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This is a true story about a hot older man that I met online, When I was younger I often loved being on cam with other guys playing with myself. I am a canadian indian, about 5’9 and 170 pounds, I go to the gym 4 times and week and am very fit and toned. I have abs light skin and eyes and has only had one experience with a male, my cock is about 7 inches long.I joined a website to meet singles and would send messages to single older gay males to chat with and play with. After meeting tons of guys on this site I would skype with them, There was one gentlemen that was always free to talk to me and he was very cute and caring. I have only been with one guy and it was out of curiosity. Every night I would go on skype and drink some wine, we would cam for hours, I would call him daddy and loved the site of his thick cock.
He would ask me to be his boyfriend and We would tell each other that we loved each other. This relationship had gone on for about 4 years, I felt like I had really known Jim. We would talk and talk I loved everything about him, he wanted to take me away on vacation and walk hand on hand on the beach. His name was Jim, He was a music teacher, very cute with glasses nice build, nice and a 7.5 inch cock, fairly thick Jim was about 42 years old. I was very nervous in meeting people and Jim was getting frustrated he really wanted to meet me. He often asked me to come over and spend the night, but I would always make excuses. I could see that he was getting turned off, He lived about 25 minutes away.
I had just recently broke up with my girlfriend and was lonely and sad, while talking with Jim I noticed that he really did care about me and I cared about him. He would complement me and we would talk about anything. I decided to go to his house. He was a single gay male living in a small house, he had a very nice interior.
When I arrived he was wearing dress pants and a dress shirt and tie, he said that he had just finished work and I showed up just on time. He invited me in and Jim was cooking dinner for us, he had a table set with a candle and a bottle of wine and some beers, Older guys really new how to treat a man. Jim made spaghetti and meatballs it was delicious, we sat and chatted drinking wine for a couple hours. Jim was very polite he had told me that we could take our time and do anything that I wanted, which had made me more relaxed. We made our ways over to his couch where he put a movie on, jim had changed into some shorts and I could see his bulge, I could feel my cock slowly getting hard. Ten minutes into the movie he asked me if he could give me a massage, he said that he loved my tanned soft skin and my muscular physique. I took my shirt off and laid on my chest as he massaged my body it felt amazing he really knew what he was doing, Jim started to kiss my neck and I started to giggle loving every minute of it. He asked me if I would like to stay over since it was a lengthy drive and I had now been kind of drunk I told him ill see how I feel later.
I asked Jim what he plays at school and he said that he was very good at playing the piano. He said that he teaches 9th grade and that no one knew he was gay, I wish that he was my teacher, we could have had fun I told him giggling. I ask Jim if he could play me a song on the piano. Jim made his way over to the piano and started playing, He started to sing, his voice was amazing he was really good, I could feel our relationship growing and my cock as well, it turned me on so much, I went over to Jim staring into each others eye and I kissed him in the middle of the song, we started to make out at the piano, He was a great kisser, Swirling his tongue in my mouth, He asked me if I would like to goto his room, and make out of his bed, I said ok and we moved to his bedroom. we held hands and made our way to his room, he told me that he’s waited for me to come for a long time and that he was happy I was with him.
We lied on the bed and make out, he took my pants off and started to rub my cock, I was so hard and horny, It was my second time with another male. I told him that I wanted to see his cock live, so I unzipped his pants and pulled his thick white cock out. I went over top of him and started to stroke his cock, He asked me if he could put his webcam on so that we can relive our first time, I told him that it was a good idea, he sat his cam down on the table beside the bed. He told me to suck his cock and I told him if would be my second that I may not be the best, He didn’t mind as he guided my mouth towards his penis, I started to lick his 7.5 inch shaft slowly sucking on his balls, I was trying my best to give a good blow job. He grabbed my head and forced it lower and lower, I started to gag and my saliva was all over his cock and on my chin. I could taste his pre cum in my mouth, he was moaning and said that he couldn’t believe that it was my second time, I felt proud when he said that. My jaw was starting to hurt as it stretched my mouth, he would pull his cock out of my mouth and slap my cheeks with his cock I thought that it was so hot.
He ask me if I would like to take it to the next step and at first I said no. Jim whispered in my ear that it would hurt, and that I had made him wait to long for this moment, He put me on my back and started to face fuck me as my head was hanging off the bed, his balls were slapping me in the face repeatedly. I started to think about what Jim said and said fuck it he was right Iv been waiting for this moment for a while and it wasn’t fair for him to wait. I told him that I would let him fuck me if he promised to go slow, jim understood and told me of course he would he was a real gentleman. I moved up on to his bed and laid in the middle of the bed, he went to his closet and pulled out a jar of Vaseline, he started to stroke his thick cock, it reminded me of our camming session he turned me on so much. He told me that he would love if I was his boyfriend, and that I was one of the hottest guys he’s ever been with. He told me that he would pay for me to go on vacation, and that he would fuck me every-night.
Jim started to finger my ass, it hurt my ass was tight and had only felt one cock. He slowly moved his big mushroom head towards my hole and inserted his head in and out. His cock had hurt me and I started to loudly moan in pain, He asked me if I wanted to stop and I told him no, He said that it would start to feel better. And told me that the wine was right beside the bed on the counter, I reached over and grabbed it chugging it back to ease the pain, I was basically doing the splits with my legs in the air as he drove his cock in and out of my ass, Jim was right it did start to feel better, either my asshole was loosening up or my wine was making it feel good either way it felt amazing I was in heaven.
He told me to turn around and get on all four, he told me to call him daddy, which turned me on I told him to fuck my tight ass daddy and he started to thrust my ass faster and faster, he asked me if i like being him bitch and I moaned and said yes daddy fuck your favorite boy. I told him that I wanted daddies big load in my mouth, he told me hes been saving it for a couple days, I told him that I would like to sit on his cock, and try to ride it, he had helped position my body and was helping me go up and down slapping my ass and stretching my hole. He shouted to me to get on my knees that daddies going to cum, i went on my knees and opened my mouth, he started to jerk off, I could see his cock getting bigger and harder and was getting excited, He shot his load, and I tried to catch it, it went all over my face and down my chin, he said not to waste it, and made me lick it all up, his cum was warm and tasted good, I couldn’t believe how much cum he had shot out. I started to suck his cock draining every drip of his cum, his cock stayed hard for a while after. We then made the bed and went to sleep naked, I woke up in the morning and we did it all over again, I drove home later in the afternoon and continued to talk to Jim, We now see each other once a month, and consider ourselves to be seeing each other, Older men really do know what there doing, He was the best iv ever had. If you like my story please comment thanks hope you enjoyed.

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