Love is Strange


My cock felt like it was going to burst it was so hard; the veins fairly pulsed as I watched the gay blue movie. I slowly drew the foreskin down exposing my swollen gland; I began to rub myself slowly; enjoying the feeling immensely. “Stuff this”, I thought, where’s Francis? I wanted him down here now.
I went to the foot of the stairs and called to him. “Be quick fran, I’m as hard as a tent-peg and I want you. ” I shouted up too him whilst rubbing the glans of my penis.
Fran was my nick-name for my lover, we had been together for quite some time now and couldn’t get enough of each other.
” I’m coming now honey-bunch; just getting some cream, you know how you can hurt sometimes when you get so hard. “
I watched him come down the stairs, his cock bobbing from side to side as he descended. Fran wasn’t a big man, in fact he was very slim and effeminate looking but made up for it with his cock; a good eight-inches and when he came, it flooded out.
“It looks like your ready for a bit as well. ” I said. grasping hold of his shaft as he descended the stairs.
“I am dear.” He said, pulling on his cock from my hand as he came towards me. I waited until he had reached the third step from the bottom and then reached out and grabbed him by his root, lowering my mouth over his cock and taking him deep into my throat.
He dropped the cream and grabbed me by the hair; pushing as deep as he could before withdrawing. “Come into my mouth Fran”, I mumbled around his cock, loving the feel as it slid back and forth across my tongue and into my mouth.
“Before I have my turn with you.”
Fran tasted good this morning; slightly salty, and as I ran my tongue over his swollen gland I was rewarded with a taste of his pre-come. It tasted wonderful and I knew he wouldn’t be long before coming . Fran was slightly above me on the stair-step and in a good position to mouth-fuck. I ran my hands over his bottom and pulled him towards me so that I could take his full length into my throat. I pushed a finger into his bum-hole making him gasp with pleasure. His movements were getting more frantic now as he neared his climax, the grip on my hair much tighter.
“I’m coming now”, he gasped. Trying to pull his cock from my mouth but finding I had a grip on his bum refusing to let him do so. The first spurt hit the roof of my mouth; followed quickly by several others. I couldn’t swallow quickly enough and it dribbled from around his jerking member and down my chin. I continued to suck him until he was begging me to stop.
“No more” He said, “It’s your turn now”, Standing up to kiss and lick the escaping come from around my mouth and chin. Fran covered my face in kisses – telling me how much he loved me as he did so.
“How do you want me lover”? He said, pulling my cock to its full erection.
“Turn over and kneel on the step with your bum in the air, spread your legs and dip your back”. I told him, whilst retrieving the fallen tube of cream. When he was in position I put a liberal amount around his shaven bum-hole. I then inserted two fingers working them in and out until he was good and ready for me and gasping. I slipped the condom on and positioned my swollen cock at his entrance and pushed in. My hands gripped his hips as I thrust forward – sinking to the hilt in his body.
“Stay in me when you come”, he said, “it feels like I have steel rod up me – your so hard and big – fuck me, fuck me hard”. Said Fran, pushing back onto me as I thrust forward.
I took a better grip on Fran’s hips and thrust repeatedly into him – making him gasp aloud. I could feel the tension in my balls and knew I was on the verge of coming.
“Here it comes fran”, I said, filling the condom to the overflowing point.
When the spasms of my orgasm had subsided and I withdrew from his body, the condom was full to bursting and leaking a trail of semen down the back of his leg. Which Fran quickly wiped with his hand. He then turned around and removed the rubber spilling my excretions onto his own semi-erect penis and massaged the fluid into his balls and shaft. He then engulfed me with his mouth sucking the last of my come from my cock.
Fran’s cock was hard once more and very sticky from my load he had taken from the condom. I reached down and began to pull him drawing his foreskin well over his gland before pulling it back as far as it would go. Fran loved it when I did this – he said, “it was like having a fuck without doing it”.
I began to masturbate him in earnest now; wanting to see him shoot his load up his belly and onto his chest.
“God! You do that so well, I think I’m just about there”. Fran said, jerking his hips upwards as I hung onto his spurting cock, which shot a copious amount of come onto his chest and belly, which he rubbed in because he said, “it made his skin feel softer”.
I suggested that we have a shower and get ready for tonight as we were going to the theatre.
“Yes, come on then; let me wash you all over my love; I would love to see if I can get anymore reaction out of this”. He said, pulling me towards the shower with my cock.

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