants, I don’t know why, perhaps a vestige of embarrassment . Taking a handful of shower gel each, we began to soap each other. He put his arms around me, soaping my back, I did the same to him, then we slipped off our wet underwear and embraced. Oh the sweetest, the most wonderful feeling to hold him close, our wet soapy bodies touching, Oh the feeling of his big stiff cock rubbing against me! I was trembling with desire for him, I slid my hands down his back and cupped his lovely rounded buttocks and pulled him close, we sighed, I pressed my lips to his neck, kissing him, as he was doing to me.
I felt such a beautiful joyous pleasure… I knew right then that I’d always wanted to do this, to be like this with him “Oh Chris…..!” I sighed, as I felt him moving against me.
He was sighing and moaning with pleasure, calling my name, saying “Oh Yes…!” “Oh Yes…!”
I held him tight, lost in a feeling of such intensity, our bodies locked in passionate embrace.
And then, like we both couldn’t stop ourselves, we came… almost simultaneously.
My knees turned to jelly, I could hardly stand up, together we sank down to the shower base, still holding each other.
I reached out and touched his cock, it felt so nice, somehow so natural to be touching it like this. He touched mine, I remember the feel of his hand, that first touch, I can almost feel it now….
We sat there for a few minutes, then we turned off the shower and stepped out and dried ourselves.
Without speaking, we headed for the bedroom. Chris lit a candle and we climbed into bed together.
Lying in his bed, we talked for a while, I can’t recall exactly what we said, but we spoke about what we’d just experienced, it was a conversation of lovers, warm and tender, and relaxed.
We lay there, holding hands as we drifted off to sleep……………

I awoke to a gorgeous feeling, it was quite dark, I guess the candle had burned out and it must have been the middle of the night, I was aware that Chris was touching me between the legs, his fingers gently caressing the inside of my thigh.
I decided to pretend to be asleep, to this day I don’t know if he really knew at that time that I was awake or not. The sweetest sexiest feeling went through me as he teased me with his fingers, brushing his fingertips against my balls, then stopping, taking his hand away, then starting again.
The waiting for him to touch me, lying there being still, pretending to be asleep, all my senses aching, waiting for his hand to return to that place, was so beautiful, Oh how I loved that feeling!
I lay there trembling, thinking Oh Please! Touch Me! And then… the relief, the thrill, as he touched me again. His hand moved onto my cock, fingers softly stroking, I was in ecstasy.
I thought about just lying there and letting him stroke me to orgasm, it was a delicious thought.
I could hear by the way he was breathing, that he was obviously very turned on as well, I imagined he was touching himself as he touched me, and that turned me on even more!
I thought about his stiff cock, remembering how it had felt in my hand, I wanted to feel that again.
So I pretended to slowly wake up, I breathed out a sexy “Oh Yes…..!” as his hand returned once more to tease me, then slid my hand onto his thigh, he took it and drew it up between his legs and placed it on his cock, Oh Gorgeous sensation! Before, sitting there in the shower with him after we had both had an orgasm, it had felt lovely to touch, soft, and warm, but now, Oh he was so big and stiff and excited!
I curled my fingers round it and gently stroked him, it gave me a beautiful feeling, especially to hear him sigh with pleasure as I did it.
We must have lain there for an hour or more, just gently caressing each other, stopping every now and then, feeling the burning desire till we could wait no longer, then starting again where we’d left off.
We played a game of copying what each other was doing. I was so turned on by the feel of his balls, they were so big, so beautiful to touch, I stroked them with my fingertips as he opened his legs wide and sighed with pleasure. Then it was my turn to feel him do it to me, Oh yes, that delicious feeling…….! Legs wide open, opening them wide and feeling the thrill, giving myself over to the pleasure of it all.
There were a couple of times that I almost came, but then as if intuitively, he would take his hand off me and let me relax for a minute, it was fairly Tantric I think!
But I was aching to come, and more than that I wanted to make him come, I imagined the feeling of his semen spurting out, into my hand or over my stomach, his sigh of pleasure as he came.
I whispered “would you like me to make you come?”

I Hope you liked the story so far. How would you like them to come to orgasm?
E-mail me with a brief idea of how you would think it could be, and I will write it in and send it to you.

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  1. sexyfucker362

    oh my god that was a great story email me at memegmail that made me feel like i was there watching if you want have sex with me we could do way more exciting things

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  2. MasterHank

    Good start to an interesting story Since Chris appears to be the aggressor in this I think he will push your head down to let you suck his cock until he fills your mouth with cum He will stroke your cock as you pleasure him and you will cum as he fills your mouth Still hard he fills your ass

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